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  1. Heater blower not working Renault Megan 1.5 DCI 110 YR2015

    Hi Guys, Came back from holiday to find heater blower not working, car had been parked for one month in garage. Manual is in German. Can any one please tell me which fuse controls the heater motor?For info: when i press the switches I can hear a clicking noise from the fuse box, but no fan...
  2. renault megan dynamique throttle body cleaning

    Hi, i have a renault megan dynamique automatic which i am having problems with. Sometimes it is very hard for my car to start. After doing a lot of research it has been suggested that the problem could be throttle body cleaning. I am based in the UK. It says that the car requires a throttle body...
  3. Steering lock issues on 2010 renault megan

    Ask the Experts
    Renault steering lock fails to unlock. Steering lock was replaced by Renault Dealer in 2015. This did not solve the problem and the steering locks on an intermittent basis with no one being able to tell me what the likely fault is. Today the steering locked whilst car was being driven. Any...
  4. megan cc

    can manually put on roof on megan its 2005 year iwos loked on froum any shema or waht i do to put him on...bah thanks
  5. Electric Steering column 2004 Megan

    Is there any way to test a electric steering column? Apart from fitting it and powering it up ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Renault Scenic Megan Model identification

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all I have just bought a Renault Megan Scenic Dynamic 16v 1.6 petrol 7 seater. Its not in a bad shape but there are some things that need doing it to like replace the rear lights cover as it is cracked, replace the Steroe as some one has put in a pink (PINK!!!) JVC quite badly and the gear...
  7. How to remove driver door panel off a Megan 2

    Any how to guides on how to remove the panel off my 52 reg Megan. Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Renault Megan Owner, very happy with it too!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Guys, as per title, I own a little Renault Megane Scenic, it suits New Zealand's twisting roads very well and is the right proportions for my needs. An interesting car, a great car!:grin2:
  9. 2011 Megan's tailgate leak!

    Leak coming from top of tailgate. Removed trim and tested. Water dripping in through holes where trim clips would go. When trim fitted water is coming out of join in the trim pieces.
  10. 60 plate megan coupe 160 bhp

    my airbag light keeps coming on after or if i move the drivers seat. Been told today it is a micro with under the seat. As i move it back the airbag light comes on . When returned it goes off. If the seat is back it gets further away from the sensor. It is a part of the seat loom. Is this a...
  11. Megan Dyamique Dci 130 Timing belt/ water pump

    Hi....mixed results on this via google & local garages I have obtained several quotes on replacement timing belt 1st price was about £ will give that a miss, the remaining 6 are a bit mixed up, 2 said water pump does not need replacing, 3 says it does & 1 said the timing belt does not...
  12. how to swap keycards on megan 04 plate

    can any one please tell me what i have to change on a megan 1.5dci 04 plate to use the keycards i have on another running car of the same year.i have a rough car for spares with 2 cards both in good order and am driving a good car with only one tatty card that works when it wants to. any help...
  13. Megan's won't start

    Hi all My daughters 2004 1.4 expression won't start. It's had an intermittent starting problem for quite a while. First it would only start if you put your foot on the brake instead of the clutch, then she had to put her foot on the brake and clutch but now neither work. The car recognises the...
  14. Rensult megan scenic 2 1.6 53 plate engine mount

    Hi recently brought a renault scenic megan 2 and i can here a thudding noise under car and movement in gear stick when accelerating i have attacch ed vudeo of movement when i start car
  15. Megan locking issue

    Hi When I walk away from my Megane 3 it doesn't lock itself. I used the keycard by mistake to lock it earlier. I can use the button on the handle to lock it and it unlocks on the sensor. Just doesn't lock when I walk away so I either have to use the keycard or the button on door handle. Any...
  16. Megan's Scenic '05 whirring noise when turning corners.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Just recently began to experience a whirring noise when turning corner, becoming louder on tight corners. Also I hear belt noise too. Any ideas? It's a 1400 Renault Megane Scenic Fidji '02. Thanks for your help!
  17. error code renault megan scenic 2000

    hi does any one know this code 193 at oil pressure control fault as my gear box lite comes on in then reduced speed in bit hard pull away any idea be helpfull thank you
  18. Renault Megan 1.5dci 2005

    i have a Renault Megan 1.5 dci 2005 has really noisy lifters would it be easier to change cylinder head or replace full engine
  19. Megan Locking System

    Hi All I have been having problems with my car running rough for quite a while now - I was told by an electrics person was a short 'SOMEWHERE" and would need all day at costs to find and fix - So I have been looking at connections etc to see if could find it - Today I found a loose...
  20. Renault Megan Scenic 2001 1.4

    Hi, I've owned this car nearly 2 years now it has 163k on the clock lovely car however, on a morning when I start the car up it ticks over fine however as soon as I pull away and press the accelerator it starts loosing power and stalls. When I take my foot off its perfectly fine. This only...