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  1. Electric Faults - lighting

    Hi, Got a ticket for a faulty back light on my 2007 Megane Dynamique and have now until Sunday to solve it. Had it in two garages and both have concluded that it's an electrical fault in the car. Not really sure where to go from that or what this even means I can do. The offside sidelight...
  2. Footwell lighting 2018 MK4 Clio

    Interior styling
    Does anyone have experience in installing footwell lighting in the MK4 Clio? I***8217;m looking at doing this mod and would appreciate a how to guide if anybody knows where I might be able to find one Cheers
  3. Boot Light - Scenic III

    Hi, In my Grand Scenic III I've noticed the boot light (UK near side luggage compartment light) hasn't worked since I bought the car. I finally got round to flicking it out to check the bulb and found the cabling is missing. I just wondered if someone could look at theirs and give me a pointer...
  4. Missing lighting equipment

    Ask the Experts
    Good afternoon Renault Forums, My first post, however, I suspect not my last. Does anyone in the trade or otherwise know why my second user 2016 Megane Sport Tourer LIMITED 1.6 dci should have been delivered without puddle lights or floor lights, these are standard on lesser spec models? Would...
  5. Megane 4 lighting problem

    Hello, Short lighting does not work, only long light works ? Think there is no fuse and the light bulb is ok Does any one know thsi problem ?
  6. Heating & Fan Control Lighting - 2012 Twingo

    Just purchased a 2012 Twingo Dynamique and last night noticed there was no lighting behind the controls for the Heating and Fan. Has a bulb failed or is it that this just doesn't light up? If a bulb has failed, how easy is it to replace?
  7. 2008 Clio lighting won't go off

    My garage replaced a headlight bulb and the other sidelight bulb on Monday. Since then, my Clio lights switch themselves back on when I switch them off and so the battery goes flat. I've deactivated automatic lighting but that doesn't make any difference. I've taken it back to the garage...
  8. 2000 renault scenic centre console lighting

    my november 2000 scenic's centre console lighting (behind heater control/AC knobs) has gone out.. is it possible to replace bulbs?
  9. re-wiring headlights to go off when ignition turned off?

    Hello - anyone know an easy way to re-wire the headlights to turn off when the ignition switch is turned off on a Clio 2 model? My wife's previous car was a 2004 Hyundai Getz and when you had the headlights on, as you turned off the ignition the headlights turned off but left on the...
  10. Kangoo Heater control lighting - tricky bulb removal solution.

    Not a question but in fact a solution to the removal of the heater control backlighting bulb on a 2002 Kangoo dashboard. Having removed the two torx screws that hold in the ash tray/ 12v accessory socket, I was presented with feeling around the back of the heater control to find what I roughly...
  11. Help with lighting issues please

    Hi, I have just purchased a Renault megane grand scenic 1.5 dci 2004 and have just found out that i do not have any side lights, tail light, number plate lights and main beam either. I also do not have radio or heater lights either. I only have main beam, fog and reverse lights and indicators. I...
  12. Garage lighting with no electric?

    Tools & equipment
    Hi again all, I have finally acquired a garage. But it had no electric or water. I have been looking at getting a used solar panel, a load of car batteries and connecting the car batteries to a couple of flourescent tubes on the ceilng and a couple of led floodlights for working with. I...
  13. Laguna III 2010 Lighting

    I have just purchased the above car and am very happy with it generally. I have a couple of questions, firstly, I have a setting in the menu that says Auto dipped beam, I gather from other members that it actually mean DRLs. If that is the case where are they fitted, (it does have bi-xenon's by...
  14. Lighting problems

    Renault Clio 2006 Lights remain on after switching off at stalk and still remain on when engine is off and keys removed. Had to disconnect battery to get them off. Prior to this have had minor problems with headlight flasher not cancelling. Any suggestions to rectify problem? degsyS
  15. Back with more lighting trauma

    Sooooooo a final check of lighting before Fridays MOT has revealed another light out the passenger side bottom headlight (fog lights? ) is not working. Any idea how I access it I think from underneath car but not sure. Also will halfords change that or will I need to do it myself. I assume it...
  16. trafic changing to led head lamp lighting

    Hi I am new on here, i have not found it that easy to navigate but that is probably me ! Q! does anyone have experience with changing to led's ? and removing the clear headlamp cover to install strip lighting? renault trafic sport + 64 plate Thanks Mike
  17. Lighting fault when running after flat battery

    Hi, First time on this forum, so hi; I hope you can come to my rescue. To cut a long story short returned to my clio 172 this evening. I turned it on as normal and then took a phone call, just before I hung my call up. I noticed the lights dip and then die and then the car would not start -...
  18. Dash Lighting

    I have a Renault Megane Dynamique 2003,My rev counter and speedo is on constantly even when the car is locked and alarmed. Once i turn engine off rev and speedo stays on and rear fog light and speed limitor come on. Any help would be welcome.
  19. Can Clip Programming for Lighting

    Hi All, Does anybody with a can clip know if the current/load detection on my Lag Coupe can be modified? I bought some top LED lamps for the rear indicators and they really look good and suit the rear clusters since the main red lighting is all OEM LED, but unfortunately I get fast flashing...
  20. Issue with lighting

    Afternoon all, Have looked through forums to try and find a similar problem but cant (which i find hard to believe :d ) if there is then apologies - struggling to adapt to night shift! I have a Megane Maxim 06 plate. Rear drivers brake light not working. Front drivers side light not working...