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  1. Clio Car Mats

    I have a Renault Clio Initiale 2006 are the mats the same as a regular Clio as when I look at some mats on the internet they seem an odd shape.
  2. RAC Floor Mats ?? Anyone ?

    User reviews
    Just bought a '08 Koleos.. its in immaculate condition and I'd like to keep it that way. It came without floor mats. I see RAC are offering 'custom' made mats. I'd have imagined the RAC would be reputable...
  3. 2003 Clio Car Mats.

    Hello everybody, I've just bought my first car, that being a Clio 1.2 16V Expression, and I was wondering if you could suggest the best car-mats for the cheapest price, as I am on a budget being only 17. Cheers guys.
  4. Can anyone recommend any mats for a megane 3 tourer?

    Looking for mats for megane 3 sports tourer preferably a good fit and rubber Any suggestions? If not does anyone know if the mats from a 5door hatchback would fit?
  5. Clio Mk IV Rubber Car Mats- Carmats4u

    Hi, anyone experienced similar....? New Clio car, carpet mats that come with car terrible quality. Drivers one nearly worn out already after only seven months. Has anyone tried the rubber car mats from carmats4u ? Thank-you
  6. Poor quality genuine Renault mats.

    Just a bit of a rant here :d I bought a set of genuine Renault mats for the clio back in October. After only a few months the drivers mat has had it. The backing breaks open and fills the black plastic heel pad (the one that's on the carpet) with grey dust. Really disappointed with them...
  7. Dog Guard, Boot Liner, Car Mats

    Hi Everybody, I've just bought a 56 reg Renault Laguna Estate 1.9Dci Initiale and want to get hold of the following genuine renault items only please: Dog Guard Boot liner Car mats (beige) Thanks, JR
  8. 2 Questions - TomTom & Mats

    Cars & motoring
    I have recently purchased a Renault Megane 1.5dci Coupe GT Model. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help? 1) Tom Tom / Radio When driving the Tom Tom always reverts back to the map, I want the radio to display as don't always want to see the map. 2) Mats I want some mats with either...
  9. New car mats

    Dear all, I am looking for a new carpets for my Espace, does anyone know a supplier who have a quality products? please no Renault parts. Thank you
  10. Post-2007 Modus Carpets -- Mats Slip Easily

    The carpet nap on Mk2 Moduses is very short and offers little grip for mats, even those with rubber studs or spikes underneath. Early Moduses were far better. Is there any solution to mats slipping and sliding around on later models? I'm desperate and considering removing them and just...
  11. Megane 3 Car mats

    Hi all, After nearly 4 months my new Megane Coupe GT Line is being delivered in 3 weeks and I'm starting to think about car mats. Now as the seats have Renault Sport embossed into them I was thinking some Renault Sport mats would set this off nicely. The problem is the detailing on the...
  12. Laguna Mk2 Mats

    Worth a go before i head to the dealers tommorow. Thought id try and save a bit of money and incase someone had these lying around in their garage or something. As said any condition laguna mk2 mats 53 1.8 dynamique hatchback. Be grateful if someone had some somewhere cheap, preferably...
  13. Megane mats - Ride up under pedals.

    I have some of the cheaper genuine renault mats, all they have is velcro at the back nearest the seat to fix them in, is there any other fixing I need to use with them as they ride up under the pedal and interfere with the clutch. I was told by the dealer to sew in some velcro to the floor...
  14. For Sale - Fully Tailored Car Mats for New Megane 5 Door

    For sale
    I have for sale a brand new set of Fully Tailored Luxury Car Mats to suit a Renault Megane Mk3 08> as supplied by tailored-carmats. From the site:- Our RENAULT Megane MK3 2008 Onward Mats will fit your footwells perfectly and never slip with rubberised backing. Drivers mat has heelpad as...
  15. Tailored Car Mats (Laguna 2)

    Hi, has anyone had any experience with selecting tailored car mats for a Laguna 2 tourer? I've seen TCM's offerings, look good in the pics, but could use some advice from someone who has a set that fit really well, dont slip and dont look tacky! Any recommendations gratefully received. Thanks...
  16. Car mats

    Hi Does anyone know if these are genuine? I note they are not the same as the ones in the Renault store but not sure if its...
  17. 2002 renault scienic 1.9 dci mk1 car mats

    Im looking on ebay at mats for my car but ive seen the mats in the car part shops and i think they look cheep and tacky, anyone recomend a good set of mats that will last and not become nobby after a few months. i like good fitting long lasting mats that have a good quality finish to them... any...
  18. renault 5 mats

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    how much are original renault car mats for a 5 in mint condition worth? cheers charlie
  19. New car - new mats!

    Hi, How much can I expect to pay for a nice set of (grey) carpet mats for a 2003 Laguna dCi? Are the genuine Renault ones expensive - are they good value? Can you get good quality ones on ebay - any recommendations welcome. Many thanks.
  20. 2005 mats

    Hi just changed cars to a ph2 initiale (black interior) alas minus its factory mats, the little posts are there. Does anybody have the renault part nos for the original mats...Thanks Dave