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  1. Water leaking over door sill, collecting in footwell

    Hi everyone, I've been having an issue where rain water is collecting in the footwell compartments, but it doesn't seem to be the same cause as anything that comes up when searched. I have a roof rack fitted to my car and what seems to be happening is the waters getting in at the top of the...
  2. Trafic- turbo leaking gas into intercooler

    General Chat
    Hi, hopefully someone can provide a little insight. I started my trafic 2.0 dci van with the intercooler removed and noticed that the air blown into the intercooler is noticeably smokey from exhaust gas. I am assuming the air is blown into intercooler by the turbo and probably the exhaust gas...
  3. 2009 renault scenic 2, oil leaking on top of head and check injection

    Ask the Experts
    HI Guys I have a 2009 Renault scenic 2, I've had an issue this past week where the car read check injection and loss of power. After pulling in and plugging the map sensor the car seems to go fine, but problem came up again yesterday. I've also noticed alot of oil on top of the head and plugs...
  4. Clio Leaking Sunroof

    Hi can anyone help me please. I have a Renault Clio expression 2001 with a manual sunroof and like everyone else it leaks. When I bought the car I was told the sunroof had already been permanently sealed shut so I've never opened it. After a year of owning it, the sunroof started leaking so I...
  5. Leaking Roof

    I have a 2006 coupé convertible, the roof now leaks so bad even when I do not park faced up hill. I used carpet cleaner to get as much water out as I could. Now a mouldy smelly car!!! Can anyone advertise me. Or want buy it cheap ***x1f923;***x1f602;***x1f923;
  6. Kadjar rear door leaking

    Hi all. Looking for advice. I purchased a 56 plate Kadjar a month ago. This car is still under manufacturers warranty. I recently noticed that the boot area is soaking wet. I called the garage I bought it off and they have stipulated that this doesn***8217;t fall under the warranty. Has anyone...
  7. N/S side load door leaking rainwater at top of Renault Master '08 LWB HR

    Hi, I recently bought a Renault Master '08 LWB HR and when closed the side load door is closed it isn't sealing against the rubber edging at the top or the front, so a lot of rainwater is getting in. The door looks ever so slightly bent at the top front and I'm wondering whether that is pushing...
  8. diesel leaking all over timing belt etc

    Just came back from Weymouth 120 miles,car ran as usual with no problems but after arriving noticed a pool of something under the car (drivers side front) had a look and initially thought my water pump had sprung a leak but on closer inspection noticed it was diesel dripping down onto the...
  9. Leaking fuel around fuel tank on Trafic 2012 dci

    Just found it quite wet around the fuel tank and a few drops of diesel dripping off the fuel tank. Are there any known problems? Also is there any access points?
  10. mk 3 megane,vents leaking water into cabin now intermittent battery charging error

    Heating & cooling
    hello all, I own an 09 mk3 Megane tourer. recently whilst it was raining and the blowers on, water started spraying into the cabin through the vents. This only occurred when the car was travelling up hill. There was approx. 2 inches of water in both passenger and driver foot wells. the...
  11. Name that leaking part… (Espace)

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I noticed a small leak from my Espace IV, looked like water coming from this little flap on the underside. I removed the metal bracket and plastic tub on the underside and it looks to be coming from this big plastic thing. It's located behind the blower resistors and motor - so maybe...
  12. Hi all ooooops leaking roof

    hello everyone I know this is a common thing , having a leaking roof on a megane cc. however I'm 100% sure I have found the issue. pretty sure it the seal above the door that is 5mm out of place as I get a trickle inside at the rear window just below the seal joint and a leak at the joint of the...
  13. Wet Footwell from leaking door?

    I have recently bought a Renault Clio Campus (no sunroof) and have experienced a wet passenger footwell whenever it rains. I have checked the scuttle drains, all clear no blockage, I don't have a sunroof so theres no leak from there. I have also been in the car whilst it's raining and looked up...
  14. Leaking Mannual Sunroof

    Hi guys, just got my first Renault Clio, 2003 car, Mk 2 5 door Hatchback. It has a leaking sunroof and I believe this is a common problem? I have changed the seal by taking out the frame thinking this would solve it but it hasn't :-( The drainage pipes are clear as I have tested them and I don't...
  15. Megane 3 clutch master cylinder supply pipe leaking

    So long story short when changing the cabin filter on my 2010 megane estate I managed to snap the clip with the metal insert in off the end of the supply pipe for the clutch master cylinder . Anyway after a week of it leaking slightly with my ghetto rig of some tape and cable ties holding it...
  16. Leaking sun roof 05 Clio

    We have an 05 Clio. The sun roof is leaking. Main dealer has asked for ridiculous £ to sort it. We don't need to open it. I thought of filling the groove around the glass with silicon sealer What do you think Thanks
  17. Leaking Trafic van

    Hi I have 2014 Trafic box van and it seems to leak. I get drips visible on the flooring at the bulkhead end of the rear, seems to be the top corner by the sliding side door. I've had a look on the roof and there is nothing obvious, went over some of the seams in that area with clear silicon but...
  18. Megane cc leaking roof

    Hi i am a new member and this is my first question so i need your help because i am disappointed with my car and i don t find any solution nowhere. The problem is leaking roof.I have gone to the technician last 2 weeks at least 7 times and the result is no solution. When it rains the the...
  19. 2004 Kangoo 1.9 dci leaking fuel pump

    Hi, Can anyone shed light on the issue I have below. Kangoo Trekka 1.9dci 74000 miles great history. Recently had starting problems resulting in replacement of primary fuel pump fitted. It has now acquired a leak from the top cover plate of the Bosch fuel pump. I have purchased a seal kit...
  20. Drivers Door leaking water

    Hi, My drivers footwell is full of water. I can see where the leak is. Water is dripping down at the bottom of the drivers door. Does this point to a blocked drain or door I need to look at replacing the door / window seal ?