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  1. Renault master rear door not unlocking

    Hello I have 2 masters with the same issue. All doors will lock on key fob but the rear door won’t unlock even though the rest do. Only way is to use the key. With the back rear door open and pressing lock on the fob, the rear door actually locks when the door is open when it shouldn’t. The...
  2. Espace IV Central locking - Only drivers door locks

    Just bought a Grand Espace IV 2007 3.0L DCi. I really like it but it has a multitude of issues that I am working through, the most annoyying seeming to be the 'check ignition' and subsequent limp mode that seems to be reasonably common. I am fairly used to researching issues and resolving them...
  3. Sliding door locks

    Hi I have a 2010 Renault traffic and the sliding door won***8217;t lock when the fob is pressed once however it locks fine when you press the fob for the second time and deadlock it. The interior light also stays on if turned on so I assume this is all Linked but any ideas where to look first...
  4. Help with mk3 espace 2.0 16v door locks

    Ask the Experts
    Could anyone plz tell me what kind of door locks I have? The key fob has given up the ghost and renault are asking over a 130 quid for a replacement!! I have an aftermarket alarm/central locking system but the instructions (translated Chinese) are awful and without knowing what system I have, I...
  5. Drivers seat belt won't extend it just locks - Renault Modus

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, My other half has a Renault Modus and she was on her way out to a friends this evening, until she got into her car and tried to pull out the drivers seat-belt, only to find that it would not come out! She came back in and asked me to have a look and see if I could get the seat-belt to...
  6. Laguna Estate MkII Boot locks not working

    I tried a search on the site thinking that somebody else must have had a similar problem but without any luck. When I got in the car this morning the central locking appeared to work fine. Started the car and the "Boot Open" light showed on the dash. Initially unable to shut the boot door so...
  7. door locks

    i am having intermittent problems with drivers door not unlocking on scenic music
  8. Security locks

    I have a Clio 09 plate 1.2 engine. When I want to open the passenger side door from the outside I have to press a button on the dashboard first. Also, I have to click a button on my keys every time I want to open the boot. Does anyone know if it is possible to disable this?
  9. Clio Door Locks

    Hi guy's, my rear n/s door lock (Clio mk2 2003 Dci) has seized shut and I need to replace the mechanism. Does anyone know if the door locks on the mk2 and mk3 are interchangeable, ie the same lock? and are other models of Clio fitted with the same locks? Basically, I don't quite know what models...
  10. Door locks

    Hi all. Sorry if this has been brought up before. I have a 2010 laguna TomTom. When I lock the doors using the card, the front ones won't unlock again. Sometimes it take eight or nine attempts before the drivers door will unlock. The rears open fine first time. The passenger one not at all. I've...
  11. Child Locks

    Hi all, New to the site and also new to Renault cars. We have a 2012 Renault Scenic, which is a simply brilliant car, perfect for the whole family and we are delighted with it so far. The spec inside the car is astonishing with pretty much ever gadget possible found within. I have been...
  12. Laguna II central locking locks only 1 door

    Hi, Can anyone help me with solving my problem. When I press the lock button on the remote it locks only the front passenger door, the boot and the fuel cap. The other 3 doors remain unlocked at all times. It is the same when I press the lock button inside the vehicle (centre console) or when...
  13. Espace Locks failed after washing

    hi can anyone help me with my electronic lock on my mk4 espace worked perfectly until I put it through car wash it will open but not lock thanks steve
  14. 2008 Megane II 'Check door locks'

    I recently had a problem where my fuse went on my central locking so I replaced that then after replacing everything works but I have a spanner on my dashboard and a message which displays 'Check door locks' does anyone know how this can be turned off or a fix?
  15. Steering locks

    General Chat
    So today I drove past a BMW X5, complete with a steering lock So my question is is there really any point for these anymore in modern cars, especially a almost brand new bmw? Seems a little silly to bother with them, even more so in a car like that.
  16. Double click on door locks issue

    Only some doors work with the double button press to lock the car. Are they easily fixable?
  17. Passenger door locks when open, MK2 Scenic 1.9 Auto 08

    Hello My Renault Scenic MK2 1.9 dci Auto 08 reg. Keeps locking the front passenger door in the open position, IE when you use the door handle to open the door and get out, then close the door the lock is in the closed position and it just bangs against the door clasp with a bang, this keeps...
  18. modus indicators and door locks slow

    Hi, my modus 1400cc has suddenly developed slow operating indicators and door locks. Has anyone had the same?
  19. clio locks and unlocks itself

    hi i am having a problem with my car its a renault clio 52 reg the problem is that the locks on the car lock and unlock themselves all the time when moving or stationary i have heard that one of the locks could be sticking question is how can i find out if this is the case and if so which lock...
  20. Clio DTI air locks in cooling system

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, Just done the timing belt and waterpump on my clio 2 1.9 DTI. How do I bleed the cooling system as my car has no bleed screws anywhere that I can see. There is none on the thermostat housing, none anywhere that I can see on the heater matrix hoses, none that I can feel on any of the...