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  1. What is this loose cabel near the battery ( Solved )

    When removing the battery I found this lose "cabel" on my Renault Scenic 1,5 D 2009. Youtube link her Does anyone know what it is? Should it be connected somewhere? Greetings Asle Veien ( Norway )
  2. Can leaving brakefluid filler loose mess up clutch AND cause brake binding ?

    The espace saga of something new messing up every two weeks continues… I feel like I should be paying a subscription to this forum for practical advice now. No sooner did I get the nice new electric handbrake fitted than the acceleration felt very restricted..but more like on the drivetrain...
  3. Loose Pipe?

    Megane II 1.5dci estate I've noticed that there's a loose pipe flapping about in the wind on my megane. It's a plastic pipe approx 5mm bore with a push-fit connector on one end. The pipe is clipped onto the underside of the block and appears to run up the front of the engine past the starter...
  4. Steering rack bolts starting to become loose on old mk2 clios

    Steering and Suspension
    Had a weird clunk/bang sound for some time now and i recently installed new struts both sides with strut bearings rubbers wheel bearing strut springs (lowered variety) new brake slider pins brake pads and kit. new anti roll bar links and inner rubbers new rod ends the hole lot i ended up...
  5. Inspection today, ball joint loose and foglamp blinding

    Steering and Suspension
    So I got inspection done for my car(RENAULT CLIO III 2012) today and have to replace ball joint front left and was wondering if its easier to replace the wishbone or just the ball joint? Is it very hard to replace? Also have to fix my foglamps as they are blending, how would I go on about...
  6. 2013 Scenic: Loose wiring under passenger seat

    Hi, Picked up my 'new' 2013 Scenic XMod yesterday and it's great. But I just noticed when sitting on the back seat what looks like a wiring loom sticking out - under the passenger seat there is a fairly large wiring loom - one side black and one side yellow with large round clips on one side...
  7. Loose wing mirror

    My wing mirror driver side has come loose from the car door car is Clio plate 15, how do you get into the panel of door to tighten this up Thanks
  8. Brown plug behind rear view mirror loose renault megane

    Hi can anyone tell me what the loose brown cable is please? is it for auto dim mirror,
  9. Loose pipe on a Lag2GT M9R - what is it!

    Hi, I've lifted the bonnet today to top up fluids, and noted this pipe was away from a union, I actually thought the car seemed down on power yesterday so think I have "caught" it fairly quickly, I have clipped / pushed it back on, couple of questions though; - what is it, appears to be...
  10. Scenic 2.0 VVT Dynamique 2005 - Loose Sensor

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, please be gentle lol. I have a loose sensor hanging down in the drivers footwell, on a right hand drive car. I have checked the clutch position sensors and they are all in place. The sensor is the one in my fingers in the pic. There are no manuals for my vehicle so your...
  11. Loose clutch on renault clio 03 plate **Fixed**

    Hi, after having problems starting my car we changed the crank sensor and got the car running again yippee but upon trying to go out in it it now seems to have a problem with clutch (not sure if related or not). The clutch pedal is completely loose - has no resistance at all and won't let me...
  12. Scenic III Driver Seat Back Adjuster working loose

    Can't find anything about this online at all, not even on other makes of car, but when I get in, the winder to adjust the seat back moves slightly, over the course of a few days the seat back has moved quite far back and I have to wind it forward again. I suspected something was loose so I...
  13. Loose pipe

    Got a call from the misses earlier saying that she noticed a narrow pipe hanging underneath the engine bay. The car seemed fine to drive so she took it easy and drove it home. I opened it up and tracked the other end back to just behind the dipstick. I've been scouring the workshop manuals for...
  14. Espace loose Plug?

    Morning, Had to put a new bulb in the front drivers side and found this plug hanging about. I contacted the garage and sent a photo, they said its not for your model. But I have a 1998 Espace RXE 2.2DT with 109,000 on the clock, but the terminals are like new in the plug. Other unused plugs and...
  15. Scenic 1.5 dci fusebox wiring loose

    Hi guys, I have a Scenic 1.5dci 04 reg which recently started giving me trouble with the dashboard. I thought it could be the dreaded transistor on the board and was preparing to send it to a repair guy when I thought about checking the fuse box just to make sure. So i open the glove...
  16. Loose oil filter

    Hi all i have a real pain of a problem, the oil filter keeps backing off, when i bought the car in april it had a renault filter fitted which was really tight, i changed it to a mann filter which came loose on two oil changes, so i fitted a bosc filter which backed off, last night i got...
  17. Espace IV 2,2 dci, no power in 1 gear and loose power in uphill on higway

    Hi I am from Norway. Have a 2004 Espace (IV) 2,2 DCi (150 hp. Have been searhing myself and in different workshops since June but still no solution so hopefully someone on the forum has a solution? Fault codes on EGR and sensor for camshaft, these have been changed also diesel and air filter...
  18. Loose Terminal on my Renault 2004 Megane II

    Ever since buying our Renault, had run into a minor problem keeping the negative terminal from loosening due to regular driving/vibration and since so many wires included with the existing avoid problem of loose contact onto the battery and having to try and secure the terminal by...
  19. Loose Steering, Pulling and a Knocking!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Looking for a bit of help if possible. I have a 2009 Clio that has never missed a beat however; I've noticed a gradual decline in my steering. It started with juddering from what felt like the front right at high speed (60+) and now The front wheels seem to be very loose sometimes...
  20. ABS ring loose

    After doing my bottom ball joint, my ABS light has started to come on. On checking, the ABS ring seems a little loose, I can just push it round with my finger. If I try to wedge something underneath, would that likely cure the problem. A big job to take the hub off and put a new ring on? Perhaps...