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  1. Interiors
    Any links to removal of the window and how to get it all out as I want to replace one of the snapped cables Thanks
  2. Engines
    My leguna 1.6 petrol 2001 ha developed a rough tick over feel like it is running on 2/3 cylinders but shows a P0711 fault code on the OBD2 reader which is the automatic gearbox oil temperature sensor! Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Transmissions
    Hi people please help.My daughters Leguna has another problem last problem fixed.(Diesel running back when switched off turned out to be fuel regulator ,replaced had no probs since),ok today she was going to the shops and cannot select over second gear? with or without engine running?Could it be...
  4. Engines
    Hi peeps i have a problem with my daughters car.i keep getting a collapsing primer bulb which restrics the flow of diesel which eventually dies on her,any ideas this is a third party part not the original. i have tried looking for blockages etc and i have also alot of air bubbles in the tube...
  5. Engines
    When sometimes applying throttle i get the car holding back and then suddenly picking up again,it happens rarely but is a problem. i have replaced the cat/lamber sensor/igition coils and still get the problem. could it tbe the map sensor ? or something else.? does it have an egr valve and does...
  6. Engines
    Hih I have just bought an 02 Leguna Espression 1.9 dCi from auction so I expect a few problems! My main problem is that the keycard (the other needs to be replaced due to switch damage) will lock all doors etc, but it will not open anything. The lights flash and there is an'unlocking' sound...
  7. Engines
    have just bought a Y plate leguna driven it home gone to start it and just sits reving at 2.5rpm and you cant drive, any ideas why?????
  8. Electronics
    hi can anyone tell me how to disable my alarm on my leguna, it's r reg petrol 1800cc apparantly the frequency has changed so now my alarm has loads of interferance, and even goes of when i'm driving, so really my alarm is useless. any help greatly recieved
  9. Electronics
    I have a LUGUNA 2L 2007. The other day something dropped into the driver side footwell. It looked like a clear glass fuse of about half an inch with silver ends. There was a black screw in nut, with a silver cap to keep the fuse in place. I have looked everywhere and cannot find where it...
  10. Electronics
    How do you remove the airbag on a an 06 Leguna i know it is not recommended but I am willing to take the risk but would welcome information before i rush in. :(
  11. Engines
    dephaser pulley renault leguna mk 2 hi deos any body know if this can fail on imassions as mycar has 1 carage said it would be the dephaser pulley then onother garage said it is the pully as it deals with the timming can anyone help
  12. Engines
    I have leguna 1.8 8v injection, headgasket went had head skimmed new gaskets fitted, on start up it revs between 3500-4000, but when you drive it, it settles back down on tickover but runs rough, also noticed brake servo not working on tickover but works at higher revs, checked for air leaks...
  13. Electronics
    hey guys, I'm new here so first things first... Hello to all :) I bought my 1.6 16v laguna yesturday and when I picked it up I was told that the sunroof didn't work. Me being me was playing in the car last night on the drivway and decided to 'just try' the sunroof. I moved the dail to the...