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  1. Mark

    Welcome to RenaultForums name is mark.thanks for letting me join the club.i am after a pair of gutter trims.for my scenic mk1.finding hard to obtain.please can any one help me.thanks mark
  2. Cooling fan Traffic Mark 2 ( Solved )

    Heating & cooling
    Hi , my problem is my cooling fan works but its not coming on when my renault trafic 2004 reaches temp . I had changed the thermostat first thinking it was that , i renewed the radiator , there was a small leak and some of the old radiator in the corner was badly corroded . Checked the fuses in...
  3. Renault master 2010 mark 111

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I am at a total loss , the van has manual locking . The drivers door wouldn***8217;t lock so I ordered a new barrel fit it no joy . The key just goes round all the way. I have replaced the locking mechanism also and once again no luck. Any ideas ???
  4. Clio Mark 2 ABS Pump connector

    Hello, I am changing the ABS pump on the above vehicle and have reached a point where I just cannot unplug the electrical connector. I have got the stupid slidy part off of the side but it just will not budge. My back is killing me, please help!:frown2:
  5. 1994 espace mark 2

    dose any one know if they are supposed to have central locking on the rear doors
  6. Mark 1 (2003) Megane Scenic Fidgi Handles

    Hello. I have a Mk1 Scenic Fidgi (2003) and I am looking for some help and advice in finding something that will take away the horrible GLUEY type residue that has built up on my inner door handles and window switches. No matter what I try nothing appears to clean it. I have even asked Renault...
  7. New member Mark

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi jus registered
  8. mark 2 clio front brake p-roblem

    hi im getting a noise and vibration from the front brakes on my 2005 1.4 renault clio under braking and it will pull to the left, also it has started squeeling while driving normally as if the pads are touching the discs but that stops as soon as i touch the brake pedal. any idea what this could be?
  9. Mark 1 Coupe

    Hi. Are there any other Mark 1 owners in the forums? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. Renault Megane Mark 2 1.6 petrol

    Hi Kids I'm giving my new (to my wife) a service. is the fuel filter a serviceable part. I read somewhere that's its housed within the tank which would be well beyond my spanner skills. cheers
  11. megane mark 2 speaker replacement

    In-car entertainment
    Hi kids Has anyone replaced the speakers for a Renault Meganne mark 2 1.6 petrol. The existing are a bit poor but a strange shape. Only two screws instead of 4. I have read that Pioneer TS-Q131C's are direct replacements that include tweeters but they get mixed reviews but get mixed reviews...
  12. Megane Mark 2 1.6 fitting reverse parking sensors

    Hi I'm thinking of fitting some parking sensors and wondered if any one has done this? any tips and was it successful. I've read a bit hear about wiring the to the reversing lightbulb power. I have found a template from another thread...
  13. Intermittent starting hot or cold/ flooding on mark 1 scenic 1.4 16v

    Intermittent starting hot or cold/ flooding on mark 1 scenic 1.4 16v
  14. Scenic Mk2 Bonnet Mark

    Just curious on this; My Mk2 Scenic developed a mark on the bonnet, paint peeled and then it corroded. Couldn't see any obvious reason for it to start there in terms of engine parts it was directly above. Browsing the web for its successor, came across this, mark starting in pretty much the...
  15. Renault senic mark 1 1.9dci starting problem

    Hi I have a 02 plate senic 1.9 dci every morning when I try and start it seems to take ages to start then when engine warms up starts straight away but shakes a bit on start up its had new glow plugs and cleaned tdc and egr valve
  16. Replacing a rear passenger door on a mark 1 Scenic

    As the title suggests. Removing the door bolts shouldn't be a problem but will I need any specific tools or is there anything I need to be aware of with the internal mechanisms, electrics etc in the door? Obviously I'll be careful tightening the new bolts back on to ensure the door aligns...
  17. Servicing: Clio IV (Mark 4) EDC Dynamique S Nav Dci

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I'm new to this forum and love my car so much that I would like some advice on maintenance. I've bought my new Clio Late Feb 2016 (4 month old) with only 15 miles on for £11,750. It was a 1 owner (Renault) and bought from the Renault used car garage during the sale. Car was registered by...
  18. do it yourself roof on the convertable megane mark 1

    General Chat
    hello thanks for reading this hope you like this I bought megane mark 1 cabriolet my hood wouldn't work just got beeps from it asked renault dealers how much it cost they said 1200 pounds I was like yous joking then I tried another garage they looked at it told me my control module was fault...
  19. Megane Mark 2: Reset Dashboard Needles

    The dashboard needles on Megane 2004 Mark 2 are no longer staying in the right place and drop. Tried everything found on Google but as soon as you actually lock the car the needles drop down right off the scale. They do actually work!!
  20. 51 clio mark 2

    hi i have a clio mark 11 1.2 8v that when turning on engine keeps self reving says its an electrical problem but that could b anything