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  1. Electronics
    OK folks. This is almost better suited to the 'Jokes and Funny Stuff' forum. But, seriously... Where the hell is the battery on the Renault Master II? It's not under the bonnet [or, if it is, it's bloody well hidden] and it's not lurking under the seats. And, obviously it's not in the rear...
  2. Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, Recently getting in my laguna to find it smelling like a wet dog, and rear footwells have water sitting in them. There appears to be more in the passenger side rear, and the front footwells aren't wet at all. I can remove the foot mats from the rear, and hold them up and it drips on...
  3. Engines
    Could you please guide me to reach to Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3 location? attached engine photo..
  4. Engines
    Hi, I'm trying to locate the tdc sensor on my clio 2006 1.4 petrol, I have taken out the battery and air vent system I can see the gearbox and back off motor but I can't see the tdc sensor anywhere! Please help if you have photos and guidance would be great!
  5. Electronics
    Hello there Can anyone tell me where to find the gps aerial / sensor on my 2010 Grand Scenic ? I think it might have a problem as the Tom Tom keeps thinking its in a different location then it finds itself and works ok for a while. Can be OK for a while or go wrong for days, say a couple of...
  6. Heating & cooling
    Can anyone tell me where the cabin filter is located on a right hand drive Kadjar? Just want to know if it's reasonably accessible (as opposed to behind the clutch pedal on the Megane!). Thanks.
  7. Electronics
    Please who knows the location of the glow plug relay for Renault grand scenic 1.5dci auto 2011?
  8. Engines
    hi, i have the '07 clio mk3 1.6L k4m auto and i noticed that the air intake pipe doesn't connect to anything from below. after search on google i realized that it supposed to connect to the air resonator but i couldn't find its location. can someone tell me where it located? thanks
  9. Electronics
    Hi guys, hoping for a little bit help, I've had an engine management light on for a number of years now (since I bought the vehicle), it's never been an issue (I was told it was a wiring fault) but what with the new MOT rules I need to get it off. A couple of years ago I had a diagnostics guy...
  10. Engines
    Hi All, I am new to the forum have spent some time searching but i still cant find my TDC Sensor on my 1.5 DCI Clio Van. Ive seen serveral picures and videos suggesting its near the bell housing. Ive stripped out my battery ECU and still cant find it. Is anyone able to advise from my...
  11. Electronics
    I***8217;ve been having the usual airbag warning light issue, it used to go on then off, now it just stays on. I changed the seats for better condition ones, and soldered the plugs under the seats. This leads me to think the issue must be with the ECU ( either faulty of dirty connections? Or the...
  12. Engines
    Hi, Can anybody tell me precisely where the TDC sensor is on the Clio 2 1.2 16v DF4 engine? I can see from various posts what the sensor looks like, how it fits and where it should be, but i`m blowed if I can find it ! It could be that most of the post descriptions are refering to the older...
  13. Electronics
    Hi Folks, I have a 2015 1.6 traffic and the factory fitted reverse sensors are quite often in fault. Typically as soon as you start the engine you get a constant beep and a message to check parking sensors. The issue appeared about a year ago while it was under warranty and was fixed under...
  14. Heating & cooling
    So just doing my first service and I***8217;ve run into a problem. Can seem to find the answer on the web. Changing the cabin/pollen filter. So looked in the usual places below the windscreen on the near side and under the glove box. Can***8217;t seem to see anything obvious. Watching the...
  15. Engines
    Looks like my car eating too much oil and some small leaks in engine. Based on internet search, lot of people suggested to clean or replace PCV Valve. I looking for PCV Valve location for my car Vehicle: Renault Laguna 3 1.5 dCi 110 BHP Royale Authentique CDi Engine: 1461 Diesel 78KW (K9K...
  16. Engines
    Can anyone please help me locate the glow plugs in my 2003 Renault Master MkII Box 2.2dCi (2188cc) (engine code G9T 722)?
  17. Engines
    Trying to locate "Fuel Temp Sensor" on 2014 Renault trafic 1.6 (MK3). Engine is R9M408. Had some performance and engine noise but no fault codes. Found an issue with fuel temp by accident. Always reading 60-79degC. Was running some cylinder diagnostics with Launch X431 pro and it couldnt...
  18. Engines
    Hello, I have a 2007 Renault Trafic van. When the van is idling everything is fine. When I drive the van everything is fine, temperature gauge is half way as normal but every couple seconds the STOP light and the red engine management light comes on flashes off and repeats. Flickering. To me it...
1-18 of 500 Results