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  1. 2011 2.0 dCI (150PS) - Boost circuit engine errors under load

    Hi there, I have a 2011 Renault Grand Espace 2.0 dCI (150PS), few months it has developed rather intermittent issue which results in engine check light coming on and the car loosing power (eventually going to limbo mode). Here is what I know: - RAC recovered the car twice, read DF569 code...
  2. 2004 Traffic Misfire & smoke under load ( Solved )

    Hoping for some pointers with this van, it is a 2004 1.9 with 160k on the clock. It starts and idles fine, if you gently rev it there is no smoke and sounds OK untill it hits about 2800 rpm, then lots of light coloured smoke and misfire, will continue to rev beyond 3k but same rough running and...
  3. Megane II 2.0L 16v unusual noise under load

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this wonderfully useful site, been perusing its pages for a while now. I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some help with a seemingly unusual problem. My 2005 2.0L 16v Megane II (F4R engine) is making an odd hissing/blowing noise similar to a very...
  4. Clio II K4M 100% Engine Load and high LTFT

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this helpful forum and I hope someone can bring some light on an issue that's been troubling me for some time. I own a Clio II 2003 K4M, engine with around 109.000 miles that runs on petrol. In the last two years fuel consumption has dropped some...
  5. N/S side load door leaking rainwater at top of Renault Master '08 LWB HR

    Hi, I recently bought a Renault Master '08 LWB HR and when closed the side load door is closed it isn't sealing against the rubber edging at the top or the front, so a lot of rainwater is getting in. The door looks ever so slightly bent at the top front and I'm wondering whether that is pushing...
  6. Load

    Jokes & funny stuff
    When i got in from work my wife got down on her knees in front of me and started tugging my trousers. “Give me your load baby, I beg you to give me your hot dirty load”, she said impatiently. Well with that I stripped myself naked and threw my clothes into a pile on the kitchen floor and...
  7. Load area accessory socket Trafic 1.6 2017

    Hi I have a Trafic 2017 1.6 sport nav and all i wish to do is enable the accesory socket in the load area. I have found the 2 wires and plug behind the vent type panels on the rear door pillar but they have no power. I looked at the fuse chart in the hand book and assumed that the use must be...
  8. 2010 Megane 1.5dci shudder/hesitating under load

    Morning peeps, I have found a few threads related to this but no real answers (forgive me if I haven't looked hard enough). I have a problem with a 1.5DCI that is getting worse and sometimes near un drivable. It happens mostly once the engine has warmed up, occasionally from cold and the...
  9. Engine load resetting PID04

    Hi I have a technical question and would appreciate if an expert can guide me on this, I have a Megane with K4M 700 and due to an botched job by an electrician (long story) calculated engine load PID $04 is stuck on 100% all the time and causing mayhem to short and long fuel trims. I gave up on...
  10. Alternative brake load sensing valve

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello i am searching for an alternative brake load sensing valve that will fit an 1992 Renault Trafic Elddis motor home What other make would fit that thanks
  11. "Check Injection" under load

    This is my first diesel Megane, and I am still learning about it. I bought it a month ago and each morning it takes maybe 8 seconds from pressing the start button to turning the engine over, then starts almost immediately, runs evenly,ticks over well, and no initial problems. This delay in...
  12. Renault Master Load Space replacement LED unit

    Hi A tradesman friend of mine was asking if I knew where he could get some fix for his LED lights in the high roof LWB Master he recently bought. It has two large LED units fitted in the load space. Each unit has two strips of LED lights inside, on one unit theres the odd flicker and on the...
  13. Master cutting out under load

    Hi Guy's, I wonder if anyone has had this problem. I have a 2001 2.2 master ex ambulance (camper convert). The problem i am having with it is the engine cuts out under a certain amount of load. To rectify this I quickly turn key back 1 click and on again and it immediatly restarts and goes. It...
  14. Renault Scenic Mk1 2.0L Juddering Under Load

    Had my Scenic (04 build plate but Mark 1) 2.0L since new. Just after a service it has now started this business of juddering under any sort of load. It's most noticeable when you try to put your foot down but also does it when you cruise up to the lights and then depress the clutch pedal. I...
  15. Brake load sensing valve. **Fixed**

    Hi Just after some advice on a clio having trouble with rear brakes. Fail mot on brake load sensing valve seized, and rear parking brake recording little or no effort on both rears. Are these connected as i thought the handbrake is cable operated and wouldn't use the sensing valve? I thought...
  16. Max load question in boot - Megane Coupe 3

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Need to move some Kitchen Floor tiles in my Coupe and now that they're in the car I'm wondering if I'm over the limit. I've the back-seat down and have 17 boxes of tiles and 4 bags of grout in the back of the car. Altogether I've about 480 kg and the car is obviously noticeably...
  17. Laguna 1 (1.8) high idle and hesitance under load

    Hi all. Just picked up a Laguna estate (this will be my fifth Laguna) and noted that it's ticking over at around 1300rpm. Also found it quite hesitant, when acclerating hard - initally only at 60mph plus - if throttle applied slowly/gradually, this wasn't an issue. Same again, when pulling...
  18. tyre load rating on laguna mk3

    Wheels & tyres
    hi guys i currently have 215/50/17 91w tyres onn my car one needs replaced. i bought this car with these tyres on the car. the sticker on the door states 215/50/17 95w am i correct in saying these tyres should not be on the car? should this have failed an mot with these fitted?
  19. Clio 1.5dci smoke under load

    Hi all, Got a smokey issue. I have a Clio 1.5dci 65bhp 2002 I've had a white smoke issue for a few months now, I have taken it to a garage 3 weeks ago and got the turbo changed. The smoke continued and then got less over the next week. When the car is cold there is next to no smoke but when...
  20. Kangoo Roof Load

    Hi, What is the maximum load I can carry on my Kangoo's roof rack before it falls in? My roof rack is by Hardcastle. See here: They specify 60kg as the maximum. I'm transporting a number of wooden posts about...