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  1. Wanted
    Hi Everyone, By any chance do you know if anyone is selling a Renault Megane or Scenic 2009 or onwards around Liverpool/Manchester area? I have got a tight budget around £1,850. Cheers Ben
  2. Tools & equipment
    Hi, I have the parking brake fault on the car but nothing wrong with it. Has anybody got a CAN clip or recommend somewhere nearby to Liverpool who can clear it. let me know Thanks
  3. Engines
    I have a renault laguna 2.0IDE 2002 on a 51 plate with 61k miles. The car has developed the shakes when stationary. Really annoying, but when driving it seams fine, maybe slightly underpowered. I have a private warrenty with motorplan on the car and they told me to take it to Nationwide...
1-3 of 19 Results