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  1. megan cabrio windows

    Hi, the door windows on my 2008 Megan Cabrio go up to high and catch on the roof causing water leaks and wind noise. Can any body advise on how to adjust the window travel or the regulators. Thanks John.
  2. 2006 megan 1.6 vvt.

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    engine starts ok but stops immediately, not driveable until warmed up using accelerator pedal.
  3. Photo of Single point injector Megan 1.4RN

    Hi all, I have a Megane 1.4RN Paris 1996. It has started to idle high. Been searching and searching for soluitons and found lots of ideas. Have changed the air filter, cleaed the carb with car cleaner. But to no change. Now all these sensors that are on the carb, does anyone have a photo labeled...
  4. 1999 RENAULT MEGAN SCENIC, worth buying?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a car for less than 2 grand, for a family of 5, for day-to-day use. There's a guy selling a 1999 RENAULT MEGAN SCENIC 1. 9 DTI with 170,000 KMs on the clock. He says it has a new clutch, and was fully serviced recently. From looking at Parkers guide, it seems like a...
  5. megan 1 automatic transmission problems

    Pressure regulator solonoids are a common failure????
  6. Renault Megane 1 - Blowing Fuse When Brakes Applied

    Renault Megane 1 - 1.6e RT Blowing Fuse Hi everyone i have a bit of a problem right here goes when i press brake pedal i blow a 15amp fuse so i replaced it and unplugged the brake switch under the dash that's on the brake pedal and it doesnt blow the fuse but i have no break lights when i...
  7. 04 megan dci electronics fault

    hi guys im having a pain in the ass job with renault megane dci dynamique get message displayed electronics fault car wont start as ignition /daash wont come on as they should when ign is on any help much appreiciated regards lee
  8. 2000 megan 1.6 boot not locking

    Hello. when i press the button on remote all 4 doors lock, however the boot still opens by pushing the button.... :confused: could anyone possibly provide me with a solution... im scared someone going to gain access through night.
  9. 2000 megan 1,6 heater only works on one setting

    Heating & cooling
    Hello. My heater only works on setting 4. if i put it on settings 1, 2 or 3 no air comes out of the vents:confused: Does any one know what this could be and is possible a guide on how to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance.