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  1. Renulat Megan 2008 hatch back

    Hey gang is it possible to change the glass on a Renault Megane wing mirror than to replace the whole unit so lad in a motor shop said that I need the whole unit
  2. Renulat Megan hand brake warning light switch

    Hey lads a quick question I found the hand break switch in my Megan the question is does the wire connect on to a metal connector or on to switch it self
  3. Remove rear bumper on 2007 Megan convertible

    Wonder if anyone has removed bumper on 2007 Megan convertible and tell me how to o it from the start ,,cheers
  4. can i put 14" megan alloys on my scenic both 02 models

    Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone tell me if I can put 14" Megan alloys on my scenic which is 15" and will it cause any differences in the car. Speed, engine wear etc
  5. Megan the Megane 3's first detail..

    My mottah!
    Recently sold my Ford Focus and picked this Megane 3 up from a family member. So far the car drives lovely and has many many more toys than my Focus did! Shes a Megane 3 1.5 DCI 106 Privilege. All factory so far except the wheels which are 16" Rial Murago alloys. Toys include Automatic...
  6. Renault Megan 08 resistor picture

    Hi I've been following the instructions from this site to replace the resistor pack (thanks for those) I've unplugged it and checked the connection but can't seem to get the actual pack out. I've attached a picture. Is this the pack and do I need to cut the wires take the out pack out. ( the...
  7. play MP3 files in 2006 Megan CC

    Hi! I have an 06 Megan CC with a radio/cd player marked that it will play MP3 files and it does, sort of! It plays them in the order they were put on the disc but the facia clearly shows that I should be able to choose which folder to play. This I am not able to do! I am almost to the point...
  8. my karma Megan cabriolet rear windows electric windows

    Hi my name is Russian I live in Spain and just bought a 2000 my Megan karma cabriolet and the cables to the rear windows have snapped has any one else had this problem or dose any one know how to change these all help appreciated
  9. Megan Coupe air in braking system

    Hi I have a Renault Megane Coupe which I bought second hand in february this year, and almost straight away it developed a problem with the brakes, when I first got it the brakes were very sharp and you bearly had to touch them, but after a few weeks they became very spongy and i have to press...
  10. Renault Scenic Megan 1.6 - spanner & oil

    The spanner light has appeared on the dashboard and the message tells us to "change the oil soon". However I had a full service last October and have only done 2k miles since this date. Any ideas? Many thanks Mike
  11. Removing the centre light console (on ceiling) on 2001 Megan

    Hi I have a small leak in my 2001 Megan. I am sure it is from the arial mount on the roof. I am looking to see if somebody can tell me how to Remove the centre light console (on ceiling) on 2001 Megan? Thanks
  12. megan 1.5dci wont start

    Hi guys,just a quick question, im sure iv read somewhere in one of the forums that, the Refrigerant pressure/temperature sensor is the first sensor in line of all the other sensors and that, if this sensor is faulty it can cause the car to be a none starter, if memory serves me right the thread...
  13. non starting megan scenic

    I have a w reg 1.6 auto scenic that turns over but will not start. I have replaced the crank sensor. still no start. Syptoms are: No imobiliser light at all. Central remote locking not worked for months but when I use key to unlock door and lift the handle it unlocks all the's never...
  14. megan mk3

    anyone had faults with there side lights no working on one side bk and front replaced bulbs fuses are ok
  15. megan 1 dash lights

    when i turn on the ignition i get a row of circular lights where the milage is oooooo-- then the milage appears after 30 sec can anybody tell me what these mean as i had no manual with the car:confused:
  16. Megan 2011 Steering Wheel Illuminated Controls

    Hi I bought a 61 Megan Cabrolet 2 months ago and still can't see how to get the steering wheel control buttoms to light up. Also the control stick to the left for the radio, mobile etc. It's all in complete darkness. The center of the car where the sat nav is lights up and the dahsboard is...
  17. Renault Megan hand brake

    I am just wondering I have a 2008 renault Megane and as normal when I start the o car all the waring lights go out as normal but when I am Parked and I have the hand brake on there is no light in the dash display on is this normal
  18. renault megan 1.5dci turbo

    hi I came off a bumpy road the other day and lost power, then there was a whistling sound from the engine. I think this is a turbo problem, my question is could there be a quick fix or am I looking at replacing the hole turbo?
  19. renault Megan window won't open

    I purchased a renault Megan auto and recently the rear drivers window won't open.I have the option to use the drivers button to open and the passenger button to open but there is nothing there. All the other windows work fine any advise what this could be. It's still under 3 months warrenty I...
  20. Megan 1.9 dci sticking on full boost.

    Hi folks, I'm new here to try and get to the bottom of my problem. My turbo let go last week and I fitted a recon one, cleaned out the pipework, intercooler and hoses. car started perfectly, drove great for about 50 mtrs and went into limp mode. On closer inspection the actuator valve is opening...