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  1. Oil leak on Renault Grand Scenic 57 plate 1.6

    Firstly guys this forum is amazing and altough I'm new I've been finding articles from years ago useful and for that I thank you. This issue I've put on here is because I have a feeling this won't be bespoke to me. Hopefully if I can get it fixed it will help others as I'm a family man and need...
  2. Laguna II - Throttle Body - Vacuum Leak - O'rings

    Hello, I am facing a vacuum leak with my Laguna II 1.8L 16v 117HP 2001. From my deduction, it is caused by the o'rings from the throttle body, although I did not have the time to truly check it. I have cleaned the intake and changed most of the seals already. There is only one left from under...
  3. Espace '07 2.0dCi slight coolant leak

    Heating & cooling
    Got a very slight coolant leak on wife's Espace. 2.0dCi engine, 150ps. Basically having covered about 5000 miles between checks it's lost half the volume of the expansion tank, maybe 1-2 litres. It's not dropping on the ground/undertray that I can see so I think it's going somewhere 'hot' and...
  4. Oil leak. Master dci 125 2010 Euro 5

    Oil leak from the large hose in the photo - to the bottom of the hose. This is located below the alternator. Any ideas please? Intercooler? Indicative of turbo issue or an easy fix???
  5. Scenic f9q oil leak from rear main bearing cap

    Hello All, Back from the tranquility of a tropicl beach for the winter into the Renault world of obtuse. I rebuilt an F9Q motor and the gasket set included two silicone strips to insert in the groves on the rear main bearing cap. In my day a piece of cord impregnated with graphite or something...
  6. Renault19 Head Gasket Oil Leak

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, My 1989 Renault 19 TSE 1390cc has just failed it’s MOT, primarily due to an oil leak from the head gasket and another from the gear box. The head gasket leak has been there for some time but apparently this year a new item has been added to the test for environmental /pollution reasons...
  7. Odd leak?

    Heating & cooling
    Now this is very odd , I’ve recently had the cam belt and water pump changed, today I noticed a leak under the car :( Took the under tray and passenger side wheel off so I could have a better look as the leak seemed to be at the rear of the engine and what also appeared to be a bit of fluid on...
  8. Oil leak from clio dripping onto sump ?

    Hi guys i have a clio 55plate 1.2 16v i have a oil leak that is dripping on the floor , its dripping off the sump screw the old sump did seem to have alot of rust so me and my garage friend came to the conclusion that it was a hole in the sump as there was no oil leaking from above around the...
  9. Oil leak- responsible seal?

    Hi, new to this (and relatively new to cars in general) I have a 1.5 grand scenic (2005) it has an oil leak... rather large one really, It***8217;s leaking approx 1L every 2 weeks (or roughly 200miles) I think this deal might be responsible but I frankly have no idea what it is! Is it a DIY or a...
  10. Diesel leak nipple connectors 1.5 DCI

    Does anyone know where I can but replacement connectors that go on to the injector for the diesel return rail for a 1.5 DCI 2013 Megane. Can't see anything on eBay
  11. Oil leak around turbo Laguna 2.0 DCI

    When I came to stop after a drive I noticed smoke from under the engine bay. Had a look and it was coming from the back around the turbo. There appears to be an oil leak, either where the large metal hose meets the turbo (the one that comes from the front under the air box and over the...
  12. Megane mk3 k4m 1.6 . Oil leak? See video

    Hi, Hope this is in the correct issue. Last night I was doing some visual check of the engine, just to make sure it's all fine... I did the oil change a few months ago but didn't notice anything unusual. However last night I noticed this leak sort of.. underneath and behind the engine. It...
  13. Oil leak

    General Chat
    I have a 2004 Renault Clio 1.4 16v Expresion, there is a oil leaking where the enjin and gearbox housing bolts together. I suspect it might be the rear crankshaft oil seal on the flywheel side. Have somebody experienced the same problem and what is the best and quickest way and how to repair it...
  14. Renault Trafic 2006 1.9dCi steering rack pipe leak.

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a Renault Trafic 2006 1.9dCi. Noticed the steering pump was noisier than normal, (fluid level was just below low marker) so refilled it to Max. Noise gone, drove as normal. Two days later the noise returns and now the reservoir is low and frothy. Air leak suspected, refilled reservoir...
  15. Water leak in passenger side footwell

    Hi! Hoping someone can offer me some advice. For the past 2 months during heavy rain I have had a puddle of water appear in the passenger side footwell in my 2004 clio. I have removed the carpet and the foam underneath. And watched where the water was coming from during recent heavy rain. It...
  16. Clio 1.2 thermostat housing leak.

    Heating & cooling
    I have had a tiny leak for some time - topping up maybe a third of an inch after a drive of say 15 miles. I have finally found it - it seems to be coming from the bottom of the plastic thermostat housing. I would normally try to knip the bolts up but that may crack the plastic. Has anyone...
  17. 2012 Megane passenger side water leak

    I have a 2012 Renault megane and keep getting a wet passenger side floor I can physically see it running down footwell. Any ides? I have seen posts about older models and the aircon and wondered if it be the same problem with this model. Thanks
  18. Movano oil leak

    Hi i hope you all can help i have a movano 2.2dti and have a small oil leak on timing pulley the bottom one, seems to come out of rubber cap that is in centre of pulley. Is this the crankshaft pulley any advice much appreciated
  19. Trafic 2002 1.9 dCi oil leak - oil cooler?

    Failed inspection due to oil leak, and took it to the dealer. Dealer mechanic was pessimistic and thought it would be too expensive to fix and recommended me to get rid of it basically. I've got an offer, and yes, based on that offer with OEM parts and labor, not worth it. However, it appears...
  20. Engine vacuum leak

    Hi i have renault laguna 2 1.9 dci, brake hissing when accelerating, i think its vacuum leak from brake booster, can anyone tell me side effect vacuum leak on diesel engine, can it detroriate air fuel mixture...