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  1. Rear Brake Lights Do Not Get Brighter When Pedal Pressed

    I have a 2011 Megane RS Coupe and bought some LED Rear Stop/Tail light bulbs for that extra brightness. The problem is when the brake pedal is pressed the brake light doesn't come on when the main lights are off and when the lights are switched on the light comes on but doesn't get any brighter...
  2. Espace IV 2005 flasher unit location

    I have the common problem of new led indicator lights, leading to a rapid flash. The speed and sound of the flash suggests that it is the old bi-metal strip switch, not a computer, that is causing this. Does anyone actually know if this model has a conventional flasher unit, and if so, how to...
  3. Megane 4 LED headlight aim

    Hi guys... I have a Megane 4 with LED headlights. Does anyone else with these headlights find that the dipped beam aim is far too low? I really struggle to see at night time when driving this car. The driver***8217;s side light has been raised as far as possible and it***8217;s still pointing...
  4. LED's on 1994 Trafic - Help!

    Hopefully you awesome people can help with this..... Purchased 1994 Trafic Holdsworth minibus conversion (which has been bodged into a camper) three days ago, tonight noticed two flashing LED's under the windscreen above the steering wheel - they look like some sort of alarm warning lights...
  5. Hidden L.e.d

    Other day removed passenger kick pannel on my 53 plate megane 2 to discover a hidden l.e.d it flashes when alarm is set doesnt look aftermarket either very strange ....they isnt enough cable to go anywere any ideas
  6. 2011 Nissan primastar immobiliser LED

    Ask the Experts
    Hi has anyone on here got a 2011 Nissan primastar? Do they have a flashing immobiliser led/spanner on the dash at all to say immobiliser is active , searched everywhere can’t find any info on the immobiliser light I know the trafic/vivaro have one , I now own one that starts and cuts out it’s...
  7. Scenic EPB Fault / Handbrake Switch LED

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Renault Scenic 2 1.6 on a 2005 plate which during its MOT started to display a parking brake fault. The fault started when the MOT guy used the handbrake switch on the dashboard. The EPB works just fine! The handbrake passed the MOT. The brake comes on when you press the stop...
  8. Alarm red LED flashing

    Hi, I have a new problem with my car. I have an Renault Grand Espace 2011 We all know (those with cars old 30-40+ years dont) if you look at a dashboard in a locked car that it has a red flashing LED light meaning that the car has an alarm. It's all nice and good but when i unlock it, get in and...
  9. Renault captur passenger headlight pure led help!!!!

    General Chat
    Hi everyone, in hoping somebody can help me source or have one for sale. Im looking for a Renault captur passenger side headlight pure led, I think it's only on the 67/18 plate cars. Thanks in advance
  10. Hard Wire Led Strip Lights - 2017 Renault Megane

    Hey guys i've just brought a set of car interior RGB color 9 LED strip lights. They came with a 12v cigarette lighter plug but i don't want to use that. My Megane has strip lights in the doors shown below and they light up when my car unlocks and stay lit until i the car locks. Is there a fuse...
  11. Laguna rear led lights

    Where Can I purchase a rear led bulb for my 09 Laguna or do I have to purchase whole light cluster as led very faint on lights but bright on brake light Cheers ken
  12. Led headlight kit

    Hey gang happy new year i installed a led headlight kit which i got for Christmas and man what a difference while driving at night can see the road better and would not go back to hallogen and there not blindig any on comig traffic plus the irish police had a look and i did not get pulled...
  13. LED 3rd brake light no power

    Hello, Kind of new to this so not really sure what I'm doing haha. I have a 2002 mk2 Laguna Sport Tourer. The LED Third brake light has no power going to it. I've been told many time that it'll be the wire between the tailgate and the body as this is where they usually snap. I've had all the...
  14. Megane 2006 LED side lights?

    I don't like cars that have dim side lights. Can I change my standard side lights to LED? Renault Megane MK2 White LED 'Trade' Wide Angle Side Light Beam Bulbs Pair | eBay "Only approved for off-road use when used in an exterior application. Illegal use on public roads could lead to...
  15. Megane day running LED light

    Renparts Ltd
    Hi guys, I wondered if you could source a nearside day running LED light for my 2012 Megane DCi 1.5 estate? Pic below... one of them has stopped working! Thanks!
  16. Megane day running LED light

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would happen to be breaking a black megane and would have a nearside running light? If not, could anyone possibly help me out with a part number? or location I could get one from (not Renault)? Thank you :smile2:
  17. Laguna coupe, how to change rear led bulbs ?

    Hi guys. Does anybody know how to change the led bulbs in the rear cluster of a laguna coupe ? I can remove the unit from the car but can't get inside where the bulbs are. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Si
  18. Scenic 3 - NSF DRL LED light not working

    My Scenic 3 has the integrated LED daytime running lights (DRL) but the passenger side isn't working anymore. It went through a phase of blinking but now it's off. I tried looking for a way to check the connection but looking on the underside, it's all covered by the undertray. I don't think the...
  19. LED Headlights

    Hi, has anybody had any success replacing the standard H7 Halogen headlight bulbs with a suitable LED drop in replacement. I've read lots on the legality of these as well as technical issues regarding the source of light relative to the refelctor or a halogen bulb has a very small and...
  20. Renault Master Load Space replacement LED unit

    Hi A tradesman friend of mine was asking if I knew where he could get some fix for his LED lights in the high roof LWB Master he recently bought. It has two large LED units fitted in the load space. Each unit has two strips of LED lights inside, on one unit theres the odd flicker and on the...