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  1. HO2S 2,bank 1, heater control circuit malfunction

    hello, I'm new here, so I hope some one can help, I own a ren megane privilege+mk1 2002 1.6 16v cabriolet, I have replaced the 2 lambda sensors , also a new idle control valve, cleaned out the throttle housing, so I plugged in my code reader and this came up, p0141, ( HO2S) 2, bank 1, heater...
  2. megane convertible window malfunction

    Hi have a 2004 megane convertible with the passenger front window working in reverse to the other windows also going up and down in short bursts ..have tryed the the resetting methods described on other related posts with no success ..does any body have any clues? Many thanks
  3. Mil light malfunction.

    Hi everyone, Can someone shed some light as I question the ECU? Should the MIL light come on with the ignition number II before starting? Mine doesn't. It;s never had codes and when I pull the injection relay, and sensor plugs out to make it stall it still has no fault codes. IS this correct and...
  4. Clio Mk2 Fuel line clip malfunction

    Hello folks My 2003 1.2 16v clio wouldn't start a few days ago and there was a very strong stench of petrol. I lifted the inspection hatch to have a look at the fuel tank connector, only to discover it has become detached. I reattached it then mopped up a small puddle of petrol. everything was...
  5. Computer Malfunction laguna lll 1.5 dci

    Please help me, im new to this so bear with me. A warning came up on my display today saying BRAKE SYSTEM FAILURE, when had the car plugged into a comuter is says nothing wrong with brake/abs but that there is a computer malfunction. Have been told that due to the cold weather the connections...
  6. Glow Plug Heater Indicator Circuit Malfunction

    Hi all, Since I bought my 2006 Megane 1.5dci in May, I had no faults until now, after two in 3 months warranty period. It went in for battery charging light flashing on and off, and the local Independent garage cleaned alternator terminals and asked me to see how it went. On picking it up I...
  7. scenic 3 radio malfunction

    I have a 2010 grand scenic and today when connecting my phone to the bluetooth the radio interface froze... when I switched the radio off it shut down but the satnav screen stayed active. Now the radio wont turn back on and so the satnav is stuck on What should I do? Thanks
  8. Revearse Parking Sensor Malfunction

    Hi, the parking sensors on my MK2 Grand Scenic are malfunctioning. When engaging reverse I get the continuous long beep, followed by a couple of short beeps then silence (I have currently disabled the system entirely because it was annoying me!) So far I have removed the rear bumper and taken...
  9. remote control malfunction

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    I need help! I have a megane 2l coupe y reg problem is ... my remote control doesn't work. the battery within it is new and the light within the key lights up when the key is depressed. ive tried to activate the door lock, but the barrel continues to revolve. regards ps . . . I have a worry...
  10. Reverse parking sensors malfunction

    Hi All, I have a 2004 Renault Megan Scenic, My rear parking sensors worked fine so for, however just this evening when I put the car in reverse I got an unusual warning beep that lasted about 4 seconds constantly and then the sensors where not working/beeping when I got close to an object in...
  11. 06 Espace Roof & Sun-blind malfunction

    Hi... We lubricated my mums panoramic roof this evening as it has not been opening, the roof eventually started to go back and forth. The sun blind however was still not opening or closing fully. I held the reset button for approximately 30 seconds and now....Nothing! No roof movement, no...
  12. Laguna 2001 IDE Fuel Trim Malfunction

    Laguna 2001 2.0 IDE manual 5 speed So having brought the car cheap with a fuel injector problem I have set about trying to find the cause. I know this is well documented with fuel regulator problems with the IDE engine but I have got a few bits of data to see if it throws any further light on...
  13. Laguna 11 Dci Pre-heat + Injection Malfunction Light ON

    Hi Guys, Ive run into a problem with a 2002 1.9Dci Laguna. After replacing the rear discs and pads, the vehicle was taken for a brief road test (Which was good and the brakes worked fine). Upon tidying up the tools and sending the car away with its owner, they both returned with the 2 lights on...
  14. Renault Safrane - System Malfunction

    Picked up my first Safrane this evening. MIGHTY impressive car in every way, can't believe I haven't had one sooner! Now, the voice synthesizer says there is a "system malfunction". That's a bit of a vague statement. There's no warning lights on and the car is driving perfectly. Any ideas?
  15. N/S Brake Light Malfunction

    Hi, Grand Scenic 54-plate 1.9Dci with Near Side brake light not working. Have replaced bulb (twice) and still not working. Tis a double-filament bulb and the rear running light filament still working but 2nd/brake filament refusing to activate. Other brake bulb still functioning fine on O/S as...
  16. P1815 MAP Malfunction MK3 espace G9T 710

    Hi, What is a MAP malfunction? A wiring fault? becasue ive replaced the map. The MPG on a run is a rubbish 26mpg & it seems to go fine along the motorway. Ive recently doen the headgasket on my 2.2 dci mk3 espace its the G9T710 Engine + fitted a recon turbo + full timing belt kit, recent boost...
  17. Electric window malfunction

    I replaced the electric window mechanism on the front drivers side of my 2001 Renault scenic. It worked fine for 2 weeks then suddenly the window kept opening by itself like someone had pressed the button to open the window. It must be a fault with the electrics, is there a way I can check...
  18. Auto gearbox solenoid

    Hi every ones, my name is eddy, im new at the Renault forum, so few days agos had a problems with my gearbox, got RENAULT MEGANE SCENIC AUTO, 2001. Was told that my gearbox were ****ed, therefor, i bought an other, as my car run 100.000 miles and the one i bougth 62.000 miles, they fit it, and...
  19. Major electrics malfunction??

    Hi all, We have just had a new clutch fitted. The clutch seems fine but every now and again it wont release the automatic handbrake - especially when on a hill. I am sure this is the problem and not that it isn't actually engaging first gear because I would expect it to happen all the time were...
  20. injector curcuit malfunction

    hi all, i have a 2004 clio 1.5dci, i resently broke down and called the rac out who diognosed an injector curcuit malfunction code p0200. has anyone come across this problem before and if so what was required to fix it and was it expensive. thanks