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  1. Loud buzzing noise from stero

    Hi I have a 65 plate Megane RS, yes lucky me... However sometimes the stereo goes nuts making I high pitch buzzing sound which continues even after engine is turned off and car is locked. Have seen a post from someone with same problem but no solution. Car still under warranty for 3 weeks so any...
  2. Megane mk3 chime distorted / loud

    I've noticed a peculiar problem with my megange. It seems like the chimes (seatbelt, card, indicators) have gotten much louder and even if not, they sound a bit distorted. I've found that people have had issues with no sound and questions were if radio / clock / temperature is working. They are...
  3. Loud vibration/drone on deceleration

    I have a Grand Espace 2008 2.0 Dci Auto - not long after its last full service in Aug-18 I noticed a louder than normal engine(?) sound when slowing down and the auto gear box going from 3-2-1st gear. Its not apparent when over 30 mph but as soon as I slow down and it changes down, the external...
  4. Loud turbo noise

    Ask the Experts
    Morning, Had an issue this morning that seems to have sorted itself out, although im not sure how? when i drove to work my turbo was making way more noise than normal, and i didnt seem to have as much power as normal, i do know there is an issue with the EGR and one of the glow plugs but it has...
  5. Dead car after loud hissing noise and smoke

    Scenic 2 dci 130 .Hi guys,see if you shed any light on this one,on the way home earlier, going up a steep hill,we heard a loud hissing noise, and smoke ,pulled over immediately, and engine stopped.then noticed no electrics working ! Great stuck on a steep hill no handbrake ! (Stupid design )...
  6. While driving loud alarm sounds but no lights come up

    Hardly used very low mileage Clio 1.2. 2015 reg. Left shop car park in heavy rain and suddenly a loud continuous alarm (siren type - I don't have an alarm fitted) sounded. No dashboard lights came up. Sounds ridiculous but someone had put a paper card ad on windscreen under wipers and I wondered...
  7. 2.5Dci 100 Master loud tapping sound

    Hi all... I have a 55 Master 100 Dci 2.5 Turbo diesel which was making a light rattling sound around the 2000rpm mark until yesterday when I got in to drive away and a loud tapping sound was coming from the top end near the front of the engine. Any ideas what it might be? I did think maybe a...
  8. 06 senic auto gearbox loud vibration

    Hi all I have a 06 senic automatic that vibrates when driving. It doesn't do it when in neutral or park only when in gear and moving its that loud I thought the exhaust was blowing at first but it doesn't do it when you rev the engine out of gear . I don't think its the wheels as it can't be...
  9. Clio 2 making loud noise from rear!

    Hiya guys Bought my clio expression 1.5dci home last night after just purchasing it. makes a loud sound which i think is coming from the rear off side its only really noticeable after 20mph and gets louder the faster you drive until you hit about 70mph then quietens dramatically. sound doesn't...
  10. Loud knock when applying brakes at low speeds

    Steering and Suspension
    I am new here so please bare with with me , here go's i have a 02 plate mk1 megane scenic i am at the end of my tether with when i put it into reverse and brake doing up to 15mph i get a one off loud bang it also happens when going forward in traffic when i accelerate off hard at junctions etc...
  11. Very loud banging when going over bumps or the yellow speed bumps when approaching a

    Steering and Suspension
    Please can somebody advise me. I'm a total car novice..when I say that I only know how to put diesel in and check the oil. My 2002 clio 1.5 dci makes a dreadful noise from the drivers side when going over bumps or when you approach a roundabout and have those yellow bumps. It's at its worst when...
  12. loud rattle - very worried! !

    Hi chaps, I have an 03 Scenic 1.6 auto that has been neglected by the previous owner. I have done a full oil and filter change as the car sounded like an old diesel transit!!. This has quietened the engine down but now I can hear a mettalic rattle on drivers side of the engine. The rattle is...
  13. Video of loud running gear noise, please any ideas?

    Hey guys im freaking out that im going to have to change another gearbox. The top gearbox engine mount broke but my brot g er still kept driving the car. Now thered a reall strange noise that im not sure is related or not. I dont think its wheel bearing because breaking/turning doesnt effect it...
  14. clio loud jet noise

    So I bought a clio with a loud (fan or jet) type noise which kicks in at 35 mph continues through the mph not changing in consistency or loudness with clutch in or changing gears or moving up the mph's the clio has had a hit on drivers side door/sill (mid section) door still closes etc so I'm...
  15. Low power + loud noise ***Fixed*** By TheFixer :-)

    I went no more than half a mike today when as I accelerated I heard a kind of a 'pop' followed by sounds as if there was no exhaust system on the car. When I lay off the accelerator the sounds went,engine normal idle. I gave the engine a few revs and the sound comes back. The thing sounds like...
  16. Loud squealing noise when starting

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help advise with this please. About a year ago I noticed a squealing noise after I started the car which I instinctively just thought 'fan belt' so had that and the timing belt and tensioners (was due) replaced around February. Prior to replacing the alternator belt...
  17. 52 Plate Clio dci expression loud rattle heard stopped engine now will not start

    Good afternoon. And it's a cold one at that. Having done a search I did find a thread that was to say the least very helpful and sole destroying all in nine pages. Engine rebuilt at 103,000 miles Bores honed, new rings, new Turbo, new starter motor, new head bolts, no crank work required...
  18. Megane II loud noise from heater blower

    Heating & cooling
    I have just purchased a Megane II and I absolutely love it, however there is 2 faults with the car with one of them being a loud noise coming from what I believe to be the heater motor. I have posted a video on YouTube @ I have removed the pollen...
  19. loud road noise after new bearings

    Hey guys I was recently suffering from a loud rear humming noise that was the rear bearings, those have been changed and it was quiet.... For a week now I have this terrible road noise on certain surface's. Any ideas
  20. Loud bang now runs noisy

    I drive a 1.5 Megan scenic 2005 yesterday while driving a loud bang came from the car now it sounds like a monster truck and the is a really horrid smell from under the hood can anyone help me out thanks lee