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  1. Ask the Experts
    Hi Guys, I have a Renault Megan scenic 2008 model. The electronic hand brake just would not release last night. I have pulled the yellow lever in the boot with no luck. It feels like there is not play to even pull it.
  2. Interiors
    Hi, maybe someone can help me with this issue. I wanted to replace the map reading lights and centre dome lights to led , and went to am authorised seller and told him to replace them for me. When he installed the led on the centre dome light it did not light and then noticed that even the map...
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    I'm new on here I need some information about a MK3 Megan coupe , will a 5dr front bumper fit a coupe
  4. Ask the Experts
    55 plate Megan 1500 dci sounds like its sucking air under acceleration. all pipe work checked seems ok , no lights on dash . any idea's
  5. Ask the Experts
    hi all happy new year and sorry for late reply due to weather and injuries but i have now found the hidden fuse box 2 i hope which is attached to fuse box which can been seen when opening drivers door and opening hatch. unfortunately on checking 4 fuses all were ok which i was hoping to be the...
  6. Heating & cooling
    Hi I have replaced the fan and wiring loom etc for the cars heating and the fan is functioning correctly. The problem is that little to no air is coming through the vents. Any help would be much appreciated. Alan
  7. Electronics
    Hello I have a Renault Megan 11 - 1.6 Dynamic 2008 model (although registered in Jan 2009). The wind screen wipers work on intermittent and slow :grin2:, but then stop mid screen when putting into fast mode :frown2:. I've read the threads regarding when they don't work in intermittent mode...
  8. Engines
    I just renewed the belt using the timing pins and the three marks on the belt to match the three marks on the sprockets.I turned the crank two revolutions so I can reset tensioner I was hoping that the three marks on the belt will come and match the marks on the sprockets but it seems it's not...
  9. Engines
    HI , Can anybody tell me what the MAF & MAP readings should be at idle and no load revs. these are the readings from the scanner and they don't seem right to me. 1st is engine off, 2nd is at idle and 3rd at 2500 rpm with no load. The MAP is reading 4.67g/s with motor off and the map sensor is...
  10. Brakes/Hubs
    hi all iv been given a megan which runs fine but after about 5 to 10 mins driving i get the abs light come on and one which says esp with a pic which looks like a skidding car. its a 2005 model, these lights go off when i leave car and then come back on after aprox time again any ideas...
  11. Electronics
    hi i have been given a megan but elec rear windows are not working. iv checked fuses and ok. just wondering if anyone any ideas befor i start taking door apart to investigate. thanks in advance
  12. Electronics
    Hi all Can anyone offer any advice regarding my megane? Have recently got car but have yet to start it! I got it off a friend that had not used it in 2 years and been sat in the yard getting covered in mould and spiderwebs! My friend said it would probably need a new battery but everything else...
  13. Bodywork
    HI Does anyone know if a front windscreen from a Megane MK2 sports tourer will fit a Megane 5 door hatchback? The front looks the same but I am unable to find any references online. Cheers Maggi
  14. For sale
    I have for sale my Xreg 2000 megan scenic MOT Till oct 2018 , its a 1.6 automatic its only done 55000 miles , I have fitted many new parts runs good body good ew windows work mirrors work tyres good two sunroofs both work , tow bar , this is a tidy car starts first time every time good exhaust...
  15. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, Had my GTLine since last Feb. Love it, but it has a wee issue. I'll post more when I find the right place!***128512;
  16. Electronics
    I have error DF209 and DF025, what to do.
  17. Heating & cooling
    I have scanned through the threads and have been unable to find a solution to this My Megan is running really hot to overheating as the fan which is working perfectly (as is the radiator) is not kicking in, I know it is working as when I disconnect the plug that connects the thermostat display...
  18. Electronics
    I had renault 2004 clio the code df0175impact detected information what does it mean
  19. Transmissions
    Do you think that is ok,or did it come out of level hole,because ramp was not level? Thanks to all the people who give of their time and experience,in contributing to answers,God bless yer.
  20. Electronics
    Hi Guys, Came back from holiday to find heater blower not working, car had been parked for one month in garage. Manual is in German. Can any one please tell me which fuse controls the heater motor?For info: when i press the switches I can hear a clicking noise from the fuse box, but no fan...