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  1. 17 plate Kadjar beeping when locking

    My 17 plate Kadjar makes 2 small beeps when locking, but then once the mirrors have folded in and the car is locked, it makes two long, loud and high pitched beeps. I don't think it's always done this, can anyone help if I can turn this function off so I only get the 2 smaller quieter beeps?
  2. Laguna 3 Central Locking screach

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been mentioned before but couldn't find it in the search. When I lock the doors there is a high pitch noise for 1-2 minutes, whcich can't be normal. I have read up and checked the bonnet is shut and that the contacts are clean and wiped the boot latch that was covered...
  3. H45 Koleos Central Locking issue

    Hi all, New member so excuse me if I'm a bit raw... :grin2: My wife's car is a H45 Koleos 2.5L FWD and the key operated central locking / unlocking is working intermittently. Have tried fresh remote batteries ( in both remotes ) and nothing has changed. I seem to get the best results when the...
  4. Espace IV Central locking - Only drivers door locks

    Just bought a Grand Espace IV 2007 3.0L DCi. I really like it but it has a multitude of issues that I am working through, the most annoyying seeming to be the 'check ignition' and subsequent limp mode that seems to be reasonably common. I am fairly used to researching issues and resolving them...
  5. Traffic side door locking

    Hi anyone please help, I have a Renault traffic 2009 with a side door locking problem, the door will not lock on the central locking all other doors are fine. I thought it was the mechanism so have replaced but still won’t lock, having to use the manual lock catch then enter via the rear door to...
  6. Central locking

    Hi Trying to get some advice my passenger door has decided to stop working cannot open it from the outside but will open from the inside or unless I press the central button inside the car which release all the doors any ideas gratefully received Many thanks Simon P s...
  7. Locking the flywheel

    Hi Firstly , thanks for letting me join the Forum . I am going to help fit a Cambelt n Water pump kit to my Son's 2007 , 1.4 Clio , I have done a few belts in my time , but never worked on Renaults . So I have the Kit ( Sykes VKMC 06020 ) got ( borrowed ) the timing pin and Camshaft locking...
  8. Remote/central locking failure

    Hi all, 2009 Clio 1.2tce Lost my key a month ago and had a locksmith out who wrote and cut a new key. He had issues getting the central locking to work remotely (from the fobs buttons), he said he tried testing the key with a reader and the key was in full working order, sending out the correct...
  9. Doors locking themselves

    Hi all, I have just got a 2005 Scenic and am starting to get to grips with all the bells and whistles. I think the radio needs a fuse (in side the glove box isn't it). I can turn it on but it beeps and turns off after 20 minutes. I believe this is what you would expect if the ignition feed is...
  10. no remote locking no immobiliser light no start

    Hello I'm new to the forum and probably like many found you when searching for a solution to a problem... I've owned my Megane Cabriolet 2003 mk1? 1.6 petrol manual for about 6 weeks. It has low-ish mileage at 58k and a stamped history to 48k, all the books and 2 x remote keys (with the red...
  11. Espace 2010 central locking problem

    Hi, Espace 2010, not all the doors lock/unlock when using the key cards, batteries new, anybody have a solution to this please, reluctant to use Renault dealers due to previous experinces (un related), thanks for any advice.
  12. Central locking issue.

    Hi. I have a Mk phase 1 Clio with a central locking issue. It suddenly stopped working yesterday. It worked to open the car but then wouldn't work to lock the car back up. I've checked the fuses and they are ok, the switch inside the car above the cigarette lighter operates the central locking...
  13. Scenic 2 boot central locking

    Hi This scenic 2 developed the usual boot lock fault last year. Wouldn't open and then wouldn't close. I replaced the lock and now it closes and latches just fine. Ditto with opening. But the boot doesn't lock with central locking. So even if all the doors are locked the boot is still...
  14. Trafic central locking **Fixed**

    Hi I read a post in here from TLRRLT about the fault with central locking. When locking loud bleep and no flashing lights but all doors lock I have same problem checked all door and bonet switches all ok. Not sure how this site works but did try to private message above to see if he rectified...
  15. Lost wheel locking key

    Wheels & tyres
    Greetings, have a flat tyre and we have lost the wheel locking nut. Jacked it up, removed front cover and noticed that there are 3 bolts and one that requires a special key. Any idea how to remove this that won't cost the earth. Cheers
  16. Locking wheelnut bolt.

    Hi folks. I have a locking wheelnut bolt that belonged to my Laguna 2. Sold her for scrap as she was t-boned a couple of weeks ago. It's from a 2003 estate. pictures on my facebook timeline ( )...
  17. Renault Master Sliding Door Central Locking

    Hello Folks, I have a bit of a problem with my master 07 plate. When i try to unlock the doors the sliding door will not unlock on the key fob. But i have tested everything with a multimeter and there is power getting in. I removed the central locking unit and place a small current into it and...
  18. Remote central locking not working Scenic 1

    My megane scenic (2000) sits outside and it recently dropped to -20 degress. Suddenly seconds after i had locked the car using the fob it would not lock again. I tried using the key on the passenger side door and driver side, but driver side lock only turns 360 degrees without anything...
  19. Laguna 3 inconsistent door opening / locking

    Hi I have a Renault Laguna 3 but sometimes when unlocking the door doesn't unlock can be drivers side or passenger side one always opens then sometimes the passenger door doesn't lock very intermittent any ideas ? Thanks Jon
  20. Clio 3 central locking temperamental

    Hi people Having an issue on my partners clio 3, engine is a 1.4 if that has any relevance. The central locking will refuse to work when the front passenger door is closed but will when it is open in a certain position. I confirmed this by disconnecting the door electrically and hey presto...