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  1. Electronics
    I have a 2008 Renault Master LWB and I am about to import it to the netherlands. Before I can have an inspection I need the front headlights and rear fog lights switched to the European standards. It has to be done properly (goodbye duct tape! ) Is this possible to do from the dashboard in...
  2. Engines
    Hi Peeps, Van Novice and just bought a master and didnt check it proper. The ERG valve is disconnected van runs fine no issues, but should i take it out and put a blank, replace with a new one and reconnect or just leave it as it is?
  3. Interiors
    Hey! I have a 2014 Renault master van that came without a passenger seat. I bought a matching seat and plan to install it, then get the van compliance checked, but before I can install it I need to buy bolts for it as the seat did not come with any. The van has the bolt holes required, and the...
  4. Electronics
    Hi All, my family and i recently purchased a second hand Master Van (2005) that had been converted into a camper van. we are having an issue with when the van is stopped and the ignition is off, the hazard lights continue flashing. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Electronics
    I have no lights on the front passenger side I have no dip or side light but I do have indicator and full beam. Anyone any ideas??
  6. Vans
    Hi does anyone know why my masters lights have went out and how to fix it?? I have all lights on the drives side but on the passenger side I have no side light or dip? But I do have full beam and indicator
  7. Engines
    I have a Renault Master 2008 with the 2.5 DCI Engine (G9U). The vehicle is new to me. I have spotted a hose that is connected at the rear of the cylinder head on the belt side of the engine. However does not appear to be attached at the other end. Please see photos below. From the cylinder head...
  8. Engines
    Hello all Wonder if any of you technical chaps could advise on this issue please? I recently replace brakes all round and gave the van full service, (inc fuel filter) had two blobs of fuel in the the van. Took it out for a drive and brimmed the fuel tank... on the journey back, after making a...
  9. Vans
    What is the depth of a Renault Master bulkhead into the loading space? I know that this is oddly specific but any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Vans
    Hi, I have a 2008 Renault Master van. The back door catch that holds the door open has broken off as shown in photos and I was interested if anyone had a solution to fitting it on securely.
  11. Transmissions
    Hi folks, 2001 Master former ambulance developed loud whine when accelerating in 1st gear, a really loud whir / whine type noise, almost sounds a bit 'belt' like but not sure - now happens in 2nd also. Only happens when accelerating. When foot is on clutch no sound at all. This loud...
  12. Engines
    Hello from germany, We have a Renault Master II but since three days we have some issues, the car suddenly stopped on the highway, after few minutes it started back on and drove normally for a couple miles / km, then it stopped again, the MIL was on, we were able to drive it home with some...
  13. Interiors
    Hey, I recently purchased a 2015 Renault master LWB, but I’ve only just realised there is no interior sliding door handle! I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to get a replacement! I don’t even know what it looks like? I wondered if anyone could help? Thank :-)
  14. Heating & cooling
    Hi there, I've recently bought a 2000 Master 2.8 dTi (Engine S9W702). Upon startup, the temperature gauge doesn't engage at all, it drives normally but continues to stay in the low, then all of a sudden the high temperature light is engaged. It was fitted with a new radiator earlier this year...
  15. Tools & equipment
    There doesn't seem to be a Haynes manual or Peter Russek - I can't find a manual that isn't for the petrol M1 or the 1997 mii anywhere online, anyone know where else I can look? I thought about getting one off emanualonline or manual4you but they look like scams to me? Found this online one on...
  16. Engines
    The engine has undergone an extensive service & overhaul during the winter: There is a new high pressure pump, new injectors, a new MAF-sensor and more. The car and engine were working well. But then the car started to emit a lot of black smoke when accelerating more heavily from idle ja and...
  17. Electronics
    2013 Master After having a towbar incorrectly fitted, ive sorted it out myself since, my rear left side light isn't working, checked with a multimeter I have 0.26v I have traced this cable back to the engine compartment fuse box, But cant get the little box open for fear of damaging it ...
  18. Engines
    Hi, I have an almost identical problem with same engine after head gasket repair. Difference being that we cant even start it with easy start. I have an issue with the ECU that is not helping I think. It is code P0611 fuel injector performance issue which stops injector codes being input and...
  19. Heating & cooling
    hi, can anyone give a pin feed out diagram from the resistor box on a master 2006 please, the resistor died and melted the plug so unsure which of the red wires go to the loom and which goes to the fan ,thanks in advance
  20. General Chat
    2.5 dci stood for a few years but always started, Done a few jobs for mot dropped it down started fine one day then just won***8217;t start again ! Plenty diesel in and battery is charged but just spins over , any ideas ?