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    Hi to one and all, thanks for letting me join your Forum. I have recently purchased a 60 Plate Renault Trafic
  2. Engines
    A brief introduction to my car and the sequence of events so far. I have a 2005 Megane Grand Scenic 2.0 16V. Bought Dec 2015 by the wife. It was bought with the intention of using for the year until we can afford the car we want. Car was running fine to begin with - some minor things I noticed...
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    Hi Guys Just got a Mk2 Clio in the cave that is in need of some love and attention, will be my stepsons first car (when he eventually passes his test!) First job is a service and remove the dual controls! There will be lots of questions no doubt! Thanks Matt
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    Just wanted to say thanks for the ad :) Ive two little Clio's.. a 2001 1.2 Dynamique and a 2000 1.2RT. Great little cars.. Looked on this site many times so thought it about time I joined xx:d:d
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    Afternoon guys and gals had a nose around and like what im seeing im ex subaru legacy so these cars are new to me me and the boss [Wife] Have got ourselves a Laguna dci dynamique 2007/57 lovely car in black lots of toys and unlike the leggy it doesnt drink fuel like oliver reed on a bender i...
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    Just thought I'd say hello First post on forum. Bit about me I'm Adam 26 2 kids another on the way. As title says I'm usually a Vauxhall man. But Vectra died and needed car ASAP Managed to find a nice example of a 2003 scenic. As a MOT fail. Set of discs and pads and all sorted and fairly...
  7. Electronics
    Horn. 07 plate scenic dynamique vvt 1.6 ok here is my issue the horn on my scenic reminds me of a noddy car and is bloody embarassing to use, in fact i refuse to use it because of how it sounds. i drive buses for a living now they have a horn :) so is there anything i can do? can i just buy...
  8. Electronics
    Got an '09 Koleos, yes I know they are rare and few people have heard of or had experience of them (local Renault dealership reception had to ask me what it was!!!) :d. But I'd assume the alarm must be similar to other Renault models....right!? But I can't figure out a way to lock the car...
  9. Electronics
    I have a nice low mileage 53 plate 1.8 Laguna II but it has driven me crazy for months and is on the verge of being scrapped. The problem is that the immobiliser light won't go out and therefore the car will not start. I can't take it to a dealer cos it won't run and to be honest the car is...
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    Hello to everyone, I'm Sasa from Serbia, my first Renault.This car is the beast!!! Going like storm!
  11. Cars & motoring
    I have a manual diesel modus which I really like. Driving around carefully I get somewhere between 55 and 60 mpg. I'm thinking of getting a slightly newer version and have found one I like but it's a diesel auto. Is it likely to be similar in MPG terms? Simon
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  13. Engines
    Had the engine management light on my Modus for about 4 months, today I decided to take it off and have a clean up.... after 4 hours I FINALLY get it off and as I suspected it was full of carp! After a good clean up and a few manual open and closes its time to put it back on. Now the enclosure...
  14. Engines
    changing my air filter Sunday , Any thing NASTY waiting for me or all pretty straight forward ? 2.0 L - Petrol - manual - Laguna 11 - Estate
  15. Engines
    Engine was pressure washed @weekend now car misfiring juddering garage diagnose fault 570 camshaft/crankshaft position sensor any help please.
  16. Engines
    started the car as normal, drove a hlaf mile, and the orange engine management light started flashing (the one in the ref counter) quote james may: oh co*k drove 100 yards and said light went out..... gone the 15 miles to work and all seems fine. someone does have a fault code reader here, so i...
  17. Cars & motoring
    Had to share this. Opinions please....
  18. Engines
    Woohoo!!!! Well after two months sat on the drive the Clio's going again!! Anyone following the saga (????) will know he had been diagnosed with a dodgy started, which being in a CLio diesel meant serious surgery! Enter Baz, The Coach Man who offered to come and have a look for me! Well what...
  19. Engines
    :eek: went out today drove about 5 mile at around 80mph constant and then the lady in my dash tells me i have an "injection fault please contact my dealer"and threw the car into limp mode :eek: any ideas? i stopped parked turned the car off waited for a few mins restarted the car and it drove...
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    Hello all things Renault :) Can anyone help me out with a daft problem with my Scenic. (54 plate) the nearsdie headlamp bulb has gone. The handbook mentions removing bady panels/mechanical bits to replace it and hints that its a dealer job. Now come on its a bulb! how hard is it to change it...