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  1. how long does it take for the ECU to be cleared?

    hi - just wondering how long does it take for an ECU on a mk4 clio 1.2 16v to erase its memory after battery disconnection so it can start 'learning' again ? - an hour? two hours? ... overnight? .... never unless you put it on a machine? Thanks.
  2. Collapse of Rover / The long goodbye

  3. Grand Espace 3.5L Petrol 7 Seater. Rare Configuration. **SOLD**

    For sale
    This car has been up for sale for a while now and have had little interest. This is a VERY RARE car as there are only 24 in the UK with this engine configuration last time i checked. It is the same engine that is in a version of the Nissan skyline and the Nissan Z350. The insides have been...
  4. Grand Scenic 1.6 2004 - Long list of issues

    Right, I've been fixing the little issues but need to figure out if its just worth scrapping now. The dephaser/cambelt needs changing, but before I do it I want to make sure it will fix the problems I have. Here they are: Poor performance Poor MPG(20-21) Terrible starting(4-5 times, TB has...
  5. Laguna 1 1.6L petrol engine won't start after a long drive and a short brake.

    Hi guys, I experienced something new with my car. After a 2 hours drive I stopped for a 5 minute brake. Then a wanted to continue my trip but the engine won't start. It was turning but it won't start. I had to wait 20 min and then I managed to start it. I had my elm one scanner with me and Al...
  6. Parking on Steep Hill for long time

    Wheels & tyres
    My driveway is rather steep, I need to leave my car on the driveway for about 36 days. I have wheel chocks. But question is, whats the best precautions to take while leaving it parked on steep drive? Shall I park it with the front of the car facing downhill (as in the car rolls forward) or shall...
  7. How long does it take to change a fuse on a front right-hand fog light on Modus

    Dear friends, Does anyone know anything about cause of fog-lights not working on a Renault Modus 2005? Could be fuse or wiring; I've tested the bulbs and they are not defective; they are not the only lights not functioning perfectly; rear ones as well are only half on. Best wishes, Forum...
  8. Any advice on cleaning a throttle body and how long a gone cat lasts

    Hi guys from my previous post,I posted a update....... I had a diagnostic done. If anyone could give me any advice/tips/tricks on cleaning a throttle body on a Renault Megane mkIII 1.6 petrol vvt dynamique Anything would be great. Also if my cat and I think he said (lamber sensor on cat)...
  9. Renault trafic long brake pedal travel

    Hi all. New here so hope this is in the right place. I've just bought a Renault trafic 2.0dci 2012. The brakes aren't much good on it at all. The brake pedal travel is a lot before anything happens, and when it does start to brake it's poor. Almost as if the pedal has been adjusted to sit a...
  10. Long pedal travel

    Hey, another quickie. The wife's modus, I drive a Mondeo. Were using her car more so now (mad not to at 65mpg) and I cant help feeling the pedal goes a long way. Doesn't pump up, new shoes in the rear on good drums, no leaks. When you do get to the brake pedal it is firm and feels good. Its...
  11. Urgent : Acceleration Problem (Long Term Issue, Not Resolved) Megane MKII Petrol

    I've spoken about this before on a previous thread. I apologise if some deem this thread unnecessary, but I'm at a loss and in need of support from the dedicated members of the Renault Forum. Issue: When I accelerate, the car slightly judders. The rate of acceleration is poor during the judder...
  12. long term fuel trim 2.0 turbo

    Hi, Few day ago I discovered that my long term fuel trim is way off. It has been at -19.5% and does not seem to change . In addition , my short tem fuel trim is fluctuating between 25 and -25 %.So im not sure where to start ? The car drives fine with no error codes though its just really...
  13. Modus - long term battery charging

    Hi - hope someone will be able to help. My sister has a Modus 1.6 petrol but has to go away for long periods of time and so the battery often becomes depleted. As the car is outside when she is away it is not easy to leave a mains operated charger connected to the car for float charging although...
  14. Long time Renault Customer, first time poster.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    So me and my family have been big Renault fans for years. My dad started with a 21 and has moved on to the Laguna and did own a Koleos until last Wednesday. I have owned a few clios and meganes in the past, my mother drives a clio but not sure for how much longer. I joined today as I...
  15. Megane losing power going up steep climbs on long journeys

    My 2008 Renault Megane loses power going up steep hills ... this ONLY happens on LONG journeys about 4 hours into the journey and when there are steep climbs. I generally have to pull over, turn the car off, wait a while then it starts ok again, but problem keeps on reoccurring down the track...
  16. Please Help 6mm Socket to take sump out not long enough..

    Hello Have a Scenic Grand 2004 *was on english plates, now on Irish. Can take out all the bolts except the last one. The 6mm socket (1/2 inch) isn't long enough... Can't get one anywhere.... Can something else be used, or where is best place to get one... Thank you Sam :|
  17. How long should a battery last

    There is quite a lot of discussion here relating to battery problems, usually when the battery is already seven or eight years old. So.... I would be interested to learn..... how long should a car battery last. I have owned around 20 cars, some new, some old, but I have never had a battery last...
  18. Thank You Goes A Long Way..

    Ask the Experts
    I have noticed more and more Threads popping up with the questions they need help with.. If a member can take the time to write a Thread regarding a problem they need help with then surely you can take the extra 5 or 6 seconds it takes to write Thank You at the end.. You have to remember the...
  19. How long can Renault Espace be left standing before issues arise?

    I have come away for two weeks and worrying about the car dying on me From experience ( Espace owners ) when does it become a worry ? I haven't driven the car in 11 days but idled the engine for 15 minutes a couple days ago and it had no issues starting up at all I've started a new job and...
  20. 2006 scenic 1.5 DCI long cranking before starting

    Hi all been a long time since I've been on here but I now have another Renault and yes it has a fault OK here we go its a 2006 06 scenic 1.5 DCI 6 speed manual with 131k on the clock it has good service history Now the problem I have is no matter if the car is cold warm or hot it will crank...