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  1. Engines
    So at long last my trusty old Mk1 2003 cabriolet is on the road, all working as it should, very happy chappy..........almost. It has the K4M 1.6 16v engine it and it's a little lacking in the power department so thinking of sticking a 2 litre in it. NOW I'm bit of an old fart and really only...
  2. Heating & cooling
    The normal airflow with AC is good on full flow, when I select recirculation the airflow decreases to a trickle at full blow. I can hear the flap moving. New internal air filter fitted.Selecting up. down , both directions, front vents makes little difference.Climate controls version. I took...
  3. Transmissions
    Hello everyone I bought my latest van at auction and have been working it hard for two years, mileage is 166 thou or so, and I attend to maintenance regularly. The box has been whining a bit in fifth and sixth until recently. I have hauled a few big loads and then I bought a mini digger in...
  4. Electronics
    I have a Laguna 2.0 litre, 53 plate, petrol. A few days ago the starter began playing up. When I press the start button I can hear the switch click, the electrics come on, all the dashboard lights come on and the steering lock releases but the engine does not start. Press the button a second...
  5. Electronics
    I am getting a 300ma (ish) battery drain when the electrical system has settled down after leaving the car and locking. Consequently it is draining the battery after a few days. Tried pulling the fuses individually to look for differences in the drain current. I think the only thing left to...
  6. Engines
    Hi, I was wondering what the likelihood of my engine being damaged after the cambelt failed at around 40 mph on this particular engine?? Thanks in advance
  7. Engines
    Hi guys iv got a remault traffic 2 litre DCI 115 I'm pretty clued up on these engines but Iv come across something were I need help and apinions . Right I have a tapping noise on engine specially when started from cold . When engine warms up the noise isn't half as bad but can still hear it...
  8. General Chat
    Asda Petrol under £1 a Litre Well lets see the rest follow ....Petrol under £1 a litre
  9. Tuning & Modding
    I need to find out whats the best, easiest and less costly way to get better and bigger brakes as im runing standard brakes and shocks and suspension... Please help!
  10. Engines
    I have bought 2 Megan soft tops. A 1.6 with knackered engine (cam belt snapped) and a 2 litre with a good engine. What do I need to make the 2 litre engine run in the 1.6? Not started yet but will be doing very shortly.
  11. Electronics
    Hi guys my alternater has packed up and had to be towed in by the RAC . What's it like to change a alternator on there easy enuff job with the front grill off any advice would be appreciated thanks Rich
  12. Engines
    In my last postings I discussed how my 2002 Scenic Megane 2 litre automatic cam belt had snapped and written off the engine. It was rebuilt in January and running well since then However, last week the oil warning light came on and the level was below minimum (cold engine flat surface) I...
  13. Electronics
    Hi guys it's been a while since Iv been on here . I have a renault traffic van 2008 with the 2 litre m9r in its misfiring on tickover all the way up past 2500 rpm also hasn't got hardly any power my suspect is a injector has gone down so I unplugged injector no 3 why engine was running and no...
  14. Transmissions
    Hi, My van has a PF6 gearbox. Bearings want changed. I'd like to have new bearings in hand before I take the box out, to minimise van downtime. Would anyone know where I can get a list of all the bearing numbers for this box please? Also, do you know of any specialist tools required to...
  15. Electronics
    Car has been sat unused for two months due to ill health. Had a flat battery, tried to JumpStart, engine turns over but does not start. Has fuel and spark. Suspect immobiliser fault due to no red led light flashing on dashboard, I've tried to lock and unlock the vehicle but still no led light...
  16. Engines
    Hi there The rear heated screen has stopped working, I checked the fuse and that is good, I wondered what to check next, is there a relay if so where is it located? Is there a common fault with these? Hope someone can help Thanks DAve
  17. Special offers
    caterham motorsport
  18. Engines
    My trusty Laguna has started to drop down in revs then rev-up or just cutout completely while driving. I've opened the bonnet and given the wiring in the picture below a bit of a wiggly and all seems to go okay for a weeks, then the same thing happens. Can anyone identify the problem? Can anyone...
  19. Transmissions
    Leaking ATF! I have have discovered transmisson fluid leaking from what appears to be an electrical connector in a wiring loom from the gearbox which joins into the main loom. The connector is in the engine bar just forward of the gearbox, fairly low down behon the radiator. Very strange! Anyone...
  20. Engines
    Can someone tell me where this EGR valve is located as mine is playing up? Also as these are expensive to buy new is it worth buying a second hand one? Are they easy to strip and clean for a non mechanic? All help gratefully received. Thanks. Chris.