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  1. I still love my cc 06 1.5dci

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    I have a half share in a 911,but I love my tatty Megane more. I have owned probably over 100 cars in my old git lifetime,but there is something special about this car,what Renault voodo at work?
  2. I love my Renault Megane.......Help

    Cars & motoring
    Here's the thing.Renault appear to have more problems than you can shake a stick at.Can be difficult to fix etc,........BUT Have bought a Megane 1.5 cc convertible 06 70 000 for £525 with plastic padding. Have owned lots of cars,own a half share in a 911 Carrera,have an old M3,but I love the...
  3. Help me please, for the love of god

    Hi, how are you doing lovely people? I have a bit of an issue with my megane dynamique. It's from 2004 and the gearbox on it broke. I went to a local breaker and he sold me a scenic gearbox saying it would fit on my car. The gearbox fitted perfectly and all the mounts were exactly the same...
  4. love the end of the listing

    General Chat
    i bet you get some that do ask 2005 CITROEN C3 SX SILVER, SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay Ron
  5. Megane door mirror/ cruise problem

    Megane dci 2007 Electric door mirrors not working, cruse control not working no light on dash. :frown2: Any info would make me happy :smile2:
  6. RX4 1.9DCi I love a cheap fix!

    When my RX4's bottom end power faded away I read around and saw all sorts of expensive reasons. I'm pleased to say that the cause was only the second component I checked, the MAP sensor. Others have written about replacing it but I didn't. I removed it and cleaned it inside and out with...
  7. Is it unusual on this forum to LOVE your renault?

    General Chat
    Lots of issues, problems and neg comments on Renault but lets see some love as well!
  8. From Portsmouth with love

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello everyone, I am driving Renault Megane Dynamique, 1.6 vvt. Silver. September 2006. Essentially, looking to help fellow Renault owners, as well as gather some knowledge and skills.:o
  9. Yes I do love Greggs

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Yes I do love Greggs and that's why I no longer fix cars for a living (along with my age). Thanks for letting me join this forum. As a new owner of a 2005 Megane expression 1.5 dci I am sure that i will get lots of much needed knowledge from it
  10. love the rx4,,till you see whats missing underneath??

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    just bought rx4,,lovely car,,till i found prop missing,,,know one to blame but myself,,can anyone point me in right direction,other than beating it up with hammer,?????by the way hello all.
  11. New to Renault - Id love some advice :)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi. I've recently decided to shop in my Seat Ibiza and spotted the megane gt line 1.4 16v petrol. I've never had anything without a VW engine and my friends have advised me against Renault electrics. I was hoping someone can persuade me the car is as good as it looks? Thanks in advance. :)
  12. Please someone help me with my A/C

    Heating & cooling
    I've been having endless problems with my air conditioning because my Renault Clio seems to be very unique to every other clio. I have a Renault Clio 2002 1.5dci Expression + with the radiator/condenser in one and the drier on the far left near the wheel arch not attached at the side. I need the...
  13. Don't you just love wildlife.

    General Chat
    Have spotted bits of stuff in my front door lock recently. A small bee or waspy thing fell out today when I locked up.:eek: It was livin in there free gratis. Not any more it ain't. Noticed some ants lunching on it tonight.:d
  14. Throw a stick for a Dog

  15. Engine will not start Scenic 1.4 petrol

    Hi all, W reg renault scenic 1400 16v I'm new to the site and so far found it to be a big help with my car. I am at the point of setting fire to it as I have rebuilt the head after some muppet mis-timed the cams and bent the valves now I'm stuck with it having no spark... I have changed the...
  16. My first "love" - the Renault 25

    My mottah!
    Hi guys, I am proud to show you my beloved Renault 25 Turbo-DX from 1990. :cool: Been in my family since '90 so I grew-up with it literally. Got it in 2004 and spent the last 8 years restoring it to its full glory (showroom condition). ;) Here are some pics, to start, the latest made. :)...
  17. Newbie in love with my Laguna

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hiya everyone :D Im steve , live in lincs n hate it lol Ive just bought a laguna 1.9dTi , wow i hav fallen in love with her already :D she's fast and economical , talk about havin my cake n eat it :D its lik havin a wife and a lover all in one . Ive been driving my wife's Peugeot 206 1.1 , it is...
  18. Laguna: Ready to love again.....

    Cars & motoring
    Having some time ago contributted to several scathing reviews regarding my now dead Laguna II 1.6 I am back in the market for an afordable stylish and enjoyable familly car. After a series of bad experiences from 2006 to 2008 I promised I would never buy one of these cars again however this one...
  19. I love my car - do you love yours?

    Hi all, Can I just say..... The 1.6VVT engine is amazing! I love it! Yesterday, I was given a 60 plate 1.6 Zafira to drive down to Solihull for work. It had no power whatsoever. Fair enough, the Zafira's a bigger car etc etc...but surely it's not that much heavier? So I looked up the stats...
  20. The Little Things You Love & Hate About Your Car!

    Cars & motoring
    It's sometimes the simple things in life that make you smile... or cry with frustration. What are the small, petty, thoughtful or stupid things on your motor? Mine is as follows: LOVE The fact that the START|STOP button has a special kind of paint/coating on it so the text doesn't wear with...