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  1. Electronics
    Just bought ....frustrated. Read manual - think I’m following instructions. I am trying to set the r link clock As I only have morse code on the screen! Pressing all the buttons correctly,I think, but when I get to set the time it is “greyed” out and will not function. Can anyone assist please.
  2. Transmissions
    What happened ? - fitted a new ARB drop link **Fixed** The o/s CV joint appears to have locked up to result in a banging one can feel through the floor of the car. All I did was replace the ARB drop link to not understand what happened - any ideas ? Anyway I know it's the CV joint as it no...
  3. Electronics
    I have a 2017 Megane Grand Coupe with built in R Link 2.The system shows incorrect Speed Limits most particularly displays a 60Km Limit as 40Kms . I live in the Republic of Ireland and have had various checks and updates done but to no avail. Any suggestions?
  4. Engines
    Re Renault master minibus 2006 2.5dci. The minibus has been serviced but i can't reset the serv light to see if any error codes are present. Although the van runs great i obviously need see if i have any faults. When connecting my OBD2 reader to look for error codes all im getting is a link...
  5. Tools & equipment
    Dear All, can anybody please advice and help. I bought new Renault megane GT. R link was working great, I have used USB to upload several softs to Renault, like weather, news, etc. It was working all perfect till the moment, I have updated maps. After map update, the USB was no longer recognized...
  6. Steering and Suspension
    Hi had annoying knocking noise from front wheel area, got told by many people to change the stabilizer link. So today changed it, it's made it sound a lot better but the noise is still there. Would changing the opposite side make any difference could the play be transferring along the bar?
  7. Electronics
    Hi; anybody got any clues regarding this error? DF031 CO.0 - One-Touch window link - open circuit or shorted to earth. It's on a Megane Cabriolet, centre console button to lower all windows doesn't work at all, and 1 touch on each window doesn't work at all. So no one-touch at all presently...
  8. Engines
    Hi recently bought my very first Renault... EVER!!! After countless people trying to put me off buying a french car I bought a Laguna III 2.0 dci because I thought it looked GORGEOUS. Now I have been bitten before by letting my heart rule my head but I thought.....Lifes too short, so I took the...
  9. Transmissions
    Hi, The gear selector lever link keeps popping off the ball joint. Renault want £260 for a complete gear change mechanism. Has anyone had any success with these clamps? Not listed for my car but I don't see that it can't work.
  10. Electronics
    Hi Guys Has anyone experienced a very slow operating R Link and sat-nav? It sometimes finds it hard to catch, for example if I'm using the sat-nav It could take a few seconds to show me were I am on the map and it seems to freeze? Also I could of passed the road that Im supposed to turn into...
  11. Brakes/Hubs
    hi can any body tell me if i have a anti rollbar drop link on my 2003 renault megane scenic fidji some say no if yes can u tell me where to find it cheer :mad:
  12. Engines
    Would anyone happen to have a link for a timing belt change / dephaser step by step for the k4m 1.6 engine? Whilst the engines in the car not on a bench?
  13. Engines
    Hi I've got a Renault Scenic Grande 06 reg 1.5 I travel to and from the airport for work so spend about £250 a month on diesel and recently decided to switch to biodiesel via a recommendation. I read up about it and it seemed ok to use, better in fact. I put 32 litres in and used just over half...
  14. Electronics
    hi i have just bought a renault megane wityh the timing belt snapped so i stripped it down and put valves in ect ect.. but when coming to start it it did not fire. i pulled the fuel line off to see if there was any fuel gettin up and there was nothing so thought it might be the fuel pump so...
1-14 of 66 Results