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  2. Campervan Chat
    Hi can anyone help me find some parts? Im after rear doors with lock for a hi top Drivers window rail And a airbox housing and pipe for a trafic T1100 1990 2.1d And drivers wing mirror
  3. Engines
    Right, I've been fixing the little issues but need to figure out if its just worth scrapping now. The dephaser/cambelt needs changing, but before I do it I want to make sure it will fix the problems I have. Here they are: Poor performance Poor MPG(20-21) Terrible starting(4-5 times, TB has...
  4. Engines
    Im looking for a list/table of service intervals for oil, timing belt, brake fluid etc for a new model mk3 2014 Renault Trafic. Owners manual lists nothing. I'm ising independent garages for servicing, avoiding dealers. I want to stick to manufacturers intervals- but info seems missing. Can...
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  6. Engines
    I have a 2006 megane coupe/cabrio and the other day, on a particularly cold morning when I started the car it was juddering and the "service" light then "engine management light" came on along with the message "check injection". I have no idea what this could mean so I bought redex and put in...
  7. In-car entertainment
    Hi, Looking to upgrade the standard Update List CD player to a Cabasse version on my 2008 Scenic. Missed one on Ebay that had come out of a Scenic - there have been a few ads since for ex-Clio examples which imply these are vehicle specific. Is this really the case, or are the sellers just...
  8. General Chat
    Is there anyway of finding out the spec list of Renaults online? Would like to know the spec of mines. For example, my Megane coupe gt line has auto handbrake,however I see one for sale that is same model and year but has a manual handbrake......
  9. Cars & motoring
    Anyone know how to obtain a vehicles factory build sheet?
  10. Electronics
    Hi all.Wondering if anyone can advise on a strange issue I've run into with the Update List head unit in my '05 reg Clio 182. I bought the car a few months ago, and had purchased a 3.5mm aux-in adaptor from eBay and been using it with no issues. The quality wasn't outstanding, but sounded fine...
  11. General Chat
    Anyone had any Emails from this site today. Not had one since midnight last night, just wondered if little ole me had upset someone0:)
  12. In-car entertainment
    I have a tuner list radio/cassette. I have inputted the code, however, the radio whilst playing, beeps and then turns itself off after approximately 2 minutes. I then have to re-input the code, but it does the same again. Can anyone please help me solve this problem. Thanks.
  13. Electronics
    I have a 2005 Grand scenic with a after market stereo - I would like to fit a original stereo but unsure if a tuner list or update list type? Can you identify by the plugs for radio connection? when working on car I have found build stickers dated 09/2005 and 10/2005 so assume it a very late...
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, I was wondering if it was possible to add bluetooth integration for '07 Scenic II 'update list' HU stereo? I found this adapter thingy-...
  15. General Chat
    Who looks at it..Hondo is king of the ban boys..:devil:
  16. Electronics
    hi, the cd's load in the multi changer under the passenger seat but the option for cd's does not show when using the source button anybody got any suggestions
  17. Engines
    There seems to be a recurring non-start problem with the 1.5 dCi; there have been numerous threads regarding this recently. Rather than type the same thing in response to each new poster, I thought it'd be good to make a check list of basic, initial tests to narrow down the problem. The thread...
  18. Electronics
    Hi. i know this list is in french but still think might be usefull for someone as got OBD codes for all renault DF faults: Défaut outil Code DTC Libellé outil de diagnostic DF001 0115 Circuit capteur température d'eau DF002 0110 Circuit capteur température d'air DF004 012A Circuit capteur...
  19. Bodywork
    Hi, i wonder how i remove the lists on a Megane 2005 because i am going to leave them so they paint it the same color as the car. I think the sides on the doors are not so difficult. But the front and back bumper, i have no idea. Can somebody help me. Explain for me the procedur. PS it's...
  20. For sale
    update list radio/cd with code for sale £30 posted