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  1. My Megane GT Line

    My mottah!
    Hi all New here and just wanted to say hi and that i picked up a blue 5 door megane 3 1.4 gtline with 18k on the clock and im loving it big time has everything i need I will post up some photos soon just need to give her a good clean first:smile2:
  2. Megane 2011 Line out

    Hello forum Need to install an external amplifier in a Megane 2011 (wife car) and bluetooth if possible? What's your experience? Is there are line output ? I'm new so be patient :grin2: BR Clayton
  3. 1.9 dci Scenic - wont start - air in fuel line **Sorted**

    I have an issue with my Scenic - 2002 dci diesel model. It has gone perfectly for years and never not started. I keep it in good condition. (I am mechanically minded with motorcycles big time but not so much cars and diesel) Yesterday it would not start. Battery fine, Turns over and over until...
  4. The nasty throttle body vacuum line connector

    Hello, I've broken mine and heard that people often brake a vacuum pipe going to the throttle body with a weird attachment. I've marked it green in the attached picture. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/known solutions to fix it more reliably than just buying a new one which will...
  5. Renault Wind 1.2 TCe GT Line

    General Chat
    Evening all - my Mazda has succumbed to the dreaded rust and while browsing Autotrader I spotted a local Renault Wind 1.2 TCe GT Line up for sale at £3990 with 31,000 on the clock - seems ideal for a short fat 58 year old's commuter car but my question is are spare parts available for a car with...
  6. Back on Line

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just like to say thank you to the Moderaters for helping me get back on line. I haven't been able to log in for a few weeks now. Thought it was just me. Many Thanks:smile2:
  7. Megane GT Line Tourer Aircon fuse location

    My Aircon is not working and have been advised to check the fuse which is located in the house next to the battery in the engine bay, but there is no diagram to view, so I don't know which one to change....does anyone have a fuse map or know the location please? Megane GT Line Tourer 2011.:frown2:
  8. air in fuel line.

    Hi i bought a kangoo van ml20 last month, and have noticed that it has air bubbles going from the fuel filter to the engine anyone know why. it also has a little tapping noise happening on and off different times from engine, its got full service history and only done 49000 miles help please
  9. Fuel line Renault Megane 3 1.5dci

    I have broken the white clip that goes onto the diesel filter. I am looking to replace it although it seems to hold at present. Does anyone k ow where I can get one?
  10. Fuel line coupling.

    My Clio 1.2 Campus 2006 1.2l fuel line coupling which is situated just below the air filter behind the engine on the drivers side parted. I managed to get my hand behind and push it back together and the car is running fine. What I need to know is: Is it a push in coupling? Does it require any...
  11. 62 plate 1.6 gt line engine

    Morning, New to the site as some may hae seen me post in the welcome area. I have just purchased a 2012 62 plate megane estate 1.6 Gt line, Do these engines ahve cam belt or chain? The dealer said it was a chain but i have seen kits for the timing belt, Would apreciate any info :)
  12. Brake line rubbing on CV boot

    I have a scenic rx4 and i have found that the brake lines actually go under the drive shaft, and the line has been bent ?? And this caused the brake line to rub on the CV boot, eventually wearing through the brake line. I have had the problem fixed but i believe the brake line route is...
  13. Buying advice Megane sport tourer 1.6 GT line

    Before pulling the trigger on a brand new Megane ST 1.6 I wanted reviews and any issues reported from current drivers. One point in particular the lack of fog lights because they can't fit them in with the body kit. And if anyone else has opinions on them. Thanks Kenny
  14. Laguna 3 GT line badge

    Hi All, had the laguna for just over 3 weeks, returned to the car in a local supermarket car park & noticed some scrote has nicked a badge off the boot question is, as I cant seem to find a supplier, where can I get a replacement 'GTline' badge from and any idea the cost cheers all
  15. Megane GT Line Tourer

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi I have recently purchased a UK model 2011 Megane GT Line tourer with the 1.9 Diesel fitted. Its a nice looking car in black with half leather, I have now moved to France with the car and want to install the SD tom Tom card for Europe, does anyone know the correct serial number for this card...
  16. Senior pick-up line

    Jokes & funny stuff
    An elderly gentleman walks into an upscale cocktail lounge. He was in his mid-eighties, very well dressed, hair well groomed, great looking suit, flower in his lapel, and smelling slightly of a quality after shave. He presented a very good image. Seated at the bar was an elderly, really...
  17. Air in fuel line and fuel tank

    Hi, I drive a Clio II diesel 1.5 and have had some problems starting it recently. It's hard to start the first time of the day (hot or cold) and puffs out some white smoke but is then fine for roughly 9 hours. No problems whilst driving, as smooth as it was before. The fuel injector light...
  18. Clio Mk2 Fuel line clip malfunction

    Hello folks My 2003 1.2 16v clio wouldn't start a few days ago and there was a very strong stench of petrol. I lifted the inspection hatch to have a look at the fuel tank connector, only to discover it has become detached. I reattached it then mopped up a small puddle of petrol. everything was...
  19. Espace 3.0dci - Air in the diesel fuel line

    How much air would you expect to see in the input fuel pipe to the fuel filter? I keep finding air in the pipe on the input side to the filter, between the priming bulb & filter unit. Usually about 4-5 inches of pipe length. When I bleed using the priming bulb, more air comes out from the...
  20. Swap twingo GT headunit for twingo rs line

    The headunit in my twingo sucks. It's the update list with the integrated screen, which means its only capable of CD and FM. I tried to add an aux cord as it has the aux socket at the back, but it doesn't work :( I was wondering if it was possible to swap it out for a Bluetooth head unit form a...