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  1. Engines
    My leguna 1.6 petrol 2001 ha developed a rough tick over feel like it is running on 2/3 cylinders but shows a P0711 fault code on the OBD2 reader which is the automatic gearbox oil temperature sensor! Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Engines
    When sometimes applying throttle i get the car holding back and then suddenly picking up again,it happens rarely but is a problem. i have replaced the cat/lamber sensor/igition coils and still get the problem. could it tbe the map sensor ? or something else.? does it have an egr valve and does...
  3. Engines
    dephaser pulley renault leguna mk 2 hi deos any body know if this can fail on imassions as mycar has 1 carage said it would be the dephaser pulley then onother garage said it is the pully as it deals with the timming can anyone help
  4. Electronics
    hey guys, I'm new here so first things first... Hello to all :) I bought my 1.6 16v laguna yesturday and when I picked it up I was told that the sunroof didn't work. Me being me was playing in the car last night on the drivway and decided to 'just try' the sunroof. I moved the dail to the...
1-4 of 4 Results