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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    Please HELP!!! I have a megane 2 1.5dci 2006 ABS light was on, had it read and was coming up nsf bearing and osf sensor. Replaced both hubs and abs sensors light went off. However the speedo fluctuates between approx 15mph and 8 mph when accelerating even when you are going about 30mph still...
  2. Engines
    Hi folks I have a megane2 1.5 dci, I was driving to work when my a injection fault and stop warning light appeared on the dash board. It lasted for 2 seconds and both went out again. I continued on my journey and nothing has come on since, roughly driven 200km with no other warning lights...
  3. Brakes/Hubs
    hi all ,can some one enlighten me? i need to replace the o/s cv boot on my wifes 04 megane 2. i have been looking thru old posts hoping to see how to do this. but people are saying the outer joint is not removable and the whole driveshaft has to be removed or replaced! what clown at renault...
  4. Engines
    Just did a total engine swap on my car. My car was building up excess crankcase pressure but ran beautifully but was smoking due to oil being pushed thru the breather pipe into the turbo. The donor car seemed to run perfectly, but had a turbo problem so I fitted my turbo which we checked out and...
  5. Engines
    I have a Renault megane 1.9 dci engine, it has a problem, I have tried to fix it but still the problem is not solved, it drives for some few miles and cuts and on the dashboard it displays injection fault or check injectors, I no longer know what to do, am confused
  6. Engines
    hi,can anyone help,electronic fault, service light,stop light and abs light came up on my dash,was told check fuse box [common fault] for water which i did and looked a bit waterlogged so i changed it,still same problem took it to auto electrician who said abs ecu isnt communicating with machine...
  7. Engines
    hi,my megane has check injection on steady with the service light on and a strong smell from the exhust aswell as a misfire,changed coils and throttle housing as it came up on the computer,no change,can anyone help plz thanks
  8. Engines
    Hi, I have renault megane 1.5dci, from yesterday the turbo is not working and the car has no power. I took the car to my friend who has "Renault clip diagnostic" where it sed that "intake air pressure", i changed the sensor but still the same problem. Any suggestions? thanks
  9. Interiors
    Hi all iv got a megane 2 1.9dci sport tourer and the near side front storage box is wet through when i lift the carpet up there is a small swimming pool there,iv checked the drains under the windscreen and they are clear.iv took the glove box out and theirs no obvious signs water ingress so were...
  10. Engines
    hi can anyone help i am trying to locate the oil filter on my car does anyone have a picture to show the exact location ta:eek:
  11. Electronics
    How do i get the service and airbag light off my renault magene o5 its doing my nut in tryed resetting no luck.:crazy:
  12. Wheels & tyres
    Hit pot hole and cracked one. Anyone selling 1? Got the tyre so just need the alloy for megane dynamique sport (2005). NERVASPORT 17" ALLOY WHEEL NEEDED.
  13. Electronics
    Hi All, please excuse my ignorance of all things Renault, but I have just taken possession of an 03 Megane 1.5Dci, a delightful car I must say. I have only one issue, and that is the following error on the instrument display screen after I turn off the engine and remove the Renault card...