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  1. Electronic malfunction

    Brake lights stuck on...dash showing electronic malfunction...any ideas?
  2. Egr valve malfunction (ide engine)

    After a few weeks of the engine mgt light coming and off ,finally got chance to take it to the garage the guy wasnt there so turned around ,got halfway down the road ,it cut out wouldnt restart ,after 10mins it started ,got it back to garage ,put it on the OBD reader EGR malfunction ,so...
  3. Megane 2.0 cabriolet - Fault code P0170

    Driving when the engine is warm, the engine management light lit up and then the STOP light came on and the engine cut out! The fault code is P0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1)...what does this mean please, and can i fix it myself? Thanks Chris. :confused:
  4. System Malfunction Symbol

    Hi, My daughters 04 Clio expression system malfunction symbol has come on...what does this mean?
  5. Clio II Immobiliser/Key/Central Locking

    Good day, I have a question surrounding the workings around the Clio II's immobilising system. My Clio won't start all of a sudden, and according to the manual the flashing immobiliser light while the key in the ignition is turned, would mean a system or operation malfunction. My problem is...
  6. Grand Scenic Auto Light Malfunction

    Hi, Picked up my 55 plate Grand Scenic yesterday. Couple of issues I need to sort out including: 1 keycard locks and unlocks the car but is not recognised by the keycard slot Remote sensors in passenger door rattles Apart from that it's great with one exception: When we turn on the auto...
  7. indicator malfunction

    I have a megane on an 04 plate, the front indicator on the near side has stopped working, I replaced the bulb but still have the problem, the back & side are working. Any ideas?
  8. Accelerator malfunction

    My 03 Laguna 1.9dci was stood in my relatives garden for 6 weeks while I ws out of the country now on my return It does start as it had been run while I was away although I have a problem now in that It starts but I hsave no accelerator pedal function at all the AA came...
  9. aircon/compressor malfunction

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, My aircon has been malfunctioning on my 04 Megane for some time. I've taken it into my local renault dealer who always do any work on the car. The system was empty of gas and they refilled it, but apparently the compressor is meant to kick in then but it hasn't. So they are looking at...
  10. Renault Scenic - Major Electrical Malfunction

    I turned the car on after leaving it only for about an hour and the dash started beeping the speedo went off, the lights came on, the windscreen wipers are on and the indicators and the car keeps beeping. I tried to switch the engine off but it would turn off i even took the card key out and...
  11. Alpini CD changer malfunction

    Hi There, I have a Renault Laguna(2001 spec 1.8 privilege) II sport tourer which has the 6 cd changer in the boot. Got a problem with in as much is I get a "CD ERROR" 5 message on the console. Had the problem before but got round it by ejecting the Cd cartridge from the unit and...
  12. Horn malfunction

    Hi everyone, I have a 1999 Megane Alize, The horn doesn't work, I've checked the fuse, I've tested the horn off the car and it's fine. Is there a seperate relay anywhere? or could it be the switch? Cheers!:confused:
  13. ABS Brain malfunction???

    Hi All, please forgive my ignorance as this is my first post, but I have I need to ask for help from good Renaulteers. I have a M reg laguna, love the car I had them as company cars when they were first about and cannot speak highly enough of them... The ABS light comes on after a few yeards...
  14. speedo malfunction

    \\\\\renault Espace 2 litre petrol, r reg, where's the sensor the speedo is feed from, mine's gone intermittent, like there's a dodgy plug ? Jeff
  15. Washer malfunction

    Hi, I've just got a 1.4 Alize 1999. The winscreen and rear screen washers arn't working. The bottle is full, the jets are clear and the motor is buzzing but no squirty's... Any clues? Incidently, where is the washer motor, is it in the wheel arch? Cheers, Rufus
  16. Tight-trousered Terry's wardrobe malfunction sparks BBC complaints

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Tight-trousered Terry's wardrobe malfunction sparks BBC complaints | the Daily Mail Apologies to anyone who's eating :crazy:
  17. Renault Scenic II - Electronics - Panoramic roof malfunction *Fixed*

    My Scenic sunroof has suddenly stopped working (the big sliding glass type). We had it open with the engine switched off, I put the key-card in to enable the sunroof to be closed without starting the engine, and it closed normally - however it hasn't worked since! The fuse (in the 'roof' of the...
  18. Glow Plug/heater Circuit "a" Malfunction

    Hi all, I keep having little issues with my Laguna. Because I cant seem to remove the "SERVICE" message from the computer display I had hte ECU checked and fount the following fault code listed. "P0380 GLOW PLUG/HEATER CIRCUIT "A" MALFUNCTION" Odd as I don't have any starting issues, the glow...
  19. malfunction?

    Cars & motoring
    just noticed whenever i put my handbrake on,the engine oil light comes on instead of the handbrake light.any1 know wots going on here?.:rolleyes:
  20. Safrane V2 1997 Climate/heater malfunction

    Other models
    Hi , I am new here, but have a problem also. Last week pressing the Auto button on the climate control had no effect on starting up the heater system (it was set to 20°C on both sides. The fan refused to work at all. Warm air was "wafting" in and then the "Service" indicator came on the Amber...