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  1. Electronics
    The window on the rear of my Scenic has been playing up for a while. I got a replacement regulator on eBay, and it worked fine - however today - the window wouldn't come back up. I just wondered if it would be possible to remove the regulator from the motor and put 12v across it, I could make it...
  2. Cars & motoring
    When your Key or Card fob battery goes flat this is how to lock your Renault Manually. Step 1: Close all doors including the boot. Step 2: Go around to front passenger door and put the key in the door lock. Step 3: Open the front passenger door by door handle and lean inside and press the door...
  3. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi everyone. New here! I have Renault scenic 2006. Passed its mot in august perfectly. Last week I got the change oil soon warning, then today I have a parking brake failure warning. (Automatic handbrake) Brakes seem fine and handbrake works. My drive is on a slope so definitely works! Left the...
  4. Electronics
    The key fob for my Espace no longer works to unlock (I think the microswitch has fallen off inside the fob)... a common problem which I need to get fixed in the next few days. (I don't have a spare... that died long along) I can unlock the car and have the emergency key in the fob. I have...
  5. Brakes/Hubs
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to manually release an electronic handbrake on an 2003 Espace automatic (new style) that has key reader fault and wont start. Need to get it on and off a trailer.
  6. Computer Club
    Sounds pretty urgent Microsoft scrambles as it patches 26 bugs, warns users of active attacks Hectic, info-packed Patch Tuesday as software maker yanks update, patches worm-ready flaw and tells customers to get some fixes manually...
  7. Engines
    Hopefully im putting this in the right forum! The service interval on my 2003 Laguna 2 has ran down to zero and the wee spanner is flashing. I changed the oil and filter today and im wondering if anyone is able to tell me how i can manually reset the service interval back to 18000 miles...
  8. Electronics
    Hello folks, I suspect the UCH on the Scenic is failing :mad: Until payday not alot can be done but as it's not allowing the remote to lock/unlock the car & the door buttons only seem to work on a very sunny day, I have needed to lock each door manually. Problem is I can't seem to lock the...
  9. Electronics
    Hi - This is an apparently obvious question - I have a Scenic 1.4 rte, 2000 with the original radio/tape. How do I manually tune to a specific frequency? The radio searches when I try to tune, but I want to tune manually. In particular, there is an AM station which the seek seems to have found...
  10. Electronics
    Hi, Does anyone know if you can manually raise an electric window on a laguna II ? Mine has just lowered itself and I cannot power it back up. Just need a quick fix for tonight. Thanks
  11. Bodywork
    Ok so sprayed a bit of GT-85 in and around the head light washers and they now both pop up no problem. But now on both sides water sprays fine out of the nozzle closest to the edge of the car but the other nozzle water just pours out onto the bumper? The question is can I manually pull them up...
  12. Engines
    I fitted a new water pump and timing belt kit today. Tomorrow I'm going to double check the timing positions and tension the belt. I have zero money as I spent it all on the above stuff, so I won't be buying any fancy special tools. Is there an easy way of setting the belt to the correct...
  13. Electronics
    Battery dead on my 2003 espace. Key in keycard just spins around in passenger door lock and won't unlock. No other locks on car. Any ideas how to gain entry to car?
  14. Electronics
    Hi my passenger side dipped headlight is higher than drivers side. how do you manually adjust headlight to lower it in line with drivers side? can anyone help?
  15. Engines
    Hi All can anyone tell me if theres a way to manually lock the boot on a laguna 2003. theres a problem with the key fob and some times the central locking button beside the handbrake doesnt work. i know how to manually lock the side doors but couldnt find how to lock the boot!
  16. Electronics
    Hi My battery just died on me and nothing works. I can't push it into my drive or get it towed because the steering is locked. Is there a way to manually unlock the steering? Thanks in advance - any help will be gratefully received.
  17. Engines
    hi, i hope you can help. i have a 2000 clio 2. we have recently changed the batteries on the 2 remote fobs. now only one lights, but neither will unlock the central locking. history : cannot unlock manually with key as the locks are seized. the immobilizer is bypassed with a special connector...
  18. Engines
    Hello, Today I've seen a big oil bump on the floor leaking from my Modus.The display when I turn on the engine is Max oil level so it's ok but going to check manually I've find a big present:COMPLETELY EMPTY,no trace of oil. I've bought the car 3 days ago and my concern is about the health of...
  19. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, 3 days ago bought a Modus Luxe Dynamique 1.5 dCi 82 cv.color: naturèl 101.000 km year 2004 5400 euro...Good Luck?
  20. Electronics
    hi all, i have recently had a service from Renault and they havent reset my Service indicator, can this be done manually or do i have go back to renault, it is a 52 plate espace with 110k on the clock. many thanks Craig