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  1. Clio loosing coolant a dripping oil

    Hi, (Last week...) My 1998 Clio has been loosing coolant for many months: I check it every 3 months, find the level of the expansion tank close to the minimum and refill it. At the last maintenance intervention I found the liquid well below the minimum and it took more than 1 L, most...
  2. Laguna 2003 Car Not Responding When Pressing Accelerator or Loosing Power

    I've got a Laguna 2003 Privelege LX model. I've been having issue where occasionally the car hesitate to move when you press the accelerator. There are times when it's on a complete stop e.g. waiting on the traffic light, you press on the accelerator and it won't move. Sometimes even if the car...
  3. New turbo, randomly loosing boost

    I have recently had a new turbo fitted to my 2001 clio DCI and in 5th gear it sometimes falls dead at around 2900rpm. it comes back shortly afterwards but can then looses boost later on
  4. Please help. Espace 54 died in flight

    I was driving last night and my vehicle just stopped working First the acceleration went, then the braking and then the steering seized Breakdown came out and tested battery saying all was well - even fitted a new one and the engine wouldn't fire enough to start The bizarre thing about the...
  5. Clio II loosing coolant and wet carpet

    Heating & cooling
    My 2002 Clio II is losing coolant and the driver's side carpet became soaked, which doesn't normally happen due to the leaking sunroof. In heavy rain, water can drip onto the front seats but not soak the carpet. The other day I found the expansion bottle completely empty.
  6. Loosing coolant Laguna 1.9dci

    Heating & cooling
    Hi friends, this is an on going problem what I thought I'd solved but not the case as I had to top up my coolant again today. I've took the engine hood and tray off and got under and over the car checking for a leak. It looks like it's leaking from the coolant pump. It looks a big job removing...
  7. 1.5dci loosing compression

    Hi all I have a 2005 megane throwing up a injection fault at a certain rev range and it wont start unless i spray damp start. I had replaced all 4 injectors with good ones from a 2006 model. When i took the car to a mechanic to have the injectors codes the computer now showing that its loosing...
  8. Scenic loosing power

    I have a Scenic 2. I did engine overhaul. Not cylinder head overhaul. But it keeps on loosing power when I accelerate hard. Tensioner for the accessory Belt seized up, so I also changed it thinking maybe the flow was hard but still doing the same thing. Please someone help
  9. kangoo clutch pedal loosing pressure

    Hi all I`m having trouble with our 1.6 kangoo trekka It seems that when you put very little pressure on the clutch pedal it will not hold pressure and slowly drop to the floor ,but pedal will return when foot is removed Plus sometimes its hard to select gears unless you pump the pedal Fluid...
  10. starting issues and loosing oil

    Please help! I bought a megane 1.6 16v 04 around a month ago, perfect on 2 test drives no unusual sound etc. On drive home car went into limp mode and toxic fume light flashed, garage said misfire on cylinder 4 so coil changed, car was fine. Then starting issues, car make a grinding noise if...
  11. Renault Clio 1.2 2006 loosing aceleration

    Hi everyone I have a Renault Clio campus sport 1.2 16v 2006. It has been a relatively good car but now I'm experiencing problems with it. The first issue is that when I get to 2000-3000 rpms the car will not go any faster even if my accelerator pedal is to the floor, after 5-10 seconds the...
  12. Kangoo 1.5Dci Loosing oil

    Hi All, I have a Kangoo 2006, 1.5dci, I had the turbo replaced about 4 months ago, along with camshaft oil seal, rocker cover gasket also changed. Now she doesnt appear to be very smokey, nor is there any puddle under the van where I park it up, but Its using 3.5L of Oil a day. I'm at the end...
  13. 54 reg Megane II 1.9 dCi rattling and loosing power when warm

    Hi guys! I just have bought a 54 reg Megane II 1.9 dCi 120hp with 140k on the clock a few weeks ago. The car was well looked after by the previous owner regularly serviced and etc. During the first 2 days the car was driving fine. Then I had the oil changed by Kwik Fit ( dont know how related...
  14. Megane Mk1 Phase 2 loosing coolant

    Heating & cooling
    I don't know why but I have to add around a pint each week. The engine starts and runs fine, the temp gauge sits just below the halfway mark, the fan never kicks in and the heater works ok. I have the usual air-lock in the heater matrix with the gurgling water sound but no leaks anywhere that...
  15. Loosing Power

    Hi all, can someone help me please. I have a Scenic 1.9dci on an 04 plate., it has intermittently whilst driving loosing revs and starts slowing down, if I keep my foot on the accelerator it wont recover, if I release the throttle and reapply its OK. Tried looking on the forum for similar...
  16. Loosing Power

    Hi, :d My car has been driving great and I drove from the uk to Germany the last weekend! But yesterday it all started going wrong. I drive a laguna 1.8petrol estate and it seems to be loosing power:confused:, if I keep my foot on the throttle it seems to be ok but soon as I lift it off I...
  17. loosing backend

    Wheels & tyres
    hi all,this as happenened to me 3times now ,when i go round roundabout the backend of my scenic swerves out ,first time i did 2 360% and ended up on the roundabout,,,really crapped my self:eek:other 2 times i managed to keep control ,,,now its happenmened to the wife near morrisons and she now...
  18. Scenic loosing power when cold engine

    Hi, I have recently bought Renault Megane-Scenic 1.6 Petrol, 2005. Engine starts very well, but it loosing its power (when it is cold) in 5-10 seconds and turning off. I have to push accelerator and drive. It is enough to drive 20-30 meters I could stop and this problem looks like gone, till I...
  19. Loosing power when engine warms up

    Hello, I'm a newby, I'm having trouble finding out what's up with my 2003 Scenic 1.5 dci, it all started with a split in the intercooler hose going into my turbo, it lost turbo power, I soon fixed this by way of a bodge job by cutting off the hose & patching it up with a ally tube & jubilee...
  20. renault,scenic,loosing,power,

    Hi I'm hoping you guys may be able to advise, I have a 2L renault scenic year 2000 and in the past week it has randomly just lost all power, the engine light comes on it kinda judders and then regains power again, I know very little about cars but did manage to change the air filter but the...