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  1. Massive damage after retaining bolt Failed

    So driving home the other night my scenic 2 1.9 DCI (54) had a caliper retaining bolt failure. Alloys ripped inside, caliper snapped, ABS sender in half - it wasn't pretty. So recon parts ordered and fitted, fluid changed brakes bled. Had a whiting noise and realised no spring on recon...
  2. Megane II 1.9 dci massive hesitation at 3000rpm

    Hi guys, my Meggy is suffering from a big stumble at 3000rpm. Everything is fine below that point, pulls like a train, excellent mpg (55-60 calculated not computed on a run) and as smooth as silk. The turbo was replaced by the previous owner 2 years ago. I know the maf is shot, as unplugging...
  3. Massive Zit

    General Chat
  4. HELP massive drain on battery!

    Hi, Kangoo 1.5dci 2004 Battery will not hold charge when connected to the van. (New battery) Just done a parasitic drain test and it's drawing 16.44amps! And this explains why a fully charged battery will not start the van 1 hour after been switched off. I'm having to disconnect the battery...
  5. scenic 2 1.9 dci massive coolant loss

    Heating & cooling
    sitting in a traffic queue yesterday the cooling fan came on then the temp gauge climbed up to max...pulled in and let it cool..took 4 litres of water to reach max level on expansion tank..water thereafter pouring out roughly where gearbox meets engine..not at radiator area..i checked all hoses...
  6. massive brake problem mk1 clio

    hi if anyone could give me some advise that would be great. I have a mk1 clio 1.4rt and the calipers have been cutting to the discs and im having trouble finding mk1 clio calipers discs are not a problem to find but a pair of calipers are, just wanting to no if there are any other brake discs...
  7. Massive Battery drain. Need Help!!!

    Hi, I Purchased a Laguna II 1.9dci 2004 a couple of months ago but it has recently developed a fault where it is draining the battery from fully charged to totally dead within an hour when it is switched off :eek: I bought a new battery hoping that was all that was wrong, not so it would...
  8. massive engine failure

    just changing from 5th to 6th gear,Then a massive cloud of white smoke brought the dual carriageway to a stand still engine would not stop had to stall the engine to stop it. Turbo is intact but no compression. I have taken off the cylinder head to find all 4 pistons holed. What i need to know...
  9. new member gets massive car

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just traded in my old 53 plate diesel streetwise. I loved that old rover and was a member of the rover forum. We had some good times together but now she's just costing too much money to keep on the road. So she's been swapped for a renault grand scenic dynamique with a 1.9 dci engine. This is...
  10. URGENT My primastar has a massive flat spot?require info

    Hi after some help I have a 2.0 58 reg primastar it has developed a hesitantcy on acceleration and then a flat spot engine stop warning light flashes up then goes oil and filters are recent has any body come across this or simular faults any help or sugestions would be appreiciated Regards nige
  11. Clio 1.5dci - Massive noise, possibly alternator pulley

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help me. We were driving with the music rather loud (just loud enough not to hear the engine). Once we stopped at a traffic light there was a few seconds silence between songs and I heard a loud grinding noise. Luckily I wasn't far from the house, so I drove home...
  12. 2003 Renault Megane - I'm Experiencing Massive Problems

    I have a 2003 Renault Megane and haven't driven it yet so it is just sitting on my drive. I haven't touched it since yesterday evening and my lights weren't on yesterday after this or this morning. When I was at college today, my Mom text me saying she had noticed that the lights in my car had...
  13. Massive cracking noise when steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Hiya folks Can anyone help me out? Megane II 2005 - had it for about 2 1/2 years with the odd fault but was running fine until today. Fault - car was left running for 30 seconds before turning steering wheel (to the left) to get out of parking space. There was a loud cracking sound and...
  14. massive oil leak?

    Hey, I bought a Clio II (2002) Dymanique on Thursday, drove fine on the test drive so didn't think to check under the bonnet! Big mistake! The next morning went to look under the bonnet and there was a huge puddle of oil running down the front of the engine and spraying pretty much all over...
  15. Pedal Rubbers: Nitpicking MOT tester or massive safety hazard?

    Either way, does anybody know of a source for a Laguna Brake/Clutch Pedal Rubber, Renault part number 77 00 800 426?
  16. Clio 1.5dci - Loud blowing noise, and massive loss of power

    Hi guys, I was on the motorway last night on my way to the airport to pick up some friends, I was going at about 120km/h but I noticed the car struggled to keep it's speed on an incline. And overtaking was impossible. I turned off the music, and turned off the AC which was on at full blast...
  17. Massive Toyota Recall

    Motoring news
    “It’s an absolute disaster for Toyota which once had this image of being good quality and no problems,” Faria told CTV’s Canada AM from Windsor. “Now, people are seeing in the media day after day, ongoing problems. And that’s raising a lot of doubts in people’s minds, in particular in those 7...
  18. espace injector light and massive oil leak

    wife driving car on motorway gets injector light and loss of power for a time gets pulled over as their is a mist of oil and burning smell coming from car car has dumped most of the oil out of the sump garage cannot find a problem but there is oil everywhere turbo is ok, breather pipe is clear...
  19. Massive meet at brands hatch 20th august

    Regional activity
    This is a massive meet for all to come to, 1 POUND PER PERSON/ MAXPOWER WILL BE IN ATTENDENCE
  20. Check Injection light massive job?

    I have just been told by my local garage ( not Renault) that following a dianostic reading to find out why the 'check injection' message is being shown, I have a problem with the glow plug relay. I have not been given a price to fix it but apparently it is a massive job as the dash board has to...