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  1. 2003 kangoo van 1.5dci lumpy idle

    Hi guys new to the forum need some help just picked up a 2003 kangoo van 1.5dci running lumpy at idle fault codes ive got are df116 camshaft sensor circuit no signal which ive change the sensor today and thats staying on not sure were else to look also ive noticed that one of the glow plugs is...
  2. 2003 Clio 1.2 Dynamique lumpy idle and loss of power

    We have a 2003 1.2 petrol Clio Dynamique that has done just over 120k miles. For quite a while now the car has been running rough intermittently, and the engine management light is on. The problems started a few months ago when the limp mode/coil pack light came on alongside the EML, so we...
  3. Megane 2.0 Rattle/tapping and lumpy chuggy idle and revs

    Hi all great forum I've tried looking and can't find a definitive answer. I own a 2002 Mégane phase 1 2.0 16v vvt cabriolet dynamique+ it's done 80.000 and been extremely well looked after by last 2 owners and my self. Today we went for a drive the car was running great. We stopped at some...
  4. No rev counter and running lumpy

    Hi currently have a mk2 clio 2003 1.2 16v the rev counter and temp gauge drop off and it will run quite lumpy unless you keep the revs up. Driving along it will bring the coil light on and keep the car at 2000rpm. Fault codes stored : p0130, p0100 as soon as you turn the car off and on again it...
  5. Nissan Qashqai hesitation and lumpy drive

    Other makes
    My 2008 2.0 litre (petrol, manual gearbox) Qashqai runs very badly and yet various mechanics and even a diagnostic check comes up with nothing. Only 45k and fully serviced. I've changed the plugs, oil, filters again myself just to be sure they were done. It displays a variety of issues...
  6. Idle lumpy until i disconnect this lead. clio 2 1.2 16v

    Hello. Have been having lumpy idling for ages, sounded like a misfire. But today o took off air filter box and underneath was this lead. I presume its for a sensor (one of the o2 sensors on the exhaust maybe?) Anyway after i unplugged it the engine immediately sounded and revved better. Of...
  7. one cylinder not working and lumpy under 2300revs

    So I got a 2004 Megane 1.5dci estate, k9k-724. Engine done around 65000miles, clouds of smoke rattle from engine (not hideous) and lack of power, shudders under 2300 revs in any gear and ticks over lumpy, pulled the power leads of injectors one by one (actually runs on 2 cylinders (Shocked at...
  8. Clio 1.2 8v lumpy idle

    Hi! My 1.2 8v D7F746 has a rough idle, no matter it's hot or cold. I recently changed the intake manifold gaskest, I bought a new throttle body, changed oil and all the filters, new clutch kit, rocker cover cleaned and has new gasket also, but idle is still lumpy as you can see in the video. I...
  9. Megane 2006 1.5dci 86 bhp lumpy start

    Hello all, I currently own a 2006 Megane 1.5dci with 75000miles On the runs fine ,but starts roughly hot or cold.The way I can best explain it as if it starts on 2 cylinders whilst the starter keeps going until it starts fully and no effect if you press the accelerator then...
  10. Lumpy Idle & Hesitation

    Hi everyone I'm new to all of this so please be gentle I recently purchased a Megane 2001 1.6 16v petrol it as a lumpy idle and hesitates on moving the throttle pedal the first inch this happens on acceleration in every gear once the pedal as moved past the approximate inch it .clears and the...
  11. lumpy tickover when pointing uphill

    I have a 2003 Renault Megane Expression 16v 1390 cc. When the car is stationary on a hill pointing up the hill, the tickover becomes very lumpy, so lumpy that the engine appears to be about to cut out completely, but it does not. When the car is on the level or facing downhill the tickover is...
  12. excessive oil use and lumpy idle

    Help please My 2053 Kangoo 1.5dci 70+ van is at idle speed when cold is lumpy/ not smooth until it reaches full operating temperature then it idles ok. The van is also using lots of oil but there are no leaks. I do a lot of motorway driving and it drives and pulls superbly other than the...
  13. lumpy tickover

    car starts fine but idles roughly, pulls through the gears easily, but now shudders in higher gears, only happened yesterday, any ideas, its not coils ,theyre ok
  14. Renault clio engine warning light illuminated and lumpy revs

    My clio had a spluttering exhaust 1.4 2007 dynamique I have changed various parts by process of elimination from looking on forums for similar problems. My clio has a small oil leak from the rocket cover however this was present before the problem so I don't think it will be this however I...
  15. first start runs fine second start runs lumpy

    hi my 2001 665 kangoo 19d starts from cold and runs great but if you switch of and restart it runs lumpy at low revs nearly undrivable but i have let it run all day and it is fine but stop and restart the same lumpy so its not a warm up thing any help would be great.... muz
  16. Lumpy Idle / Missfiring

    History -Engine started missfiring -Engine light started flashing -Fitted new plugs - still missfiring -#4 plug running rich -I checked all the injector resistance 1,2 and 3 all the same, #4 different -Reconnected all injectors -Idle still rough but missfire gone -Kept checking #4 plug- still...
  17. Kangoo 2002 1.9d 665. White smoke, running lumpy.

    Hello Folks, I've had a look thru similar threads and some of my vans symptoms have come up, but there are a couple of differences overall. I am just wondering what to check next: Began about 1 week ago, the van started but ran lumpy with plenty of white smoke coming from the exhaust; runs...
  18. Mk1 scenic 1.4 petrol lumpy idle and no power

    Hi guys, probably been done to death this thread, but searching here and Google is proving fruitless. I bought a 1.4 petrol scenic a few weeks back and the cars great , starts stops and goes well. Now it starts from cold no problem but when you pull Away and get into 2nd/3rd there's a...
  19. scenic 2 lumpy on tickover when cold any ideas?

    Hi I have a 2003 1.5 dci scenic 2 every morning I start it it starts first time every time but does run a little lumpy like its missing but when it warms up its fine and I am still getting over 50 MPG round town. so I looked under the bonnet and saw air in the fuel lines up by the primer and in...
  20. My Clio has gone lumpy. Drives ok but not firing on all cylinders

    Hi my Clio has suddenly gone lumpy. Oil is bright and shinny. Water is ok.