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  1. Lucky the Cat

    Jokes & funny stuff
    It is well known that cats can escape seeming inevitable death or injury, that they have 9 lives. So you are probably thinking that this is another tale of a lucky cat who survived a great fall or journey via improbably transport...... Nope. But not too sure what else to call him.
  2. lucky the car has gone

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    just spotted this on another forum
  3. Two very lucky horses and riders

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    Two riders decided to go on the wrong bit of beach at the end of out road today sank in to the horses belly with a fast incoming tide, very lucky to get away with it. Dramatic rescue of horses and riders from mud at Knott End | Granada - ITV News
  4. 1/3 time lucky

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    That's the 1/3 time I was rejected googol keyboard god damn American English I have one word "feckoff"" Hablo englas!
  5. Check Parking Brake Warning simple repair if you are lucky

    Hi all if you get the dreaded check parking brake message do not despair as it may be nothing to do with the epb module other than a corrupt signal. This is the story of my experience with a laguna 3 that I bought 4 weeks ago (I had driven Renaults for over 20 years with little in the way of...
  6. lucky old guy.

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    A man is walking thru the park and sees this elderly man sitting on a bench crying. He asks:"whats wrong,can I help?" The man on the bench says:"Im 86 and I married a beautifull 27 year old girl last month.She cleans the house, cooks all my meals and we have great sex 5 times a week." "I dont...
  7. Espace great am I lucky?

    Cars & motoring
    Hey guys. Big thanks to all the help received from here mind you but the Espace soldiers on - 2.2 DCI. Had a new turbo at 75k when I bought it now over 133,000. I run it on fully synthetic oil, service it according to the OBC, keep the EGR valve clean and run it on the motorway a lot at high...
  8. Are we lucky?

  9. lucky US winner turns down holiday

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Today in the USA a young american woman turned down the chance of a free all expenses paid holiday in Europe, The prize was sponsored by a european country hoping to promote cultural exchange. In a statement Miss Knox said: "Im honored to have been selected,but I travelled and had some...
  10. My Brother Was Lucky

    General Chat
    Well it looks like my Brother as been a bit lucky by the looks of it.. He as been having problems with his Brakes and today he got some Recon Callipers and asked if he could use my Garage and if I could show him what to do.. He took the back wheel off and I noticed a mark on it, after...
  11. Lucky or what

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A man goes into a doctor's office feeling a little ill The doctor checks him over and says, 'Sorry, I have some bad news, you have Yellow 24, a really nasty virus. It's called Yellow 24 because it turns your blood yellow and you usually only have 24 hours to live. There's no known cure so...
  12. 3rd time lucky (trying Renault for the first time)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey guys, Well we put a small deposit on a Laguna 2 1.8 Estate, now afterwards I read all sorts of Renault are terrible etc posts all over the internet since deciding to have it, but it seems such a nice car over what we had before. And after buying a VW Golf and Ford Focus which were...
  13. Have An M42 Speeding Fine?.It Might Be Your Lucky Day!

    General Chat
    If anyone on here has received a speeding fine on a section of the M42 it might be worth challenging the fine/points..... What a crazy world we live in....:crazy:
  14. Not so lucky

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    I am terrible when it comes to cars.... Really bad.... Recently I bought a second hand 51 plate Renault Scenic and so far have no end of problems, when I test drove it, it seemed fine... Then trouble started so far the list goes as follows: New front tire, as there was a mound of rubber in it...
  15. Lucky the Cat

    Jokes & funny stuff
    If you are you expecting a heart-wrenching story about a cat that got run over by a truck, lost a leg and dragged himself 100 miles after being bitten by a snake. W R O N G! Meet Lucky.....
  16. Race - seventh time lucky for Hamilton in Canada

    Formula 1 news's Lewis Hamilton became Formula One racing's magnificent seventh winner in the seventh race of the season, after a gripping Canadian race on Sunday. The Englishman was involved in a heady three-way fight with polesitter and early...
  17. lucky

    I don't if anyone knows the M61 junction with the M60. Worst traffic jam in UK early morning My Megane stalled as I slowed down in heavy traffic whilst joining the M60 blocking 2 lanes and upsetting one or two ( reps in company cars I think) Anyone any idea why my car did this. My car is petrol...
  18. McNish Lucky To Escape Huge Le Mans Accident

    Other motorsports news
    Allan McNish walked away from a huge crash near the start of this weekends Le Mans 24 hour race,his car threw debris into a group of photographers but they also escaped serious injury.... The photographers can all count themselves very,very lucky.:eek:
  19. lucky devil....

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  20. How lucky not to have timing belt failure

    I was changing the timing belt on a friends 2001 2.0 Scenic yesterday. The car has done 130,000 miles and according to the service history is on its 2nd timing belt. The last having been changed 60,000 miles ago back in 2004 so it was 2 years overdue on the time service interval. After...