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  1. Replace or leave 1.5dCi Water pump - Megane III

    Hey all, Megane III in the dealership, nice attractive car for us, 4 years old 60k kms (40k mils). Working on the cost to change, the dealer agrees to do the timing belt (early) as part of the sale. Couple of days later, asked about whether the water pump was done as part of the timing belt and...
  2. Disconnect a battery, leave a keyless card in car *FIXED*

    Please Help!!! Today was nice sunny day here and I decide do to small repairings in my car. I left my card in car, close the doors and playing with an battery, disconnect it to put a paper shield over the battery. After I put bac Plus and Minus, my car left closed and off course.....I dont have...
  3. Sam Michael to leave McLaren at end of 2014

    Formula 1 news Michael will leave his role as sporting director at McLaren at the end of the season. The 43-year-old, who joined the Woking team in 2012, is expected to return to his native Australia with his family Click here to read more »
  4. Vettel to leave Red Bull; Kvyat to be promoted

    Formula 1 news Vettel will leave Red Bull at the end of the 2014 season, the team has confirmed. Vettel joined the Milton Keynes-based squad ahead of the 2009 season and the combination has been the dominant force in Formula One ever since...
  5. Maria Miller Please leave.

    General Chat
    I've never voted for Labour in my life & I don't intend starting political warfare here :devil: However, maybe like me, you feel Maria Miller deserves a push .......... (Outwards) Feel free, I did, but it won't change my political views...
  6. Perez to leave McLaren at end of 2013

    Formula 1 news Perez has confirmed he will leave McLaren at the end of 2013 after just a single season with the British team. It follows widespread speculation that McLaren are set to replace Perez with Danish youngster Kevin Magnussen for 2014...
  7. Massa to leave Ferrari at the end of 2013

    Formula 1 news Massa has revealed that he is leaving Ferrari at the end of the 2013 season. The Brazilian, who has raced for the Scuderia since 2006, announced the news on Tuesday evening via his official Twitter account, saying that he hoped to...
  8. Oh man, just got my Renault and can't leave my dog in the car anymore!

    Got an '09 Koleos, yes I know they are rare and few people have heard of or had experience of them (local Renault dealership reception had to ask me what it was!!!) :d. But I'd assume the alarm must be similar to other Renault models....right!? But I can't figure out a way to lock the car...
  9. Haug to leave Mercedes post

    Formula 1 news Haug will leave his position as head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport at the end of 2012, it has been announced. After spending more than 22 years in the role his contract will come to an end by mutual agreement with Mercedes' board...
  10. clo dynamique tom tom how do I switching off but leave radio on

    how do I switch off my dynamique tom tom to just leave the radio on as I find the tom tom display some times distracting
  11. Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica injured in rally crash

    Formula 1 news
    Kubica Seriously hurt in crash Kubic has had a bad accident in a rally, Hope he will be ok
  12. Lotus leave Valencia in positive mood

    Formula 1 news their 11 rivals wrapping up their test sessions on Thursday, Lotus had the Valencia track all to themselves on Friday. The team, who arrived in Spain a day later than the rest, managed to cover 810 kilometres, with race drivers Heikki...
  13. Casey Stoner To Leave Ducati

    Bikes news
    It's been announced that Casey Stoner will leave Ducati at the end of the season and join up with the Honda works team in 2011..... Stoner really has been the only rider to be able to tame the Ducati and get results out of...
  14. Espace IV - Leave dog in car = alarm!

    Hi all I leave the dog in the car all the time (not in the sun of course) & i'd like to know the specifics about turning the interior sensor alarm off. 2 different sources say 'switch off engine, remove keycard, insert keycard, remove keycard within 5 seconds, exit car, lock car'. Is this...
  15. Bernie Ecclestone plans new championship to leave Max Mosley out in the cold

    Formula 1 news
  16. Alonso Announces He's Free To Leave Renault

    Formula 1 news
    I think he's timed his 'announcement' to coincide with developments at a certain other team,but Alonso has said that although he re-joined Renault to win races and championships again in the next two seasons,his contract allows him to leave at the end of this year. He has said that if Renault...
  17. So when do we leave?

  18. Leave Britney alone! [NSFW]

    Over 8 million hits so far - if you haven't seen this video, then you're missing out. Chris Crocker (whoever he is) gets very upset about the way the press is treating Britney Spears. Yes, very upset. I'd go so far as to say very, very upset. I've put it in the adult thread due to the...
  19. Everyday events that leave you with a tune stuck in your head

    General Chat
    Okay, maybe this is just me, in which case I'm about to look very silly. But I was sorting through a few things and noticed a bottle of the wife's "Eisberg" alcohol free wine (she takes it to parties so she can drive home.) The next thing I know, I'm whisling Sugar Coated Iceberg by The...
  20. Never leave RF ever again

    I appreciate that some of you do *occassionally* view other websites ;) Presumably, like me, Google is one of your regular haunts. For your convenience I have now changed the Google search facility. It now sits directly under the navbar. More importantly, the search results will appear...