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  1. Electronics
    Hi, I have a 2012 BZ0U Megane III Hatchback. The lock mechanism on the driver door (front right, OSF) isn't functioning properly, and can only be opened from the inside when the car is locked. (A problem that I've found out is very common.) I want to find a second hand part online and replace it...
  2. Electronics
    Is there a way of resetting the locking system on my Mk 3 1.9 dci Scenic as the drivers door is not locking every time either with key fob or hands free operation, sometimes can only release by opening passenger door and open drivers door manually. Have tried to reset by pressing Central...
  3. Engines
    So our Megane threw an odd one today. 1.5 dci 2010 Got in it after work, pressed start and the engine turned over after a quick glow but didn't start. It turned over for the usual amount of time it takes to start then just stopped Pressed start again but got nothing. Tried pressing brake pedal...
  4. Bodywork
    Hi guys I had to jump start my car today...not sure why but its starting now... however I can't lock the bonnet. It closes and holds on the safety catch but does not lock down. Any one here able to point me in the direction of a clue? I can see the rubber safty thing but not a catch to hold...
  5. Electronics
    Does the Renault Clio 2008 auto lock after a while? I have lost my keys and believe I may have left them in the boot when getting my shopping out, shut it without realising and only noticed a couple of days later. But is this possible, would my car lock itself if left for a period of time?
  6. Electronics
    Over the last few days I have found the driver's side front door does not always unlock. I do not use the keyless system, I lock it with the button and unlock it with the button on the key card. It usually unlocks on the second attempt. I did some searching and found the part number for the...
  7. Electronics
    Hi all, My 2013 Megane 3 stopped working a few days ago, big red STOP light on the dash and warning coming up that steering may lock. Having tested a few things (keycard, etc) garage has come back to me and said its the ESL module that's had it and its a dealer only part. He's contacted Reno...
  8. Ask the Experts
    Hi have Renault scenic 57 Can not find how to put on child lock so car can not be opened from inside. The car does not have electric windows at the back.
  9. Electronics
    I've just bought a 2015 (65 plate) Megane 110Dci Expression Sport Tourer. Trying to work out if if has auto locking or not. There are sensors behind every door handle, but it will only lock or unlock with the key card. There are no buttons on the handles. Was also wondering if it has auto...
  10. Transmissions
    Kangoo ML19P105 + auto 2009 petrol. Gearbox DPO106 M000871, having an issue as gearbox light keeps coming on, next to the shifter is a motor or solenoid which gets stuck and press break pedal light clicking on and off gets stuck.
  11. Ask the Experts
    Hi I’m wondering if anyone has any tips and advice for replacing a 2014 Scenic 3 drivers door lock actuator? I’ve removed the interior door panel, is it easy to unclip the cable from the interior door handle? Also, do I have to cut through the white foam panel that is bonded to the door to...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a 14 plate Renault megane.i put the key card in the ignition and it comes up with message turn steering wheel an press start I have to pull the steering wheel with force an press start button a number of times to get it to start, does anyone know a solution to this , possibly fuse ??
  13. Steering and Suspension
    Grand espace 2.0 DCi 2008 - after removing key card, nothing happens until around 10 seconds later after which a click is heard in steering column, dash immobilser light comes on, radio goes off etc but the steering wheel can still be turned.
  14. Interiors
    Hi All, hoping someone can help here. The tailgate lock has broken (apparently quite a common problem on these) a piece of black plastic has broken away and now the tailgate won't lock. And because of that, NONE of the doors lock as it's upset the central locking. I need to remove the interior...
  15. Steering and Suspension
    So, what now? I managed to get the column out and need to transfer the steering lock to the new column, I have a replacement bolt (came with column). Would a screw extractor work? The steering still turn if I apply slight pressure to the lock. Would I be best cutting the Ali around it...
  16. Electronics
    Anyone know how to remove the module and exactly where it is located?
  17. Ask the Experts
    Hi Is it possible to release the boot from inside the car as on a clio mk2 also has anyone changed the boot switch whilst the boot is shut, i've removed three torx fixings from the interior boot panel and its still tight does the boot have to be open for this to be removed. Regards Dan
  18. Electronics
    Picked up my 2015 Scenic Limited Nav yesterday, and having an unusual "for Me" issue. I been driving a scenic for many years now and my last car until yesterday was a 2012 scenic dynamique Tom Tom. and I didn't have this issue on that car. when the car auto locks after I leave everything...
  19. Electronics
    Hi, My OH car has oil leak and other probs (04 Scenic) so yesterday we picked up a 1.6 57 plate Scenic. This has some silly probs that are easily sorted by using the old car as a donor looking back at online MOT advises. As a running time, we picked it up 44 miles from home and drive time was...
  20. Wheels & tyres
    I'm trying to get the security nuts off my car. I managed to get the front 2 off, but can't get the rears off. My key is damaged. It's a type A, if anyone has one I could borrow for a few minutes, please let me know!