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  1. auto light check fault

    hi I wondering if anyone can help . I've got a megane mk3 and the check auto light has come on and all my interior lights have stopped working . I dont think its a bulb as all of them have stopped right ? I've not changed any bulbs that leads me to believe ots a fuse however after checking the...
  2. Help with Fuse, relay Radio and lights Nissan interstar 2.5lt 120dci

    Other models
    Hi, I went to change a bulb in the rear of my van but a wire touched the van side and blew something. It's knocked out my interior lights, clock and radio. I've changed the fuse under the driver side fuse box but it hasn't blown. Is there another fuse box somewhere else or a relay somewhere? I...
  3. Master van light??)

    Hi does anyone know why my masters lights have went out and how to fix it?? I have all lights on the drives side but on the passenger side I have no side light or dip? But I do have full beam and indicator
  4. Electronics

    Does anybody know about the electronics in a Twingo? When I switch the sidelights on the headlights come on. When I press the brakes the right hand indicator glows. Also the fog light warning lamp is illuminated on the dash, even when they’re not switched on. Thanks.
  5. Twingo rear light replacement

    Hi there, So my sister has a renault twingo 3 and smashed her rear brake light against a tree. I have ordered a new cluster and was wondering how easy it is to remove and replace it? I have a fiesta that has two screws and push clips which is easy to remove and think it might be a similar set...
  6. Replacing Bulbs With Xenon & LED Types & Dull Headlamp Plastic

    Ahoy there! I bought some LED spade connector and push/twist types for number plate/sidelight use in addition to Xenon types (without ballasts) for dipped/main beam for my Citroen C5. I now have a 2007 Series II Laguna GT Touring 205 and would like to know if others have fitted these types of...
  7. Light issues

    I have a 64 plate clio media nav 1.5 diesel and once I start up the engine for the first 2 mins everything is fine but however after 2 mins I can no longer use my full beam, fog lights and also I can’t turn the dipped lights and the side lights off but however I can still use my indicators...
  8. Clio reverse light turns on rear fog

    Our 2014 Clio has just failed an MOT as the garage said the rear fog light should not come on when the reverse gear is selected. It's a manual 2014, wholly standard 5 door clio. It's the first MOT we've had to do and the car was bought from a Renault main dealer. There is a single white reverse...
  9. FIXED. Laguna 2: Front and rear fog lights problem

    Hi! First of all I want to say that I appreciate this forum and the help we can recieve here. Thanks to you who share your knowledge and experience with these cars! I own a Laguna 2 2001 mod 1,6. I took it to the "EU-inspection", as we call it in Norway, the same as the MOT, I think. They...
  10. clio cornering lights not working ( Solved )

    General Chat
    Hi This is to thank Phil48 & ours 2012. The problem with my cornering lights is sorted. I ordered in a new lighting stalk (not genuine) and when it arrived the mechanism that cancels the intercom was damaged, however I plugged it in to see if there were any changes to the cornering lights and...
  11. Dash Board warning lights

    My Clio is Mk3 reg 2012 recently serviced my Clio after service due light came on Didn't really need servicing as far as i could see now Spanner shape light on dashboard has come on this morning cant switch it off. I'm away from base and that's were the owners manual is, any one know a what...
  12. Modus side lights stuck on

    The side lights on my 2011 Grand Modus won't turn off. I have checked the fuses and they seem ok. There are no lights on the dash and nothing I do with the lights/indicator stalk makes a difference. As far as I can tell I don't have auto lights. I have had to disconnect the bulbs so the...
  13. Scenic Mk2 rear fog lights not working

    I have checked fuse and bulbs. There is voltage on the purple wire that goes to the tow bar (when I turn on the fog lights). But no voltage on the rear fog light bulbs. Any tips? See
  14. 2003 clio II 1.5dci, warning lights coming on??

    Hello!! New here. Happy to have this resource to draw from and contribute to!! I am new to this car, and have been fixing issues as much as i can. The current problem that i have not been able to sort out is a number of warning lights come on at around 110-120km. Once i back off they go out...
  15. Renault Clio 2000 neither AC or lights working

    Heating & cooling
    Hi! I bought a Renault Clio from 2000. Neither the AC or the AC lights are working. Not the button for the back window heating either or the button for internal fan (the three buttons that are next to eachother). I***8217;m wondering if the AC could be working if the buttons started working...
  16. Fog lights

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I am in Sydney Australia, have just purchased a master LWB manual van 2018 model 3 months ago …….have done 26000km …….. looking to fit original fog lights that I have purchased …...but I need to know are there brackets behind front bumper bar for lights to bolt on to have looked every were...
  17. Interior lights problem Espace 2016

    Hi! I connected a rear view camera today on my Renault Espace 2016. I accedently blow a fuse for the interior lights and perhaps even the automatic headlight lightsensor (its not working after the interior lights when out). Do anyone know what fuse it can be? Cant find it in the manual. Best...
  18. Front fog lights loom plug and socket

    Ask the Experts
    I have a Clio MK2 1.2 16V 2004 RH drive. Light stalk shows front and rear fog light options. The dash lights up both front and rear symbols. The dash fuse box has fuses for rear AND front fog lights. But, there are no front fog lights on the car – just the plastic inserts. So, I bought fog...
  19. Map reading lights and centre dome lights not working properly Renault Megan 3 grand

    Hi, maybe someone can help me with this issue. I wanted to replace the map reading lights and centre dome lights to led , and went to am authorised seller and told him to replace them for me. When he installed the led on the centre dome light it did not light and then noticed that even the map...
  20. Front fog lights housing for a nissan primastar/trafic

    Ask the Experts
    Does any one know how I can fit a pair of fog lights without the housing that clips to the bumper? I have been searching for a means of securing the fogs to the bumper but can't find anything. It's a 2007 primastar but I think its a Renault reslly. Many thanks.