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  1. Renault Trafic issues (sorry but it really is driving me mad)

    Hi guys! I'm new to the forum but have been watching in the background for a while. I have recently bought a 55 plate Renault trafic 1.9 dci100. I'm sorry to post this up straight away asking for help but I'm stumped!! So...... the van started having starting issues, had to turn it over to get...
  2. clio 172 central locking gone MAD!!!!!!

    hi guys my central locking is gooing mad locking and unlocking and now has produced another problem where it just constantly beeps all the time whilst driving if any one could help it would be much appreciated
  3. issue with cd player, driving me mad!!

    I have a Renault Grand Espace 2.2 model is "The Race". It's a '52 plate and has a multi changer in the boot.... Pioneer I think. Months ago it suddenly stopped playing cds, error messages on the dash and wouldn't recognise it was even there, like it was getting no power. There is power to the...
  4. 1.9 dci engine went mad!

    Apologies that this is my first post but I'm at my wits end with this car: Laguna 2 1.9dci estate 115k cruise control On the way home from the lakes on the M6 travelling at 70mph, no problems. All of a sudden the wife (driving) said something is not right and we see smoke coming out of the...
  5. Mad Cow Alert

    General Chat
    Am doing this to raise funds to cover operating costs for the non-profit partnership I helped to set up recently: Email address is incorrect, please PM me for the correct one if you would like to support me. Links to our website and Facebook page can also be supplied. Karen xx
  6. What's made you grumpy today.

    General Chat
    Dont know if its been done on here but its on other forums I have been on..the idea is to tell us why your having a grump day /day from hell or just generally down in the dumps we then can diagnose if you need help or just locking away.. :devil: I will start..just got blocked by a facebook...
  7. Please help! Car has gone mad

    So all of a sudden my megane has decided to take on a mind of its own. When I attempt to start the car the dash lights all go out, a message saying "Electric fault" appears and then the dash board all light up again. The window wiper also starts moving very, very slowly when I try to start the...
  8. Mad john williams here

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all pleased to meet you all on this forum love my Renault it is my baby but very sick at the moment.
  9. Clio tracking adjustment (am I going mad?)

    Steering and Suspension
    Can someone please put my mind straight. Let me start by saying I have a very good knowledge of chassis geometry adjustment and my 205 has rose jointed wishbones and ast adjustable top mounts so is fully adjustable for toe camber and caster. Cutting to the chase, I have now had three tyre...
  10. Megane -05 electronics going mad

    My Renault Megane seems to be developing a life of it's own. At first it was the window on passenger side front that stopped working, then the brake lights now the back left door and window. Is there anything that can be done about this because it's clearly electronics that's at fault...
  11. mad sale on genuine renault parts

    Finishline UK Ltd
    We are holding a mad sale on original renault parts ONCE THEY HAVE GONE THEY HAVE GONE parts and prices ill follow on!
  12. Bluetooth problems driving me mad! Plays music but can't connect for calls!

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all Avid reader of this wonderful forum, and have used it to fix many a problem myself in the past (whilst gloating to everyone i know about how clever i am!) however, i've searched here and google for an answer to my current problem - as usual, electrical - to no avail! Basically, last...
  13. 04 Megane wind screen wipers gone mad!!

    Hi, Newbie to this so take it easy on me... :d Only had the car less than a week and when it rained yesterday, when I turned the wipers on to the 1st mode (the wipe & stop one) it done 2 wipes then started to get faster (mode 2 constant wipes) then went straight to the fast mode with out me...
  14. convertable mad

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    like megane convertables & football
  15. It's going mad

    Sooo... Yesterday, my car decided to illuminate the headlight symbol on the dash, even when the headlights aren't on. I was having a debate with myself as to whether the UCH thinks the headlights are on - the headlight washers certainly are, but OTOH the dash backlighting isn't coming on... So...
  16. Espace 4 heater humming like mad of full blow!

    Heating & cooling
    As above,, lower speeds seem ok, air directors seem ok, temps too, however full fan with any air direction the heater sounds like a huge humming modern jet engine (if you know the type, a high bypass one). Also, had a lag2 where heater hummed on blow 4, and to a lesser extent on 3. If you...
  17. Clio door seal driving me mad

    Hi all hope all ok? ive been searching around for the last week trying to find a new seal for the clio drivers door!! evrybody i talk to doesnt no where to get them from or hasnt got a clue what im talking about!!!! :crazy:. When i say seal i mean the the seal that the glass slides up in to and...
  18. Car going mad !!

    :crazy:Just gone out to my car, LagunaII 2.2DCI. Unlocked with the keycard and the car just started trying to start itself. Constantly turning over, wipers going, think that is because the arm is in engaged position, and the alarm is going. Disconnected the battery for now, but the alarm is...
  19. Megane gone mad !!!! HELP

    :confused:I am in panic mode at the minute as my wifes chosen car, the 37,000 miles coupe automatic 2 litre VVT petrol Priviledge megane has gone from her dream car to a nightmare. She loves it but we now have twin baby girls, Ok they seem to fit in the small back seat in their little carseats...
  20. rapid click and dash goes mad on attempting start

    Hi, I have a 1.9dci megane on a 53 plate. I went to start the car today and noticed the indicators didnt flash when i unlocked using the key card. I put the fob i the slot and pressed start button. The car just started clicking and all of the dash display went mad flashing on and off. I pressed...