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  1. Engines
    Hey all, Megane III in the dealership, nice attractive car for us, 4 years old 60k kms (40k mils). Working on the cost to change, the dealer agrees to do the timing belt (early) as part of the sale. Couple of days later, asked about whether the water pump was done as part of the timing belt and...
  2. Electronics
    Please Help!!! Today was nice sunny day here and I decide do to small repairings in my car. I left my card in car, close the doors and playing with an battery, disconnect it to put a paper shield over the battery. After I put bac Plus and Minus, my car left closed and off course.....I dont have...
  3. Electronics
    Got an '09 Koleos, yes I know they are rare and few people have heard of or had experience of them (local Renault dealership reception had to ask me what it was!!!) :d. But I'd assume the alarm must be similar to other Renault models....right!? But I can't figure out a way to lock the car...
  4. Electronics
    Hi all I leave the dog in the car all the time (not in the sun of course) & i'd like to know the specifics about turning the interior sensor alarm off. 2 different sources say 'switch off engine, remove keycard, insert keycard, remove keycard within 5 seconds, exit car, lock car'. Is this...
1-4 of 9 Results