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  1. Engines
    Is it easier to drop the engine complete with driveshafts and wheels attached or seperate subframe and driveshafts.
  2. Electronics
    I cannot believe that no one else is looking for a service manuel for these cd hu . Please can anyone point me to a service and repair manual for the Tunerlist hu from my scenic .
  3. Engines
    I wondering has anybody done a auto-box to manual conversion on a Laguna MK1 20. I would Imagine that physically installing all the various mechanical bits wouldn't be a problem but what about the ecu Im Imaging that would be a problem regarding its programing originally for a Auto:confused: ???
  4. Cars & motoring
    i was just looking on e-bay and seen laguna workshop manuel on cd for sale. i was wondering if those are any good or will i stick with haynes.