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  1. Clio suddenly moves either left or right while driving

    Please can someone help me, I have a Clio 2006 it's the older model you can be driving down the road then all of a sudden it'll jump either left or right I've had the brakes done I've had the tracking done and checked I've checked myself all around can't seam to see anything I would be really...
  2. Grinding Noise When Turning Left? (MEGANE III)

    Steering and Suspension
    I've recently noticed the car making a grinding noise when making left turns only. I plan to put the car on axle stands next week. What should I check for? I plan to wobble and rotate each front wheel to check for wheel bearing play, noise, resistance. If either noise or resistance is found, I...
  3. left hand drive Renault trafic 1997

    Ask the Experts
    will a Renault trafic french van be a good donor van for uk model ie engine gearbox straight swap.power steering. straight install .any other problem might arise .my son has found one in france Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. front left shock absorber mount failure after clutch replacement ,Megane 2 1.5 dci

    Ask the Experts
    Hi there! I had a costy and awfull adventure after clutch replacement which I made at my local service.Almost very soon to when I received my car I experienced a metallic noise coming from front left and seemed to relate with suspension.Being on a short trip on weekend, I returned and inform my...
  5. Inner driveshaft seal (left side) Oil level gearbox **Fixed**

    Hi! I had to replace the driveshaft seal/gaiter on my Renault Laguna 2001 Type 2. Originally I had to change the outer one (left side/drivers side), so I emptied the gear oil and took out the drive shaft and fitted the new one. I put things together again and filled up the oil in the gear...
  6. Scenic 3 - Pulling to the left

    Steering and Suspension
    Scenic 3, 2012, 1.5 dci, pulling to the left. Gets worse on bumpy road. MOT passed in July. Last week went to local garage to check the suspension, according to the guys there everything is ok. Checked wheel alignment, results: Front wheels: Toe L: -0.6 R: -0.5 Camber L -0.5 R: -0.2 Rear...
  7. Left hand drive headlights?

    My car went in for its MOT last week, it failed on a couple of things and the headlight aim too low. All the faults were rectified, took it back and the MOT tester said that my headlights 'kick' or spread to the wrong side. Another garage said similar last week, that I had 'French' headlights. I...
  8. clio 3 left rear door and boot door not recognized as open

    hi everyone, i have a 2007 1.6 clio mk3. recently a notice that when the rear left door or the boot door is open there is no signal for that on the screen and the light on the ceiling wont go on. what can be the problem? someone know where the door sensonr is located? thanks for helping
  9. PK6 gearbox probs - possible to change left side housing for drifeshaft joint?

    Hello, my name ich Chris and i am from Germany. My car ist a 2004 Vivaro Life with PK6 gearbox an i love the car. Since a few weeks a hafe a vibratioen during accerlation between 45 an 55 mp/h. I proofed the drifeshaft left / right an they will be fine, also the gearbox and engine...
  10. Left indicator/rear fog lights

    Evening everyone Just had my mk3 clio 2008 sorted regarding washer jets and headlights not working. Since having it back have noticed the left indicator and read fog lights not working. Maybe they have been knocked in the stalk when checking main head lights? The indicator goes on then off and...
  11. left and right indicators flashing very fast

    Hi, I own a Renault megane 2006 3dr model. Recently I've noticed my left and right indicators start to flash very fast when the car is stationary and when I am driving . Occasionally they will start flashing at a normal pace but this is becoming increasingly rare. I am not sure if the bulbs in...
  12. Renault Laguna II Flashing left indicator

    After locking the car the left indicators starts flashing. They continue even if the car is unlocked. Besides starting the car the only thing to stop the flashing is to open the boot! Sometimes when I start the car the red 'STOP ' light comes up, if I stop the car and remove the card , reinsert...
  13. Metallic screech left hand bends?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi 02 Megane Scenic Dynamique 2 litre now making a metallic screech on long left hand bends. Is this most likely wheel bearings please? Had new pads on front rh wheel a month ago but noise only just started. Is there a thin brake shield on these models? Had new steering rack last year and...
  14. Bad starting when hot and when left for a few days

    Hi I have read through the similar posts about bad starting and none match my symptoms. My 2005 2.2dci espace (80K) has had this problem for over a year. At first it wasn't such a problem as it seamed to only be after not being used for 2-3 days and I suspected air in the system which would...
  15. Identification of Laguna 2 1.9DCI part left over from clutch replacement? *Answered*

    Hi all First of all thanks for an awesome forum. It's helped me enormously with my car repairs :grin2: Well I've just completed a DMF/Clutch replacement on my 2004 Laguna 2 1.9 DCI Estate and I've now got the obligatory toolbox full of random self fabricated tools which I'll only ever use on...
  16. Fuel tank empty when gauge just in red area, computer says 60 miles left

    I've just bought a Laguna 2 and the other day it cut out on me with the message "Injection fault switch off engine" and refusing to start back up, it had happened before a couple of times, but it started straight back up - I have since learned that this was caused by it having no fuel, despite...
  17. Identify thsese left in car?

    What are these, found in the boor of my new purchase? I sold a spare lock on ebay, lets hope they are useful.
  18. Renault 1.4 Year 2001 Left Hand Drive

    Hi, I noticed water dripping from what looks like a tube leading to the windscreen wiper on the passenger side in the bonnet. There is a seal with a tube in it that slipped out. I pushed it back into the hole it came out of thinking this is what was making the dripping problem. It still drips...
  19. Sticky brake issue (Front? Front left?!)

    Hi All I’m hoping someone can help? I’ve looked for a solution to this but as yet am getting nowhere and would like to avoid yet more unnecessary work… I have a 2004 Clio MK2 DCi that is used as a commuter car, doing 60miles per day. From cold, brakes are usually fine. After a while of...
  20. Renault Megane Left washer jet blocked?

    Tools & equipment
    Good Afternoon I have a 2004 renault megane and the left washer jet appears to be blocked. Right and rear washer jets are fine. any ideas how to fix?