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  1. Ask the Experts
    The high level brake light bar (LEDs?) over the rear windscreen has stopped working. I've searched high and low to find out how to remove the bar, without success. I have access the rear of the bar from inside the tailgate and pushed in three metal, spring-loaded, lugs but I think there may be...
  2. Transmissions
    Hi I have a 2001 renault megane classic and I'm trying to check the oil level on the transmission any help would be highly appreciated
  3. Engines
    I know I shouldnt depend on the digital reading of oil level and should always use the dipstick. But just wanted to know how exactly does the digital reading get it's reading? Is there some sort of sensor in the engine block? Wondering how accurate it is?
  4. Transmissions
    My car goes into limp mode in the first 3-5kms of driving someone suggested to change transmission fluid from dexIII to dexII as one is thinner and helps to run smoother and my problem will go away can anyone help Thanks
  5. Transmissions
    Hi! I had to replace the driveshaft seal/gaiter on my Renault Laguna 2001 Type 2. Originally I had to change the outer one (left side/drivers side), so I emptied the gear oil and took out the drive shaft and fitted the new one. I put things together again and filled up the oil in the gear...
  6. Engines
    about 2 years ago I had my coolant changed at the dealership and didn't make note of what the coolant level was at. After about 6-8 months I noticed coolant level was at the minimum mark. So, I topped up with genuine renault coolant to the max line. I monitored it for about a year and level...
  7. Bodywork
    I've opened the boot, removed interior plastic, removed the main rubber grommet and released the clip holding the brake light casing. So, do I just pull the brake light casing off the car? If the clip releases and falls, how do you recover it? It looks like if you release it entirely, it'll fall...
  8. Transmissions
    I apologise in advance for the double up of this topic, for whatever reason I can't view the last page of my original thread. I have emailed the forum team and am still waiting for a reply and/or the problem to be fixed. In the meantime I wish to continue in getting my facts straight so that I...
  9. Transmissions
    Either I've overlooked it or there is no info out there about how to check the transmission fluid level (AT) on a Renault Scenic 2.0 16v '01 that doesn't have a dipstick. I've got the car booked in for a transmission service before changing the cambelt because I don't want to spend big $...
  10. Transmissions
    Hi my 1999 renault lutecia 1.6 ltr auto equivalent to the clio has been going into safe mode and not changing through the gears properly i can not seem to find where to fill up the transmission or find a dipstick or know how to tell if it is full or not can anyone help please
  11. Electronics
    Hi all, Apologies if this is a duplicate post - I looked for a while but couldn't find anything. Scenic 2010, 1.5dCi TomTom, if that helps. MY MOT is due on Saturday so I'd like to try and fix this myself, if poss, before then. 1/ Does the high level brake light run off its own fuse, or do...
  12. Transmissions
    Hi, Is there any way of checking the auto gear box fluid level on a 2006 Megane convertible? It is a 1.6 petrol. Does the clunky thing & comes up with check gearbox, which reading quite a few posts in this section seems a very common theme. If there is not a way, can these auto boxes be filled...
  13. Electronics
    Hi all, seems my high level brake light has failed. I can't find much info about them. Is it a sealed unit? Do you replace the bulbs? What type of bulbs? 1 bulb or more than 1? Thanks!
  14. Engines
    Sorry for dumb sounding question as I have never owned a Renault before, when refilling with oil do I fill it to the middle or top markings on the dipstick thanks.
  15. Transmissions
    Hi, Could anyone help me for the correct method of Koleos CVT transmission fluid check? Because the fluid level check procedure for some other cars are not simple. (ie: Swiping the lever, rotating the fluid gauge 180deg, ... before checking the level.) Sent from my SM-G900H using Tapatalk
  16. Transmissions
    How do you check the Gear box oil level in RENAULT CLIO AUTOMATIC?
1-16 of 170 Results