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  1. A lot of white smoke when starting 1.5dci

    So been having troubles with the megane 1.5dci, check injector & stop when depressing the accelerator if you was going to say over take on dual carriage. Eventually completed a back leakage test, after really poor starting over the winter, The test that I used starts with 2 minutes running at...
  2. Grand Espace 3.5 v6 using a lot of oil

    Hello, it's done 67k and I'm putting in a litre every 200 miles! I can't see where it's going. No oil around engine, no blue smoke. I suspect a pcv valve but not sure where it is. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  3. Clio Dci 1.5 2003, stalls a lot intermittently

    good evening everyone Over the last week or two my Clio started to stall randomly, and over that time it has become a lot worse to now unless i give it high rev's it will stall, and even then it will still get lumpy and stall. i have had to stall a few times on me while driving at speed on the...
  4. A lot of warning lights

    Hi all, I have a 2010 clio. 1.2 I music. It's recently been playing up big time, I am getting an intermittent fault coming and going every 30 seconds. I get "braking fault" with a beeping sound and a warning to stop, at the same time my power steering goes off with "check steering" and not long...
  5. Check out this auction lot

    General Chat
    Marussia Formula 1 vehicles available at auction... Might ask if they'll do a straight swap for an Mx5:d
  6. scenic 1.9 dci smoking a lot

    I have a grand scenic a about a year ago the oil warning came on i full it up within a day or so the oil was gone i found that the two breath er was blocked i clear them and and kept a eye on the oil over the last year since i found the blocked pipes the car as been using a lot of oil i...
  7. bad gearchange - replaced a lot running out of ideas

    hello. problem: hard to select gears whilst driving, fine with engine off, reverse nearly impossible. action so far: new clutch, new master/slave/hydraulics, new gear linkage. car: Renault grand espace 2.2dt rxe im all out of ideas if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. I...
  8. '04 Laguna DCi Using a lot of oil - Help!

    Hi all - Not too familiar with the Laguna, but posting on behalf of my Dad who owns a 1.9Dci (2004) and is having some problems. He's had it about 6 months and it's always used about 1l of engine oil over approx 4k miles - Firstly, does this seem reasonable? Over the past couple of weeks it's...
  9. Job lot of spares for a Mk1 Laguna

    For sale
    i got a load of bits some new, some used from my old Laguna 1 (1.8/2.0 F3p/r) 8v engine FULL SET of GAS Shocks and springs (fronts are 35mm hub bracket fitting), (rears are OEM) with MAD Coilover springs. gives high ride height and very firm sporty ride. Starter motor(recon) Alternator...
  10. Not a lot working Laguna 2

    I plugged in a tuning box today and ever since my head lights, side lights and front indicators do not work. Ive unplugged the tuning box and the same issue is still there. The car is a 2002 Laguna 2 dci estate. What have i done???
  11. 2000 Clio 1.2 8v hard to start, dies when you rev it, misfires, the lot :/

    Hello all, I've gone and bought my girlfriend a clio and i think I've picked a really good'un... To start off, its a 2000 Clio 1.2 8v, i bought it with a blown headgasket, it ran fine with the gasket gone. Ive since repaired the head gasket, all seemed to go well, i marked the timing belt to...
  12. gonna need a lot of help!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey all, I've been a renault clio owner for a month and have had a list of things go wrong already, starting to think I've been sold a duff car! So far the accelerator cable has snapped, had to replace the battery, the interior is falling apart in my hands, the air blower has stated on after th...
  13. 2005 Renault Scenic Dci using a LOT of oil!

    Hi guys, Just bought this car and I done a full service the day I got it. In the last 3 days it's lost a litre of oil! There doesn't appear to be any loss of power, and no apparent oil leaks from anywhere. There's no smoke from the exhaust at all. Any ideas? Some good news would be great...
  14. Clio DCI 1.5 using a lot of water

    Like the title says my clio 1.5 dci is using a lot of water, it is a 2002 with 87000 on the clock. Every week or so i am having to fill up the water tank. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or knows a fix. There is no knocking noises or water in with the oil, the car runs perfectly...
  15. using a lot of oil

    I bought a second hand scenic and then checked the oil level it was very low. I filled it up with 20w50 in order to flush it properly before i send it for a service were they wil fill it up with 5w50 full synthetic. I ended up driving two weeks with the oil and it didn't use a drop , after it...
  16. Is �250 a lot for a first service on Renault megane?

    Cars & motoring
    Is £250 a lot for a first service on Renault megane? My brand new Renault megane dynamique has now reached two years old 15,0000 miles and is due a service. Is £250 expensive at my local Renault garage, should I just pay it and go independent once warranty is up? Will other Renault dealers...
  17. Been asked a lot, but is this normal?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hey guys, Now I KNOW this has been asked a lot - and I've gone through the other threads, but I haven't actually found a definitive YES or NO answer! Reet, now I'm not sure if because I spend a lot of time in my car (2000 Megane Coupe 1.6) and I've noticed it more, but whenever I depress the...
  18. laguna dci using lot of diesel

    hi can some one help my 51 plate laguna dci is using a lot of diesel . im getting about 33.5 to the gallon on a run , i know i have got a leaking injector seal would this affect it . hope someone can help.
  19. burning oil and quite a lot of blue smoke

    i have had my renault scenic since april and i have sent it back for them to mend it 3 times :crazy:and they have put a turbo seal on it and egr valve and it has made no difference does anybody know please thanks
  20. car dosnt start and stall a lot

    hi i have laguna2 1.6 petrol 2001.the car can b a right pain 2 start and i belive its the cam sencer. would this b y the car stalls on tickover. thanks 4 your help