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  1. Spark plug lead numbering Clio 2 1.2 16v 2003

    I have just been reading an article on here that says "handily the spark leads are stamped with numbers on them, however be aware that the French name number 1 cylinder at the crankshaft end and not at the cambelt end like other car manufactures . well I have my Clio 2 1.2 16v 2003 from second...
  2. It works! Espace iv display with Alpine UTE-93DAB and patch lead APF-D102RE

    In-car entertainment
    Heres a pic of my new DAB and bluetooth Alpine stereo using the oem display and steering controls using patch lead apf-d102re in my 2006 Espace which originally had an update list stereo. I now have built in bluetooth, DAB and hands free!
  3. No spark off ht lead on 21

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have a renault 21 savanna 2.0 GTX petrol 1989. I have just changed the starter motor and now the engine turns over but the car won't start. I have checked various things and found that there is no spark when i hold the main ht lead (that normally goes into the distributor) next to the block...
  4. Idle lumpy until i disconnect this lead. clio 2 1.2 16v

    Hello. Have been having lumpy idling for ages, sounded like a misfire. But today o took off air filter box and underneath was this lead. I presume its for a sensor (one of the o2 sensors on the exhaust maybe?) Anyway after i unplugged it the engine immediately sounded and revved better. Of...
  5. Clio 2004 1.2 16V Ignition Coil 4 bolt lead order

    I am trying to find the lead order for the 4 bolt coil pack. I can find it for the 3 bolt version, but there doesn't seem to be any listing for the 4 bolt one. The cables weren't labelled and I didn't realise before removing them from the spark plugs. Is it a straight 1-2-3-4 or is it like the...
  6. Clio 1.2 16v HT lead wrong order problems

    Hi all, I recently acquired a 2004 clio 1.2 16v and it has a faor bit of vibration around 3000 rpm. I turned out that the HT leads were connected wrongly but that dosn't seem to make a diffrence or much of a difference to the way it runs. It starts and idles and runs OK at lower revs with...
  7. 2002 Clio 1.2 16v D4F HT Lead broken off

    Hi All, My first post, and unfortunately it's due to a problem I have encountered. Have recently bought a Clio 1.2 Dynamique as a run around, and am slowly fixing various issues. I replaced the rocker gasket, and adjusted the valve clearances yesterday and now the car is misfiring. Believe I...
  8. Air duct hose lead to???

    From the black paper intake hose near the grill of my megane mark2 2004 1.4l, the hose runs into a BLACK BOX? Then that box connects to the air filter housing. What is that BLACK BOX called and whats its purpose? As the rubber seal between this and the aurbox filter is very loose, plus this...
  9. mk1 Renault convertible cd changer lead!!

    In-car entertainment
    hi all got a problem with my cd changer lead for some reason somebody has cut the wires right were the plug goes into my stereo therefore i don't know whether it works or not? I don't see why they just didn't disconect it .so im asking has anybody got one that they have removed instead of me...
  10. multi changer lead problem

    ok, so i've ended up with a broken cd multi changer lead. it's dated 2003 so i think it's tuner list (slightly mis-leading ebay advert) there are some broken wires on the blue connector and 1 broken one on the green lead (obvious to correct that one) does anyone have a diagram showing which...
  11. battery dead? after changing battery lead

    Hi there i changed the negavtive lead on my battery and he car was fine it started multiple times and everything was working. I went to drive it anout 2 hours later and its completely dead with no immobileser working or and dash lights , not even the flashing red 1 . Any ideas whats happend is...
  12. laguna 2 CD lead for an indash multiCD

    anyone got one lying around? it's for a tuner list indash 6 CD to a cabasse / tuner list head unit
  13. Hamilton: Points lead no comfort for season finale

    Formula 1 news' Lewis Hamilton insists his current 17-point advantage over Nico Rosberg in drivers' championship does not give him a margin of safety heading into the Abu Dhabi season finale. Hamilton can afford to finish second to his team...
  14. FP3 - Rosberg continues to lead the way in Brazil

    Formula 1 news Rosberg completed a hat-trick of fastest practice times as he once again headed Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton in the third and final practice session at Interlagos on Saturday morning. Behind the Silver Arrows drivers, who both...
  15. Clio 1998 1.2 HT lead Order????? HELP!

    Hello, recently experienced what can go wrong if you don't service your timing belt regularly. Exhuast valves went and had to take whole head off. In fixing this problem in now having difficulty remembering which order the HT leads were in on the coil pack? Can anybody help. My cars a clio 1998...
  16. Race - Rosberg triumphs in Monaco to regain points lead

    Formula 1 news Rosberg withstood intense pressure from Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton to claim his second straight victory on the streets of Monte Carlo on Sunday, moving back into the championship lead in the process. Hamilton had vision...
  17. Lead broken, but what lead is it? Help needed

    Hi all, Just noticed today that one of the leads/sensors in my engine bay it broken/burnt, looks like its going to an aircon pipe? could someone advise what sensor it is so i can get a replacement, not using aircon at the moment just incase. Photo attached Thanks Steve
  18. Aux lead sony phone issues

    In-car entertainment
    Being as i had an issue with my xperia phone not playing through the rear green plug aux lead i found a fix online that works a treat, and could help someone on here.. I had to download an app called toggleheadset2 from android, it then needs to be used as a widget. Now when its plugged in you...
  19. iphone lead

    Hi i looking for an iphone lead to fit to the back my sons 02 1.2 clio cd player , he had one in his last clio an 06 model but alas that car was involved in an accident and long since gone. the only ones i can find are on Ebay but for 2005 onwards .
  20. Extension Lead Wrap

    Cars & motoring
    How cool is this, it looks brilliant IMO. :cool: I've got two very long extension leads, they always end up looking like a very untidy wadge of messed up knitting wool, which can take an eternity to unravel :devil: