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  1. Leakage from breather pipe?

    Hi, I have a Reanult Trafic II, and I have a problem with a leaking. Under the car, left of the right front wheel there is a pipe hanging, Im pretty sure that its the crankcase breather pipe. While driving there are leaking (dropping) a yellow liquid from the pipe, probably diesel (can be...
  2. Admission oil leakage butterfly megane 3 1.5dci problem photos

    Good to see if someone gives me light to this issue. It turns out that for some time have watched some oil oozing from the intake throttle. Red is the radiator pipe and yellow butterfly turbo radiator and here zoom The photos I have taken from other forero fororenault with the same...
  3. Coolant leakage Scenic II 1.9 DCI

    My Renault looses coolant. When I removed the wheel cover I noticed that you can see red coolant residue at the lower part of the engine block. (see photo). Does anyone of you have an idea where the coolant could come from? Regards, Wim
  4. Renault clio 1.5 dci 3 door hatchback interior damp and leakage

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello there Can anyone please help me!!. whenever it rains, Water leaks through both visors, the driver seat is wet and the car boot is always wet, not sure how water is getting into the car. I don't feel any water dripping on me in the car when it rains heavy and I'm driving. Has anyone had...
  5. Laguna 1 - Help with fusebox under Bonnet

    Hello, I have an electrical problem in my Renault Laguna 1 (1997) and noticed that the problem seams to correct it self by removing a fuse in the fusebox under the bonnet. However i have no idea what these fuses are for. Can anybody help me with this? It's fuse number 6 that i'm searching for...
  6. Laguna I Fuses power leakage

    Hello, I have a Laguna 1999 model with electical problems. Seams to be a leakage which i can't find. I've found that by removing a fuse in the fusebox located right next to the battery cleared the leakage but i havent found what that fuse does, or all those fueses (the shaft of the tool i'm...
  7. Renault Clio 1.2 Expression Water leakage?

    Hi guys I drive a 1.2 Renault Clio Expression II. The problem that I’m having with it is that the water seems to run low very often. (Radiator Water) The only thing is that I fill it to maximum and it may remain there for a couple of days but after that it just completely empties out. It’s very...
  8. Gear oil leakage

    Please help me. My Renault Scenic 2.0 1998 model was repaired recently for engine oil spilling. Also the gear oil was replaced. After solving that, it started leaking gear oil.
  9. Automatic gear box oil leakage

    Hi i dont know if anyone can help me on this one Last week set off for annual camping holiday in cornwall,5 miles into the journey noted that the car would not goup through the gears but seemed stuck in third gear .Drove on to my friends house approximately 25 miles from bristol,called the...
  10. Espace 2001 2.2 DCI leakage current problem

    The battery in my car gets flat in hours when the car is not driven. I measured the leakage current to be 13 A with all power consumers turned off and all doors closed, allowing for 30 minutes delay to ensure that all electronics to be turned off. -I have detached the following equipment in...
  11. Renault Megane water leakage problem

    I have just had my Megane jet cleaned at local garage for first time. Usually get it manually cleaned. Water suddenly came gushing into driver's side foot panel over my feet! Told by Renault dealer that I would need to bring it in and they would clear the valve outlets as they were probably...
  12. Leakage

    Hi I have a 2003 clio 1.3 Diesel Engine. My problem is that when it rains it is getting in the car from the front of the car then collects behind the drivers seat in a puddle. The interiors of the car i.e seats, dashboard etc are not wet it is just the carpets that are soaked. So do not...
  13. Megane II - Leakage?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there, I've done some searching and can't find this exact issue. Only recently in all the hot weather have I been using the air con on my 2003 megane 1.9 dci dynamique. We've not had rain for a while now, and I hadn't washed the car, but I noticed when hoovering the passenger side of the car...
  14. Laguna II - Water Leakage in Bodywork?

    *Sigh* Another day, another Laguna issue. By the sounds of it, there seems to be significant amounts of water trapped in both my front doors or in that general area. Swirling around when braking and taking off. Also have water dripping from the drivers sun visor, the only way I see it can do...
  15. Clio mk 2 severe water leakage

    Hi there. I own a 2001 clio and am having severe water leakage. The water is leaking into the footwells on both the driver's side and the passenger's side. The water isn't coming from the sunroof as my seats are dry and the carpets only become damp on day's that it has rained so i don't think...
  16. Scenic (W reg) 1.6 16V Sports Alize, Water leakage

    HI, am new to this site. Have a problem with my Scenic (W reg) 1.6 16V Sports Alize. After flash flood the other day, I discovered that the passenger footwell was full of water. Haven`t had any problems within the 4yrs of owning the car, was wondering if this is the start of the problem that...
  17. rx4 senic oil leakage at front end of engine

    my rx4 scenic has an oil leak at the front of the engine which is getting threw up round the front of the engine by the pulleys does anyone know what would be causing this and where it would be coming from thank you