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  1. Renault scenic MK1 1.4 16v oily plugs and lots of smoke

    Hi all. Newbie ere So this my first post. I just acquired a 2001 scenic 1.4 16v. The last owner, a mate, had it a year but has been having problems starting it. Battery was tiny so changed it and cleaned the cam sensor. She fired up. Drove her around for a couple days. Last Saturday took her...
  2. service & glow plug lights stay on. loss of power & lots of black smoke

    I have a 2007 trafic 2.0 115dci. it started with lots of black smoke so cleaned egr valve as advised but didn't cure the smoke & now the service & glowplug lights are staying on & loss of power + still lots of black smoke PLEASE HELP:crying2::crying2:
  3. Lots of faults displayed - Parking brake fault

    Hi, I have a renault grand scenic 2011 and will removing the battery cause any problem, because my battery drained last week and i removed the battery to charge it and after that im seeing all these faults: Battery charging fault, Parking brake fault, stop vehicle..ect and sometimes the parking...
  4. Lots of oil in coolant Renault Clio 1.5Dci

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, On a long drive back home (200 miles) I noticed the coolant reservoir steaming and spirting out. I could also hear gurgling sounds in the cooling system. Once I let the engine cool down a fraction I opened the coolant reservoir and a mass of brown oily sludge came pouring out. I...
  5. 2004. 3.0 Diesel. Lots if clues but no answer

    Hi All I have a 2004 Grand Espace 3.0 Diesel. 90K miles. FSH. Just recently several symptoms have surfaced, perhaps connected, perhaps not? Here are the clues, what are my learned readers comments? Clue 1: A strange noise emanating from the passenger foot well area. It sounds...
  6. Renault Master 57 plate using LOTS of oil

    Can anyone suggest why my '57 plate Renault Master is using lots of oil? It is a LM35 DCi 120 and has done 85k miles. It has been converted to be a horsebox, and I have done 7k miles since I bought it 18 months ago. Nearly all of my journeys involve carrying a horse and other items which...
  7. Replaced Blown Turbo still lots of smoke?

    Hi, New to this so please bare with!! I have a 2004 Grand Scenic 1.9dci which ended up blowing a turbo. Stopped driving straight away! Have since stripped all pipework intercooler and cleaned fitted another turbo took it for a test run Had no power and smoked bad!! On looking on here...
  8. Hybrid turbo, recon head lots more

    For sale
    Hybrid turbo, recon head lots more Hey guys decided to cut my losses on a project of mine. Bought car with a snapped cambelt replaced loads of bits turns out the bottom end is goosed! So all new and recon parts have done no miles and only been ran in the garage for 15 mins at the most...
  9. Whitmarsh: McLaren considering 'lots' of drivers for 2014

    Formula 1 news team principal Martin Whitmarsh has refused to comment on speculation that McLaren young driver programme member Kevin Magnussen is being lined up to take Sergio Perez's race seat for next season, insisting several drivers - Perez...
  10. SOS - Megane 2004 Lots of electrical faults need advice please

    Hi Please can anyone help me I have a Megane 2004 it has developed very strange electrical faults I'm not sure if they are all related in someway, but here goes 1. Heater display no longer lights up so unable to use aircon, rear windows heater, heating etc 2. Radio/CD player plays for...
  11. Megane 2 Won't start, lots of warning msgs

    Car won't start, number of different warning messages flash on and off. Airbag light, steering wheel not locked, and also lots of 'hieroglyphic ' type nonsense on the digital display. Result after putting clutch down and pressing start is that it won't catch. Help? Thanks in advance.
  12. Lots of Megane Problems

    I have a 1.4 petrol megane. I've had it for about 6 months and still not sure if I will buy French again. Perhaps my views may change if I can sort the problems and have a month or two of trouble free motoring :d Problem one: Rough idle. You can feel the engine rocking through the car body. So...
  13. Lots of oil around turbo air inlet pipe

    Hi, I've been an investigating an oil leak and I think I've found the cause (see photo) there's loads of oil around the air intake pipe on the turbo but none in the cat. I take it an oil seal has given up the ghost ? Any help much appreciated.
  14. Megane II (04 plate) 1.9dci - Lots of white smoke

    Hi, I experienced what might be termed as a catastrophic failure with my megane yesterday, and keen try and work out where to start I had a low oil warning message come up, intermittent (with and without the service light) on a 50 mile drive. I had topped up with a litre of oil, although it...
  15. lots of oil around injectors 2.2 dci espace

    having my injector washer sorted on thursday but still confused why their is lots of oil around the injectors?
  16. clio lots of carbon under rocker cover

    Just bought a 2004 clio 1.2 16v, the third clio I've owned. No service history and at 80k miles, been putting a cambelt and waterpump on it, changing the plugs etc. Had a search round for this problem but with no luck. The rocker cover gasket was leaking so I removed it to replace the gasket...
  17. Megane 2.0 IDE with lots of smoke

    Hi all, desperately looking for help. I have a Megane 2.0 IDE with a smoke problem. The car will start first turn of the key but immediately blows white smoke from the exhaust. It will run for 5 or 6 minutes and then drop to three cylinders and eventually slow down until it stops. It will...
  18. Megane 2.0 IDE with lots of white smoke

    Hi all, just found this site and need some help
  19. Scenic 2 lots of electrical faults

    Hi, I have a Scenic 2 where the driver door window had the break of the plastic bracket, ok it was brought to the Renault garage fixed and me getting the big bill, anyway, soon after, the passenger window stopped working, tried to get it fixed at a different garage but they only stated that...
  20. 'Once in a lifetime' lots on offer at F1™ charity auction

    Formula 1 news taking an exclusive VIP tour of the Mercedes factory followed by lunch with team principal Ross Brawn? Or playing a round of golf with Caterham's Heikki Kovalainen? Or would you rather have a Hublot Black Magic Classic Fusion watch on...