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  1. Interiors
    I have a Megan Coupe mk3, i want tailored leather seat covers, where can i get them ?
  2. Interiors
    Current model Scenics (I.e. less than 6 years old) frequently came with "Leather Seats" Now there was an option for real leather which was rather expensive and not too common. What I'm talking about here is the synthetic leather (or 'plastic' to us lesser mortals) that is common on the Dynamique...
  3. Wanted
    I've just bought a 2007 Grand Scenic and am looking for a full set of leather seats, preferably in black or a dark grey. Anyone out there got any for sale?
  4. Wanted
    hi i am in need of leather seats for my mk1 megane convertible i am also needing a rear plastic screen for my softop im happy to collect and pay cash thanks
  5. Wanted
    As per title after a leather gt or Monaco interior to fit 2010 Laguna coupe Will part ex my cloth interior if need be or straight sale
  6. Interiors
    I have been chatting with RCS about my half leather seats recently. I was informed by them that I am the only customer that has had an issue with the sides of the seat base cracking and crumbling apart. I do know of one other on this forum who has had the same issue and said they were going to...
  7. For sale
    All parts available. The bodywork is very clean and dent free. Engine will be sold as spares or repairs as it will have parts taken from it, however it did run before being dismantled. This car is a very high spec with electric windows front and back, air con, 6 disc changer, full leather...
  8. Wanted
    I'm wondering if anyone can help me or know where I can find the items titled? I'm looking for a set of 7 full leather seats (2 front, 5 rear) for a Grand Espace, mine has rails so they need to be able to attach to the rails. I also need a couple of rails as mine are broken completely and...
  9. Interiors
    Hi all, have mused over this dilemma for a while now. Is it possible to retro fit the interior from an Initiale to a Dynamique? Well to answer your question yes it is possible and without too much work. I have just completed the fitment of the front seats and am in the process round the wind...
  10. Interiors
    Hi there, Can anyone help with this. I've put a Laguna leather 3 spoke steering wheel in my Trafic ll on a 51 plate. The original airbag was single stage and the replacement is dual stage. Its had the squib changed also as the guy said it was fitted in a Trafic minibus. The airbag light is...
  11. Interiors
    Hi guys, any one have or know where I might get the part number for the leather seats for a Renault Trafic getting my info fromThese guys but they just say contact Renault and Renault need a part number, reg etc to narrow the search down. can anyone help
  12. Interiors
    Hi guys will a complete leather interior from a pre facelift megane coupe fit a 2001 megane cabriolet?
  13. Wanted
    After a black leather interior for my 2000 cabby preferably with the grey plastic on the door cards and rear quarter panels. can collect cash waiting :d
  14. Interiors
    Hi All, I'm rather annoyed today, to say the least. I've just noticed that my drivers seat side has a nice 4" horizontal spit in it!! Now, I may be wrong, but the whole point of leather is that it does not do this, it should last for years when properly cared for. On closer inspection it...
  15. Wanted
    Im looking for a half leather/Suede sport interior for a mk2 clio and also the upper sport grill. cheers:d
  16. For sale
    i have the rear seats and rear quarter panels and door panels out of a 2006 megane convertible for sale, front seats minus some plastic trim , arm rest airbags and pre tensioners fitted all in a black with a little fleck sensible offers i also have 2 front leather door cards out of a 2004...
  17. Electronics
    Good Afternoon Folks, I have just purchased some new seats for my Renault Laguna II. The seats come from a 2007 Laguna and mine is a 2005 model. Back seats have fit perfectly and look rather "s****y". The next step is the fitting of the front seats and from what I can gather I need to unbolt...
  18. Interiors
    Hi I have a Clio III 06 Initiale with leather seats, but they're not heated. Is it possible to retrofit with original Renault parts? Has anybody tried this previously? Thanks!
  19. For sale
    I have a full leather seat from my Espace mkIV for sale in very good condition. I'm open to sensible offers but it will need to be collected from Fleet, Hampshire (I could possibly deliver locally)
  20. For sale
    I have a full leather seat from my Espace mkIV for sale in very good condition. I'm open to sensible offers but it will need to be collected from Fleet, Hampshire (I could possibly deliver locally)