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  1. megan cabrio windows

    Hi, the door windows on my 2008 Megan Cabrio go up to high and catch on the roof causing water leaks and wind noise. Can any body advise on how to adjust the window travel or the regulators. Thanks John.
  2. 2006 megan 1.6 vvt.

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    engine starts ok but stops immediately, not driveable until warmed up using accelerator pedal.
  3. Photo of Single point injector Megan 1.4RN

    Hi all, I have a Megane 1.4RN Paris 1996. It has started to idle high. Been searching and searching for soluitons and found lots of ideas. Have changed the air filter, cleaed the carb with car cleaner. But to no change. Now all these sensors that are on the carb, does anyone have a photo labeled...
  4. 1999 RENAULT MEGAN SCENIC, worth buying?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a car for less than 2 grand, for a family of 5, for day-to-day use. There's a guy selling a 1999 RENAULT MEGAN SCENIC 1. 9 DTI with 170,000 KMs on the clock. He says it has a new clutch, and was fully serviced recently. From looking at Parkers guide, it seems like a...
  5. megan 1 automatic transmission problems

    Pressure regulator solonoids are a common failure????
  6. Renault Megane 1 - Blowing Fuse When Brakes Applied

    Renault Megane 1 - 1.6e RT Blowing Fuse Hi everyone i have a bit of a problem right here goes when i press brake pedal i blow a 15amp fuse so i replaced it and unplugged the brake switch under the dash that's on the brake pedal and it doesnt blow the fuse but i have no break lights when i...
  7. 04 megan dci electronics fault

    hi guys im having a pain in the ass job with renault megane dci dynamique get message displayed electronics fault car wont start as ignition /daash wont come on as they should when ign is on any help much appreiciated regards lee
  8. 2000 megan 1.6 boot not locking

    Hello. when i press the button on remote all 4 doors lock, however the boot still opens by pushing the button.... :confused: could anyone possibly provide me with a solution... im scared someone going to gain access through night.
  9. 2000 megan 1,6 heater only works on one setting

    Heating & cooling
    Hello. My heater only works on setting 4. if i put it on settings 1, 2 or 3 no air comes out of the vents:confused: Does any one know what this could be and is possible a guide on how to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance.
  10. 2000 megan 1.6 engine wobble

    Hello. Just got my megan today and there are a few small issues. One been when you start the car the whole car wobbles becuaes the engine wobbles that much, when i rev the engine the whole car wobbles. And if i open bonnet and using my hands rock the engine i can rock it back and forth a...
  11. megan auto help

    Our 1998 70k 1.6 megane auto has a odd problem it feels as if the torque converter isn't locking up if you pull away hard from stationary it feels less than smooth and I wanted to check and top the oil up or change it. also there is a delay changing down to first at a junction Unfortunately I...
  12. megan 11 ashmatic inlet manifols

    hi i have just got a megan 11 and the inlet manifold is making strange ashmatic noises all the time and it cuts out after being reved up but will start again can anyone help thanks andy
  13. 2011 Megan Coupe Fog Lights

    Afternoon all this is my first post, my wife recently bought a 6 month old Megan Coupe from Motorpoint in Derby, they said it had undergon a 110 point pre delivery inspection but failed to notice both front fogs dont work the lights on the dash come on but the front fogs dont, both bulbs are ok...
  14. Megan Mk2 Issues

    Hi all, I know this has probably been asked a million times but I have engine issues with my Mk2 megane 1.6vvt Dynamique 2004 When I turn the car over when the engine is cold it doesnt start first time, and cuts out. Ive chnged all 4 coils for new, however the problem persists. I have no...
  15. Engine wont start 03 megan

    came out this morning to start car and battery was flat got jump leads and started it first time all grand left engine running removed jump leads but noticed raditor fan was running??? engine stopped tried to restart with jump leads again but engine was back fireing and wount start getting...
  16. megan 2005 window goes down but not up

    hi all, my passenger side window stopped working so replaced with another tested second hand one from breakers,now wether i press either up or down on the switch the window only goes down a little at a time not up at all,so i replaced switch also and still doing excactly the same, down but no...
  17. megan wont start

    Cars & motoring
    when i press the start button, dashboard comes on and fan starts running but car does not start. i tried jump leads but same thing happens deisel engine, year 2003, scenic
  18. megane lll 09 1.6 petrol judder

    Have been driving this for a feq weeka now ans still a judder in 1 & 1 gears unless I pull away slowly. Cara done only 28 k. No probs in other gears. Should I take it back to renAult?
  19. Megan III

    Can anyone tell me where the diagnostic connector is on the Megane III
  20. renault megan est 2005

    Radio code needed. Plz help