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  1. Lost my only key!! Clio RipCurl 2007

    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies, as I know there is definitely threads on this already, but I cannot work out how to search for them. When I use the search box in the top right, it just searches Google! I've also had a look at the sticky thread, but there is 101 pages and they are not specific to...
  2. Lost key pad

    My key pad got lost. Unable to open the car door. Unable to open the bonnet. Any manual or mechanical ways of open the bonnet and the door. Any suggestions please.
  3. Lost fixing bolts for roof bars 2016 grand scenic

    Ask the Experts
    I’ve mislaid (lost) the bolts for fixing my roof bars to my 2016 grand scenic. Anyone know where I can obtain replacements. My local Renault garage says I have to buy the whole bar kit
  4. Lost wheel locking key

    Wheels & tyres
    Greetings, have a flat tyre and we have lost the wheel locking nut. Jacked it up, removed front cover and noticed that there are 3 bolts and one that requires a special key. Any idea how to remove this that won't cost the earth. Cheers
  5. Lost a good pal yesterday

    General Chat
    A great friend of mine passed away yesterday and at my age it makes me feel very vulnerable :crying2::frown2: I'm usually very upbeat but at the moment I feel very downbeat:|
  6. Lost power to radio

    Hi I have lost the constant 12v supply to my radio. I have checked the fuse but it only supplies the ACC power Can anyone tell me where it comes from. Is it direct from the battery
  7. laguna 3 lost Sat nav, display, heater, speakers **Fixed**

    hi I have no sat nav display or sound from speakers also have lost heater controls and the display and the heated screen switch not lighting up I did have radio out looking for its aux port and everything was fine before this Could it hopefully be a fuse if so is there one to control all...
  8. Not lost a son but gained a daughter

    General Chat
    Cant stop blubbing at the mo guys cos I have just seen this photo..yesterday they got hitched and we have a new addition to the longer common law but legally doubt its going to cost me car wise..:laugh: My only regret is that I couldnt there to represent the family...
  9. Satnav lost my maps Scenic 5

    Tools & equipment
    I recently updated my European map on my Scenic V with the help of R-Link Store and an R-Link specialist via a telephone call to TomTom Carminat who then put me in touch with the R-Link team. Now I have no " Navigation" as there is a message saying "No Maps" onscreen. They talked me through...
  10. Kangoo 2001 lost key - Renault cant help, can anyone?

    Ask the Experts
    Hello, This is a long shot but i am hoping for some help in the North East. My wife has a 2001 Kangoo van and has lost the only key. I have tried every local auto locksmith i can find and they all say the same thing, "if it was 2003 or newer no problem, but pre 2003 we don't have the...
  11. Lost keycard

    HELP NEEDED I have lost one of my keycards for my Megane MK4. I think i dropped it near my car after locking it. I haven't gone back to where i lost the key in case someone has the key and gets access to my car. I still have my other keycard, but the question i ask is can i get my current...
  12. Grounded again - lost bolt !?

    And so I decided to fit a new thermostat and foolishly I placed the bolts on top of the air filter cover, to go about the job to find I needed a rag to clean out the thermostat housing cover to go and get one out of the back of the car and as I shut the door I heard it to think oh eff, the...
  13. 07 Grand Espace Dyn DCI2.2 Lost locking wheel nut socket

    Hi all, hope you can advise please. continuing to get my vehicle Renault Grand Espace mk4 2007 model mot'd asap. Fixed one problem on here with much help and appreciated. next task is sorting the lost wheelnut locking socket. Have searched everywhere for this with no success. I did locate the...
  14. Megane II lost key card

    Hello, dear Forum. I have lost my Megane II last key card. As a real option I see is changing all set - ecu, uch, steer lock,and key card , but the fact is I dont know which numbers or types should match on ecu uch. As some dealers say, there should match uch's type ( n1/n2 or n3) other dealer...
  15. Megane II Engine Cover S clips lost

    Can someone please help me with this. My 2005 Megane II Engine Cover S clips (2) are lost and there is no way I can secure the cover to the engine. Can someone put me on to a supplier of these please - there are two required. Keith PS Also should have mentioned that the car is a CAB DYN 2.0L Auto
  16. Lost all keys - Renault Megane Mk1 Cabriolet

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Unfortunately I have mislaid all the keys for the above car.. Are Renault the only people who can sort it? Steve.
  17. Clio III screen wash seems to have lost power

    The screen wash on my Clio seems to have lost it's pressure. It now barely meets the bottom of the window, whereas it used to jet right up to the middle of the windows. Makes it impossibly to clean the windows :( Someone suggested putting a pin down the hole to clear it of any debris, however I...
  18. Lost emergency key

    Hi, I have a 08 grand scenic and have 2 key cards and I have managed to lose the emergency keys from both of them, it seems that through use they just become slack and fall out :( Anyway, is it possible to buy replacements for these or do you have to replace the whole key fob? If purchasable...
  19. Stereo has lost its memory

    Hi, I hadn't used my car for around a year, the battery was shot and had to be replaced The stereo will no longer recognise its security code. I have previously used this code so I know it's been ok in the past Any ideas ?
  20. Lost members due to new password

    General Chat
    Is it possible to find out how many actual members we have remaining because of the recent password debacle.