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  1. Leaky 2003 Master Van: Any tips?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of tracking exterior (likely roof) leaks in a Master Van? Any advice would be grateful received! Mine is a 2003 2.2lt long wheelbase hi top. Its been professional converted to a horsebox and so has a ramp/door on the left hand side. The welding and...
  2. leaky window

    can a leaky drivers side window be the problem why the master switch for the windows will not work for the the drivers side as i found out to day in all this rain that it must be leaking some where as i found water in the holding compartment in the door so took the speaker cover off to find...
  3. Kangoo dci 1.5 2004 leaky roof

    Some advice needed please! My recently aquired 2004 Kangoo (5 seat) has a leak coming in somewhere from the roof. It doesn't have a sunroof so the only possibilities are the two join seams on the sides of the roof panel or the roof rail fixed point fixings / bolt holes. The water drips on...
  4. Leaky Clio!

    Hi, Clio 53 1.2 16v the subject here. It has been sat on my drive for probably 3 months now due to me serving a ban. I opened the door the other as I couldn't see through the window due to condensation, and there is moss everywhere, Seats, Seatbelts, Steering wheel, literally everywhere. I...
  5. Leaky drum brake cylinder?

    I did some cleaning and servicing on the rear drum brakes on my Clio today. Everything went well, except when i pushed in one of the pistons on the left cylinder, a little brake fluid came out. :eek: Is this a sign of a leaky cylinder? Or did i simply push it too far in? If so, do i need to...
  6. Leaky sunroof, flat battery and semiauto gearbox problems.

    Good Afternoon All, I have been having a few issues with my wifes mark 2 clio with semiauto gearbox. To start with the sun roof seemed to have a problem as we were getting a large amount of condensation on the inside, however after we did not use the car for a few months over the winter period...
  7. Has my leaky windows blown my speakers ?

    In-car entertainment
    About 2 years ago I replaced my mk2 clio with a nice set of aftermarket speakers... Fast forward a year or so I am getting intermittent cut outs from the speakers... So a few weeks ago they go completely, I go to investigate while its still lashing it down outside and there is loads of water...
  8. Help With leaky Megane II

    Hi, My megane 1.5 dci started to smoke tonight from the front of the engine, very faint i didn't notice it until it was dark and the headlights showed it. too faint to see in the daylight. i looked under the car and saw a few leeks. The fluid is yellow in colour and doesn't have the texture of...
  9. leaky sunroofs and french electrics

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, everyone. Just bought a cheap Scenic 1. Lots of water inside just like my wife's Clio ! Hoping to try advice on leaky sunroofs at weekend, but pretty sure will need other help / advice . Cheers so far. Martin
  10. the old leaky sunroof prob again

    Hi all, found my 05 clio to have the leaky sunroof prob. attempting to fix this myself but can't get the bolts out and one has snapped. they just keep turning within the brass inserts. my question is what size are these bolts I know the head is 10mm but what about the thread and pitch? thnx
  11. Leaky Sunroof - Baffled.

    Hi. I have a Mk2 Clio with an electric sunroof that appears to leak. I've done some reading of the knowledge base and put some fixes in. But they don't seem to be working. I have checked the drain tubes and these are ok. I then used some sealant around the rubber seal that the glass closes down...
  12. Trafic leaky roof and sides 2001

    hi there, i have a 2001 trafic sl27 witch is a great van but when it rains she fills up in the sides at the back and also the seat belt is always soaking. the bond on the roof is very old looking and i no its leaking. i can see the bonds on the side of the van have cracked and i can see water...
  13. Leaky injector advice please 1.5dci

    Hi guys I'm trying to solve a problem of my Renault megane scenic smoking Iv have replaced the egr valve and cleaned all associated pipes and codes cleared Seemed okay but has since started smoking again around 2200 rpm when you take your foot off the accelerator and let the engine brake...
  14. Clio1- mould in roof from leaky sunroof

    I have a mk1 clio that i thought i sealed the sunroof correctly for about 2 weeks. the other day i set off and water came out. i have since sealed the roof, but i can smell mould in the inside of the roof around the sunroof. how can i get rid of it?
  15. leaky 1.9 lag

    hi,,,yet anther problem,,,,when lag been on drive all nite,,no leaking water,but when u pull away n stop,u get a few drops drip off the sun visors both sides,then no more??????????? tried hose pipe on sunroof but it dont leak..:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. Leaky sunroof and oil leaks!!

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Clio - Dynamique 1.6, 52 plate. It has an electric sunroof. The sunroof leaked above the sun visors on both the driver's and passengers side. I took it back to the garage and they unblocked the drain pipes. The problem still exists. I took it back a second time...
  17. Megane cabriolet leaky roof

    Hello, I am having a leakthrough the front section of the roof/hood which seems to run along and pour down over the edge of the drivers seat. Does anyone know if this is a common problem and how it can be rectified. Also, this has only just started, but there is a lot of condendsation startint...
  18. Leaky laguna

    Hi i have a 52 plate laguna and have a water issue. When ever it rains i have a puddle of water in the drivers foot well. Its always been a little wet since i got the car about 4 years ago but now the water seems to be getting somewhere where the electrics are ,causing 2 break downs . I had a...
  19. Leaky Drum Pistons?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I'm posting this reply to my other thread Hand Brake Excess Travel as a seperate thread as it's realy a different topic now. I dismantled the drums today [with the goal in mind being to sort out my dodgy handbrake that was not working too well] and tensioned up the handbrake nut as well as...
  20. 1999 Scenic leaky radiator

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys(and Gals), Hope you can offer my some advice. My Scenic appears to have developed a water leak. Lppking at the engine from the front, it appears to be to the immediate left of the oil filter. I've tried radweld, which worked for a couple of days but the leaks started again. I've...