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  1. TV License On line

    General Chat
    How good is that, Just had a reminder that my Tv license has expired.. TV Licensing logo Oops! Something went wrong with your payment. Dear Client Just to let you know, we were unable to automatically renew your TV License. This may have been caused by a lack of information we may...
  2. 68 plate Mégane GT Line

    My mottah!
    Hi. Bought this last week and the centre console first froze and then completely died. Does anyone have a clue why or if there's a way to reset? All the lights and e-park etc still work... So don't think it's a fuse but someone out there might know better ***x1f91e;
  3. No Fuel in Fuel Line

    Hey Everyone, I ran out of fuel and then car not starting after adding fuel in tank. I observed No Fuel in Fuel Line, I tried to start car after every 5 secs but not working. :( Could you please help me to bleed fuel line? Where is fuel filter locator? and fuel pump fuse? Thanks Vehicle...
  4. Megane GT Line Pedals

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. My Megane has the metal/alloy style pedals. The rubber nobbles/grips have worn off the accelerator pedal, leaving the pedal quite smooth. Is there any way of replacing the rubber underneath the metal plate? If there is, where can I purchase the...
  5. Megane mk3 (knight/gt line) DRL and fog light connections

    Having bought a 'damaged' mk3 megane knight I have found 10 wires that have been ripped from their connectors! (Pic 1) They are hanging by the front nearside wheel (behind the splash guard... if it were still there!)(pic 2) red arrow. I think that they must connect to the DRL's and fog lights...
  6. Renault Megane GT Line Hatch 2013 - Electrical Issues

    Hi there, We are looking to see if anyone else has had similar issues with their Renault Megane GT Line Hatch 2013 - Electrical Issues. In 2017 the car park brake wouldn't release and kept coming up with error messages about the park break, car would not move. Next day issue and error message...
  7. Camshaft Position Sensor and bad power supply line

    My Megane (2005 16v 1.6l) stalls at idle in couple of seconds after starting cold if I don't keep the rpm around 2000. I began investigating for the cause and found out that bad camshaft position sensor could cause this behaviour. But to my surprise the sensor's wires seem to be faulty. I...
  8. 1.5DCi hesitation, air in fuel line and a strange clunk

    Hi, So I have a 2010 1.5DCi Meange with 72k on the clock. The belt was changed at 63k. Over the last year, mainly when the weather is warmer there's been some hesitation, most noticable when driving along and I then take my foot off the throttle, due to a corner or say going down hill. If I...
  9. Where is the oil filter 1.6dci Megane GT Line

    I know this sounds silly but does anyone know where the Oil filter is on a 2014 Megane 1.6 DCI GT Line? Also is there anything specific to do or is it just like a standard oil and filter change?
  10. Megane GT line 1200cc turbo Cooling fan does not switch off

    Heating & cooling
    I normally drive to work and back everyday and have no problems with the cooling fan switching off with the engine, however if I stop for 10 minutes to got to the shop and then drive home (a 5 minute drive) the cooling fan stays on after I switch the engine off. Even after 10 minutes the fan is...
  11. Air blockage in diesel fuel line.

    I have a 2007 Scenic 1.9 Dci Dynamique. About three weeks ago I had to call the breakdown service as the engine would not start. The technician did various tests and found that an air blockage in the fuel line was the problem. Initially, this was an intermittent problem but now I have to pump...
  12. Megane 1.4 Gt line 2011 not starting

    Cars & motoring
    Hi wonder if anyone could give me any advice on things to try to get my car started, it***8217;s been lying for a couple of months and won***8217;t start when the jump leads are on, it turns over for a couple seconds and cuts out and then won***8217;t let you try and start it again for a...
  13. 1.4 gt line info

    Exterior styling
    Hi everyone, new to the forum and picking my 2011 1.4 gt line up on tuesday. Just wanted to know if anyone on here has modded theirs a little, as I want to change the stance and look by wheel spacers and lower it a touch. But I would need to know specific spacers( was thinking just 15mm?) And...
  14. Renault Trafic fuel line issues.

    Hi I have a Renault Trafic 06 1.9 Tuesday I changed the glow plugs. As I turned the engine on! my mate noticed fuel squirting out of some sort of sensor about 6inc below the fuel injectors just on the left hand side of the dip stick. Ive had a look and it seems to follow the fuel line...
  15. Radio line no power - Megane 1.5 eco Drive Deisel - 61

    Hello All, I had my megane purchased a few months back from a private individual. When buying the car radio did not work, but the person told me it will be just fuse, and can be fixed easily. After buying the car, I checked the 10A radio fuse (based on location specified in the manual) in the...
  16. Fuel return line missing? Megane II 1.6 16v

    Hi, I went for a MOT test and they found the leakage around fuel tank. The fuel is coming from top of the tank. So I checked fuel pump. I found fuel tank pic and I am not sure if all lines is connected alright. "C" pipe ends after 20cm. Water separator? "A" and "D" comes from the front of the...
  17. fuel line size

    hi iv got a split in my fuel line believe it to be on the return pipe so ime going to purchase one of those barbed plastic connectors and cut the pipe and put that in my problem is what size do i have to purchase ive no idea on the pipe size vehicle info renault kangoo van 1.5dci 53 reg
  18. Clio IV GT Line daylight

    Hello everyone. I have a 2016 Clio GT Line and I was wondering If I can have the LED day-time running lights turned on at the same time with the main headlights. Because when I turn on main headlights the LED daylights turn off. And when I turn on LED daylights the main headlights turn off. As...
  19. Megane 1.4 GT Line Exhaust upgrade

    HI All New to the site. Just bought a 1.4 GT Line and would like a performance exhaust that come out of the centre like the RS. Any ideas where I can get one. ideally it should sound cool too. Thanks
  20. Clio III front brake line

    Quick question, I'm replacing the calipers on a Clio III 1.4 (due to a snapped bleeder plug), I've received the calipers and it looks like it's a screw in type rather than banjo bolt. Does anyone know if the screw in hose requires a crush washer? I ask because my BMW Mini has screw in hoses and...