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  1. Renault Megan 11 1.9 D DPF Blocked

    Megan 1.9 d DPF blocked, soot reading 69 and will not regenerate, + differential pressure is 143 at idle. Any help.
  2. Radio code for Megan II

    Can anyone tell me the code for my radio please.
  3. Megan 2001 AUTO

    Auto light on dash will come on (sometimes) car drives sluggish and jumps when I stop (like going in to a different Gear) then it will be ok for weeks and then happen again.
  4. Megan's 1(1997) 1,6rt petrol Auto Sunroof

    Hi there, Just bought a Megane for my other half, Nice little runner, But we have a problem with it. The rear sunroof opens , was slow but felt a lot of grease and open/close it start working perfect, the front one is a different matter. This one don't open. You can hear the motor working, but...
  5. 2.0 ide twin cam Megan SMOKING!

    Got given a free Megan but it has taken up smoking, badly. Sure it's the value stem seals but you have to remove a lot of stuff to get there, including the cams. My question is, and I'm sure it has been asked before but I can't find: - once you take the rhs engine mount off, how do you get to...
  6. Scenic Megan MkII Electical failure

    My Senic stopped altogether yesterday with myriad of errors on the dashboard. The Speedo has disappeared and only has two dashes displayed. The following errors or displayed Check Handbrake Steering fault Electrical fault. The handbrake was only replaced by Renault 3 weeks ago at a...
  7. 04 megan coupe

    problem with rear window has stopped working car has been nothing but trouble since i got it can anyone help me plz thanks:(
  8. 2002 Megan soft top problem:

    Can anyone advise on this please: No problems for 12 years then, when closing roof (electronically) it stuck when about a third of the way out of the roof bay with the bleeper going off! I managed to get it closed by releasing the hydraulics etc and can still operate it manually. What's it...
  9. ecu problem

    Hi guys I replace ecu on my renault megan cabriolet 1.6e as the other one was damaged by water getting into it. The ecu was second hand but the car would try and turn over but engine would not start. Anyone got any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks
  10. megan sport rear passenger door not locking

    i have a 2000 megane sport, all the other doors and boot lid lock on key fob but rear passenger door on drivers side will not lock? any ideas on how to fix?
  11. Megan 1.9 cdi oil cooler seal

    Hi all, i have just got an 06 megane 1.9dci, its got an oil leak between the oil cooler and engine block, i removed the cooler and the seal/gasket just fell apart. Have phoned my local dealer and was told to my horror that the seal is not available separately but i have to purchase the whole...
  12. Megan II Handbrake question

    Hi Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm quite new to all this! The handbrake on my Megane will only lift up about half way. Even lifting it that far takes a bit of effort, it seems to have a fair bit of resistance. I have a couple of spare levers (just finished with the dreaded button...
  13. megan 15 dci

    hi there mate has just been told cambelt gon on dci is this a safe eng or expect bent valves etc i know where a head is if needed but eng ran brill till last night thanks steve
  14. battery change 1997 megan 1.4

    Hi I have a 1997 1.4 Megan. And need to change the battery, can any one help as the battery compartment is smaller than the battery? Thanks
  15. wanted cradio cd to fit 2001 megan 1.6 cabriolet

    Hi all just bought a megan 1.6 cabriolet and no cd radio any body got pm me with total price thanks Tom:d
  16. 2002 Megan Scenic Head replacement

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, I've just replaced the standard radio unit in my 2002 Megane Scenic with and aftermarket Sony, there's power to the new unit as the CD player makes noises but the unit won't power up and play anything or display anything. I've just connected it up using the leads that came with the new...
  17. 2000 megan coupe alarm and central locking

    Hi please help I have a 2000 megan cabriolet the key fob will lock the doors but won't unlock when I enter with the key I can open and start it up but alarm keeps going off
  18. Megan III tom tom Help!!!

    The Radio signal keeps dropping every 19 seconds its very annoying I've turned off the RDS but it still happens anyone had this problem and how do you fix it?:crazy:
  19. Help megan revs but delayed power

    Hi could some one please help i have a 2004 megan dymoneq and when im driving i put the gas on and the car revs asif its in nuetrel then drops to tge correct revs pics litle speed up then does the same could some give me an udea of the problem thanks in advance
  20. Megan 2002 1.6 k4m engine not starting

    i have Megan 2002 1.6 k4m engine not starting before 15 day when im drive the car shutdown im stop and replace starting engine but the engine not start after that i checked the ecu and erase the dtc when im clean the dtc the engine start no problem but when the engine stop working does not...